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How to make a cake mastic with your own hands

cake mastic

The coating of cake with mastic is increasingly used forits decoration at home. If earlier in this way the festive pastry was created mainly by professionals, now more and more housewives bake real masterpieces to the solemn table. Mastic for a cake with their own hands is very simple, with a minimum set of ingredients. But the final composition on the cake will depend on the skill and imagination of the cook.


Ways of preparation of this material forthe creation of an artistic composition there are several. But basically they are based on a fruit marshmallow called marshmallow. 70 grams of this marshmallow will require about 30 grams of butter (or a little condensed milk), powdered sugar with a stock and dyes (depending on what the composition will be). They must be necessarily edible. Sometimes cake decoration is also used with special confectionery markers, which you can write, and colored beads (all ingredients are available in the confectionery department).

cake with mastic recipe photo
Preparing the cake for the cake with their own hands is veryjust. Marshmallow with butter (condensed milk) put in a deep bowl (not metal) and heated in a microwave oven. Usually it takes 20-30 seconds, most importantly, do not overdo it. Then the mass is thoroughly mixed with a spoon and begin to add the powdered sugar gradually, kneading the dough. Then mastic spread on the table, sprinkled with powder, and knead.

Ready mastic can be dyed with food colors. If the cake is prepared for a children's holiday, it is better to use vegetable juices (beet, carrot, spinach).

The mastic prepared in this way is beautifulrolled out with a conventional rolling-pin (sugar powder is used instead of flour), absolutely any figures can be molded from it: flowers and leaves, fairy-tale characters and animals, in general, everything that is enough for fantasy. As for the cake itself, which will hide under a layer of mastic, it can be anything. To adorn well kept, it is desirable that between it and the cake was a layer of cream.

covering the cake with mastic

In addition to the classic recipematerial for decoration, there are others, for example, chocolate mastic for a cake with their own hands is also made simply. On 1 tile of dark chocolate take a pack of marshmallow, 1/4 cup of fat cream, a couple of spoons of cognac and powdered sugar. Naturally, such a mastic child's cake is not worth decorating. All ingredients (except for powder) are mixed by heating in a water bath. Then gradually pour the powder, mixing the mass, as in the previous case. From the brown mastic is beautifully obtained decoration for chocolate cakes, as well as compositions "under the tree" (barrels, decks, hemp).

Many, after they bake their first cake withmastic, a recipe, a photo with the result and comments are trying to send to friends, acquaintances, in general, to everyone who is only possible. This is due to the fact that even a beginner, as a rule, the result is simply terrific. And with experience there is a certain dexterity, so that the culinary master starts making his masterpieces not only for loved ones, but also for sale. So mastic for a cake with their own hands can bring not only a holiday to the family, but also to replenish the budget. And that the finished product looked as attractive as possible, it is recommended to decorate it in advance (2-3 days before baking the cake itself) and grease with vodka, then they will be bright, shiny and strong enough.

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