/ How to pickle herring at home? Recipes and tips

How to pickle herring at home? Recipes and tips

Appetizing herring is a good complement to dishes frompotatoes or a homemade meal with strong drinks. This is an excellent snack, popular in many countries. But store products do not always cause trust. It is much better to find out how to pickle herring at home, and cook it yourself. You can independently control the amount of salt and seasonings, as well as forget about preservatives and flavor enhancers that carry nothing but harm.

How to pickle herring at home?
You can also choose how to pickle herring: in pieces or whole, in marinade or without it. In short, a real space for culinary creativity.

How to pickle herring at home?

You will need two fish, four tablespoonssalt, half the sugar, a little black pepper. Rinse and dry the carcass with a paper towel. This is a very important step, because the wet fish will turn out after salting watery. It is also necessary to choose fresh and not frozen herring, otherwise the result will not be too successful either. So, remove the head and tail, divide the fish along the ridge into two connected halves. For each carcass take two tablespoons of salt and a spoonful of sugar, cover it first with salt, then with sugar, thoroughly smearing both the peel and the inside. Pepper and put in a narrow dish, pressing the carcass to each other. Top cover with a plate and put in the refrigerator for a day. If after a day the herring does not seem ready, wait another twenty-four hours. Having figured out how to salivate herring at home, you can similarly cook both salmon, pink salmon, and trout.

How to pickle herring with slices?
To make a ready dish is more tasty it is possible with the help of house fills and marinades.

Apple marinade

Know how to pickle herring at home,still not enough to be known as an exquisite cook. To do this, you also need to be able to prepare original marinades. For example, apple. Take the sweet and sour apple, the horseradish root and one hundred grams of mayonnaise. Large grate the fruit on the grater, add the sauce and shredded horseradish. Slightly salted. Salted herring, transfer to the herringbone, cut into small pieces, pour the marinade and send to the refrigerator for several hours.

How to pickle herring at home?
Herring in pink sauce

To seem like a real professional inthe question of how to pickle herring at home, try this unusual recipe. Take the sweet beets, boil them and slice them. Onions cut into half rings and lay the following products in the container: salted herring, sliced ​​with small fillets, beetroot, onion, mayonnaise. Pour the dish with lemon juice and repeat the layers again using the same order. Firmly cover and cover for a couple of hours in a cool place. Transfer the prepared herring to a plate, add a side dish of pickled beets and onions, pour a fragrant sauce that will remain on the bottom of the container. The dish will turn out not only tasty, but also extremely aesthetic externally. It is unlikely that the closest guests and guests will remain indifferent to this snack.

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