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Cottage cheese biscuits "Triangles": ingredients, recipe, caloric content

One of the most popular and popularrecipes for the baking of curd products is a curd-biscuit "Triangles" or "Goose-paws". They impress with their delicate creamy taste. It is impossible to describe their structure. Being fragile ply corners, they are at the same time soft inside and just melt in the mouth. What can be more pleasant than family gatherings with tea or cocoa, and even with fragrant home cookies? Cottage cheese biscuits "Triangles" with pleasure are eaten even by those who absolutely do not like cottage cheese. Many can not understand its composition, so you can make it your little secret. To prepare a curd cookie "Triangles", the recipe does not even have to be recorded. It is so simple that if you do it once, you will not forget it. How to cook a curd cookie "Triangles"?

What attracts this batch?

How to cook cottage cheese

One of the main advantages of curd cookiesis that you can change some of the ingredients. Many people in our time are worried about their figure, so they try to exclude from the diet products containing a large amount of fat. So the interesting fact is that the calorie content of the curd cookie "Triangles" can be adjusted according to your preferences. Cottage cheese can be taken any fat, and you can generally replace it with cottage cheese mass.

Many recommend exactly the mass when bakingcurd cookies "Triangles" for children. After all, it has a more gentle and even structure. You can replace the butter with a spread, which, being a product of vegetable fats, is less caloric than butter, but the taste and beauty of curd cookies "Triangles" is not affected in any way.

Ingredients for dough, cooking

ready-made cottage cheese dough

You will need:

  • cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • butter - 180 g;
  • Vanillin at the tip of the knife or a few drops of vanilla extract;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • one teaspoon baking powder for dough or a quarter teaspoon of soda food, quenched lemon juice or vinegar;
  • flour - about 300-400.

Rub oil (or spread) with cottage cheese and sugar. Add the baking powder (soda), vanillin, mix. Leave it for fifteen minutes.

When the cottage cheese dissolves the sugar, a little liquid appears, at this point, gently enter the flour, it needs so much so that you can knead a light dough.

Variety of curd cookies "Triangles"

In addition to the calorie content of the cookie, you can slightlyChange, showing ingenuity and imagination. Curd cheese cookies "Triangles" with sugar is a classic variant, in which you can make your notes depending on taste preferences. You can mix sugar and poppy seeds, then you will get a new dish, but not worse.

More about the pros


The fact is that the curd cookies "Triangles"very quickly preparing. Therefore, if everything does not fit on one baking sheet, you can immediately prepare the second one. Due to the fact that it rises and grows in size only when baking, nothing will happen with the cookie on the second baking sheet, while the first one is prepared.

Большим плюсом является то, что продуктов requires a minimum amount, and basically those that are usually in the fridge at each hostess. The average caloric content of baking is 315 kcal per 100 g, but, as noted earlier, it can be adjusted.

You can also adjust the degree of softness of this cookie. If you roll out the dough thinner, it will be more crispy and crumbly, if you do not thin it out, it will be more gentle and airy.

How to choose cottage cheese for home cookies?

granular cottage cheese

Cottage cheese curd is selected on personal preferences. Here are some tips:

  1. It can be a fatty cottage cheese, the cookies with it will be more fatty, heavy and with pronounced creamy taste.
  2. You can take grainy cottage cheese. With it, a loose texture will be felt in the cookies, and grains will please the cottage cheese lovers.
  3. If you want to treat such a batchfor example, a child who categorically refuses to use cottage cheese, it is better to take as a basis a soft creamy curd mass. Your child enjoys enjoying a healthy product without realizing it.

Preparation of dough for cookies "Goosebumps"

preparation of cottage cheese dough

In the curd cookie "Triangles" recipequite simple, but there are some subtleties, running ahead, we will tell you that the oil must be strongly chilled, it can even be slightly frozen. It will not need to be heated or softened beforehand, we will rub it on a grater or chop it with a knife, and for this it must be firm.

Do not forget the finished dough before the formation of triangles put in a plastic bag or food film and cool in the refrigerator. In the rest everything is simple:

  1. We take the prepared chilled butteror spread, rub it on a large grater, you can chop or adjust it with a wide sharp knife. Do not forget at the same time about the safety of your hands, a sharp knife can slip in oil, so at this stage be more careful than hasty.
  2. Spread the right portion of cottage cheese in a bowl to the crushed oil and thoroughly grind the resulting mixture to a homogeneous mass.
  3. Add the baking powder and vanillin. As stated before, it is possible to replace the baking powder with hydrated baking soda.
  4. Begin to gradually add flour, carefullystirring the dough. First you need to do this with a spoon or a wooden spatula, since the dough at the initial stage is very sticky and amateurs of kneading hands risk leaving it on your fingers. Add flour until a fairly thick dough, then, sprinkling the working surface with flour, you can knead it with your hands until it stops sticking to your hands, and becomes pliable, it will be easy to keep the shape.
  5. We wrap our dough with food film or cellophane package and send it to the refrigerator, let it rest for about 30 minutes.

We make cookies "Triangles"


Ready and sufficiently cooled in the refrigerator (not in the freezer), we remove the dough from the film, soften the hands to a pliable condition.

For convenience, we divide it into two or three equalparts. Roll each part with a rolling pin to a thickness of four to five millimeters. Do not forget to sprinkle the work surface and the rolling pin in advance with flour, so that the dough does not stick.

Prepare the baking tray in advance.It can be smeared slightly vegetable oil without a smell (or grate creamy) or lay on it parchment paper. Plus paper is that with its help it will be more reliable to protect the pan from accidental ingress and further burning of sugar, which not only unpleasantly smells of burning, but is also difficult to wash.

Now from the ready-made layer of dough you need to cutsmooth circles, about 7-10 centimeters in diameter. To do this, you can use a special molding ring or a throat, turned upside down and dipped in flour. In the cottage cheese curd "Triangles" with sugar is difficult to overdo. It is necessary to pour sand into a convenient bowl, then each circle-billet carefully dipped in this sugar. You can lightly press (as though pressing the dough into sugar), so that it sticks more. This is exactly how the cookies will not spoil.

Now add our sugar cakes in halfonce again in half, that is, four times. We lay out our preparations on the prepared baking sheet, do not forget to leave a place between them, because "Goose's paws" decently increase in size.

We put in a preheated to 180 degrees ovenfor about 20-30 minutes. But in the baking process, do not forget to look at the cookies, because it quickly reaches the ready and browns. With golden color, the baking is ready.

Cons of curd cookies "Goose paws"

cottage cheese dough

You can not do without the drawbacks of the recipe.The most important and only disadvantage of this cookie is that it is very quickly eaten and wants it again and again, so the landlady will have to cook this delicacy stably to satisfy her family's appetite! But to make such a dish is very simple, there is not much time left to create it. Yes, and the recipe is not difficult, and the products that are part of the cookie, there are in the kitchen for every mistress. Bon Appetit!

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