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How to pickle capelin at home: recipes tested in the kitchen

The capelin is a small fish, but very tasty anduseful. Omega acids, fish oil, phosphorus and many other important micronutrients are contained in its composition. A good snack and an independent second course can be capelin. This delicacy can be cooked by even a novice cook. How to pickle capelin at home? The answer to this question lies in the recipes tested by experienced chefs.

how to pickle capelin at home

What are the advantages of salted capelin at home?

The main advantage of domestic fish salting isthe fact that you buy yourself capelin and you can control its quality. During the preparation of this delicacy, you use spices that are loved in your family. In addition, for home cooking you buy fresh or frozen fish, and this is much cheaper than the cost of ready-made salted fish.

how to pickle capelin quickly
How to pickle capelin at home: traditional methods

  1. Capelin of dry salting.
    1 kg of fish wash under running water, dryon the towel. In the mortar, wipe the spices: bay leaves - 3 pieces, cloves - 3 pieces, coriander - 1 small spoon (the amount of spices can be changed at your discretion). Mix all the spices with 3 tablespoons of salt. Lay the capelin in a sachet, pouring a mixture of spices and salt. Cover the container with a dry napkin, put a board on top, and put pressure on it (a bottle of water, a weight). Transfer the ship to the refrigerator. After 12 hours, the fish can be sampled.
  2. How to pickle capelin at home in brine?From 2.5 liters of boiled water, 2 tablespoons of rock salt and 1 small spoon of sugar to prepare a marinade. Add spices to your taste: pepper fragrant, bay leaf, cloves. Boil the brine and cool. In the sailboats put capelin, pour it with marinade and leave in the refrigerator for 48 hours. After this time, it is desirable to merge the marinade so that the fish does not become very salty.

how to pickle capelin
Recipe for low-salted capelin

Guests are going to visit you, and you think what to treat them. A slightly salted fish is a great snack. How to pickle capelin quickly? Read and store the recipe.

Peretoloch in a mortar your favorite spices, mixthem with salt and sugar (1 large spoon with a mountain). In the sudokeck lay out the fish, pour a mixture of salt, spices and sugar, cover with a towel and put under pressure in a cold place. You can use capelin the next morning, after rinsing it in running water. Well, if you leave the fish salted for a day or two, it will become even more delicious and aromatic.

Spicy capelin: recipe for gourmets

Lovers of fragrant snacks offer a recipe, which tells how to pickle capelin spicy salting.

Prepare brine from salt (140 g), sugar (1(2 large spoons), chopped nutmeg (1 small spoon), cloves (half a small spoon) and 0.5 liters of boiled cold water. In a deep saucepan, put the fish (1 kg), fill it with marinade. Leave the capelin salted out at a temperature of no higher than + 5 ° C for 72 hours. You can store the capelin of spicy salting for up to 10 days.

how to pickle capelin

Now you know how to pickle capelinand can prepare a delicious and high-quality product yourself. Such a fish will be a worthy decoration and a good snack both of everyday and festive table.

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