/ How to prepare cocktail "Godfather" correctly: recipe, proportions

How to prepare cocktail "Godfather" correctly: recipe, proportions

Who does not like to pamper yourself with a delicious cocktailon the basis of alcohol? Today we will tell you how to prepare a cocktail "Godfather", which was included in the list of the International Bar Association for its simplicity of cooking and nobility of taste.

What kind of cocktail is this?

The taste of the "Godfather" cocktail will take you tothe times of the 50-ies of the twentieth century, when people from Sicily solved questions of life and death in America. A light wind from the moorland of Scotland will bring a tender aroma of herbs, almond flavor will give you all the sweetness and charm of a rich life, and a long warm and soft aftertaste will show how the ancient stones of the island of Sicily play in the sun.

If you want to feel all the fine linespleasant and fragrant drink, it is quite possible to create it yourself, guided by our cooking advice. But first a little of the history of the appearance of this cocktail.

cocktail godfather


Marlon Brando, who played the role of the mafia leader withSicily don Vito Carleone, liked to mix vodka and amaretto. It is from these ingredients that the "Godfather" cocktail is made. He was born a little before the release on the TV screens of the film Francis Coppola and was called Godfather. Since the beginning of the 70s, the cocktail has gained popularity among lovers of exquisite deep tastes.

godfather cocktail recipe

"Godfather" (cocktail): composition and proportions

Memorable and intriguing cocktail tastedepends only on its two components: it's a real Italian liquor "Amaretto" and quality whiskey from Scotland. One can safely assume that a single-malt Scotch strong drink such as Highland Park with a thick and smoky aroma would organically merge into this duo. But, unfortunately, the sweetness inherent in the "female" component in the form of liquor, will overwhelm the stunning aroma and taste of whiskey.

To prepare a cocktail "Godfather", you will need a blended middle-class whiskey, for example, Scottish Collie, White Horse or Johnnie Walker. So, you will need:

  • Scotch whiskey - 35 ml;
  • "Amaretto" - 35 ml;
  • 100 g of crushed ice.

Is it worth talking about the proportions of 1:1, when there are no rules and narrow frames in the work of bartenders? It is known for sure that many bartenders, who cook such a cocktail, offer a stronger, stronger and male cocktail "Godfather". They create a drink in three to one proportions, where there are three parts of whiskey and only one - liquor. Such a ratio has its merits: the ability to use malt scotch, which is a real man's drink, the taste of which will only soften the female liqueur and acquire almond flavor. It was this option that Carleone himself preferred, the most famous mafia boss.

godfather cocktail composition

"Godfather" (cocktail): recipe

Today we will offer two options for cookingof this drink. When you create it should be guided by the main rule: the cocktail "Godfather" does not tolerate excesses in the form of vulgar ornaments in the form of lemon peel or pickled cherries. This is a purely male cocktail - restrained, rude, strict, all of its kind embodying the image of the great leader of the mafia clan. And if you, sitting in a bar, noticed the decorations in such a cocktail, then you can deduce the conclusion about inexperience of the bartender.

Classic recipe

  1. The first thing to put on the bottom of the glass is to put 100 g of ice cubes or ice crushed.
  2. Carefully pour equal proportions of amaretto and whiskey.
  3. To mix.

Cocktail "Godfather" for Russian

  1. First rule: no ice! This ingredient has a habit of melting, thereby weakening the strength of the drink, completely ruining the taste.
  2. In a well-cooled glass, pour 70 ml of malt whiskey.
  3. Add 35 ml of amaretto.
  4. Gently mix with a spoon, avoiding shaking.

The cocktail "Godfather" is suitable for a digestive after a meal, and for an aperitif to play an appetite. He also perfectly quenches thirst and will be an excellent addition to the party in the club!

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