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"Lady's fingers": a recipe for three dishes

Cake "Tiramisu" falls in love with himself from the firstA piece thanks to the gentle combination of creamy and coffee tastes. An exquisite combination of cream "Mascarpone" and biscuit biscuits soaked in strong coffee is simply divine. And the name of one of the main ingredients, air biscuits, corresponding: "Lady's fingers", the recipe and secrets of cooking are offered in this article.

ladies fingers recipe

Italian dessert "Tiramisu" is difficult to imaginewith some other cookies, except for "Savoyardi" (as it is called in the homeland of the cake). We will not do this, and we will better use the classic recipe. By the way, "Lady's fingers" today can be bought in every major supermarket, but it's much more pleasant to do everything yourself, with your own hands.

We bake an air biscuit

The ingredients are all very simple and affordable.We need 3 eggs, flour - about 65 grams, sugar - 5 large spoons, a little vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. To make beautiful and accurate "Lady's fingers", the recipe should be observed in accuracy and use for their formation confectionery bag. Otherwise biscuit sticks will turn out uneven and uneven. Let's start kneading the dough.

ladies fingers dessert

First we separate the yolks from the proteins.The first grind with two tablespoons of sugar until a gentle yellow color, add flour, vanillin and salt. Beat the whites carefully with the remaining sugar. We combine both masses and put them into a confectioner's bag.

Be sure to cover the baking tray with paper forbaking so that the cookie is not burned and stuck. Squeeze out thin strips of 7.5 centimeters long (standard size of "Savoyardi"). They are prepared not for long, not more than 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Sprinkle the cookies with sugar powder or sugar.

Cooking a delicious dessert

Very tasty is the Savoyardi with coffee or cocoa, but you can go further and make a gentle Italian dessert "Tiramisu", for which the "Ladies fingers" are prepared.

lady's fingers cake

The recipe for this Italian cake is certainly known to everyone. The main thing is a cream. The basis for him is "Mascarpone".

For 500 grams of cream cheese we take 4 eggs and 4tablespoons of powdered sugar. Stir yolks with powder and cheese. Whisk the whites separately and add them to the spoon in the cheese cream. We mix it well. Done.

In a strong espresso we pour in a little "Amaretto" liqueur and dip the biscuit sticks into this "sauce".

Now we form the dessert, alternating the cookies andbutter cream. It is best to use a crockery, which is nice and comfortable. Top with cocoa powder. As you can see, the cake "Lady's fingers" is very easy not only to taste, but also in cooking. Surprise your guests with an exquisite dessert or please your relatives by giving Tiramisu tea.

salad ladies fingers

How about a salad?

And you know that there is not only a cookie, butand a salad "Lady's fingers". The fact is that it includes tomatoes that have the same name as Italian cookies. In fact, it almost does not differ from the classic "Greek" salad with vegetables and feta cheese, except that an additional ingredient, namely red chili.

Arrange a dinner called "Lady's fingers." The recipe for a light salad and tender cake you already have. What will be the main course?

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