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Almonds (nuts): benefit and harm for the modern person

Almonds are nuts, the benefits and harm of whichare mentioned in the biblical writings. Today they are very popular and in demand. All because the unusual taste and a lot of vitamins and trace elements have surprisingly useful properties for the human body. In nature, there are two types of product: bitter and sweet. The first is most often used for obtaining various derivatives, including oil, but the second one is applicable in cooking and is suitable for consumption. Let us consider these qualities in more detail.

almonds nuts good and bad

Almonds (nuts): benefit and harm

Let us dwell on the positive qualitiescomponents. Let's start with the fact that the content of fiber allows a beneficial effect on digestion, but the presence of vitamin B will help to cope with avitaminosis and weakness of the body. Vitamin E will be an excellent preventative against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. What else:

  • Nuts contain elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and even copper with zinc;
  • lowering cholesterol in the blood by taking the ingredient inside for several months;
  • regulates blood sugar, which is very important for diabetics;
  • Nuts almonds, the properties of which are described in this article, remarkably excrete sand from the kidneys;
  • oil is produced from the product, which is a part of various creams and ointments, not only for the treatment of diseases, but also for skin care of the face and body;
  • Nuts can cure cough and sore throat;
  • the use of the ingredient will regularly improve vision, memory and brain function;
  • Almonds are used as a sedative, and as a means for regulating metabolic processes;
  • strengthen hair, nails and improve their growth will allow nothing more than the daily use of a small amount of nuts;
  • increase potency and fight impotence.

Calorie nuts almonds

caloric value of nuts almonds
A hundred grams of the product contains almost 60 gramsfat and about 16-18 g of proteins and carbohydrates. But even with such an amount of fatty substances and high caloric content (about 640 calories), the ingredient does not add any weight, so it is often included in diets and fasting days. By the way, to get a daily dose of elements that are in the product, it is enough to eat just 30 grams of nuts, it's not so much, given that they have a decent weight.

Almond. Nuts: benefit and harm

nuts almond properties
Since the positive qualities have been described, we will dwell on the negative side of the use of a useful product. And since it is of two kinds, consider each of them:

  1. The bitter ingredient has hydrocyanic acid, insmall doses that are not dangerous. But if you eat nuts more than a certain amount, you can poison (for adults it is about 50 pieces, depending on the state of the body). The first signs are weakness, vomiting and headache, lack of air and shortness of breath due to the fact that the poison breaks the breathing in the tissues. Cramps or other manifestations are less common. In especially severe cases, breathing may stop.
  2. Sweet ingredient is not dangerous, and it can beto use in unlimited quantities. It should be remembered, however, that the nut is very caloric and fat, which means that it will be longer to digest, and some may experience discomfort after consuming a large amount of the product (more than 30-50 grams per day). By the way, in large doses, it is still able to cause allergies, so do not get too involved in a delicious treat.
    allergy to almond nuts


Almonds (nuts), the benefit and harm of which wereare considered very well on the human body, but do not forget that the excess of useful components can also negatively affect it, in fact, as well as their lack. Use all the ingredients in moderation.

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