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Cakes in a few minutes

In our time, when everything changes rapidly,we constantly run somewhere, we hurry, all on the run. Quickly got up, quickly ate, ran to work, and so all day ... And what if the guests are expected, or came unexpectedly, and there is no time to cook?

In such situations will help recipes for instant cooking. For example, you can cook tea simple cakes, if there is little time. Ways to prepare them are diverse and there are a lot of them. Here, for example, one.

Cake "The mother-in-law"

Dough: flour, butter, milk, a little salt, sugar, yolks.

Cream: bread crumbs, proteins, walnuts, yolks, sugar, vanillin.

Make the dough, divide it into two pieces andput in the refrigerator for one hour. The form in which the cake will be baked should be oiled, then, put half the dough, apply cream and cover with the second part of the dough, which after that I grease with the egg and bake.

If the guests came completely unexpectedly, then you can do fast cakes. They can be cooked, literally in 20 minutes,and no special experience and skills for this is not necessary. Such cakes can also be baked, or you can not bake, but on the contrary, put in the refrigerator to freeze and impregnate all layers. Here is one of these recipes.

Quick cake from marshmallows

It is necessary: ​​500 g. Marshmallow, 200 g. Butter and biscuits, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 glass of peeled and chopped walnuts.

Cooking method:marshmallows are cut in half and rubbed on grated cookies. Then, grate condensed milk with butter and add nuts (but not all, you need to leave a little to cover) and cookies, everything is mixed. After that, all the layers are laid out on the dish, then, after the cake is formed, it is coated with cream, sprinkled with nuts and put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes. The cake can be decorated according to your taste.

Instant cakes are made fromdifferent products, if they are not baked, then most often, the main ingredient of them is biscuits or gingerbread, which are put together with the cream, and then a little frozen. They can be laid out in layers or simply mixed into one mass and put in an interesting shape or shape. Such cakes are good for cooking with children, they can even do them themselves, for example, on their birthday and call friends for tea. What they are good is the simplicity of cooking, time, and the ability to mold them, like clay, into various figures, for example, in the form of cartoon characters.

It does not matter which cake is chosen, the main thing is thatyour guests will be satisfied with such delicious cakes. Perhaps they will not pay attention to how quickly everything was cooked, but they will certainly praise your creations.

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