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Cottage cheese. Is it carbohydrates or proteins? Product Description

What is a product like cottage cheese?Is it carbohydrates or proteins? Or fats? Let's discuss this interesting feature of nutrition. It's cottage cheese! Is it carbohydrates or proteins? We repeat this question. And, most importantly, when you need to eat cottage cheese? For the night or for dinner?

Cottage cheese are carbohydrates or proteins? Properties

So, more in detail.We'll figure out what is this cottage cheese? Is it carbohydrates or proteins? To begin with, this product is a derivative of milk. How does this product work? What is cottage cheese? "Are these carbohydrates or proteins?" Is a question that many people ask themselves. But everything is very simple. Ordinary chain: milk-curdled milk-cottage cheese. Initially, the milk rushes. At this point, just appear acid milk bacteria. The serum is removed after heating. As a result, out of five hundred milligrams of milk, you will get two hundred grams of cottage cheese. We draw attention to the practical value of this information: if a half-liter of milk is more expensive than a pack of cottage cheese, the producer "muhlyuet." This cottage cheese is bad.

cottage cheese is carbohydrates or proteins


The next moment.It's not a secret that it is incredibly tasty, and, most importantly, a useful product is cottage cheese. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates - all this is present here. For the human body, this aspect is very important.

Now about the main thing.What kind of quality should provide the consumer with a product like cottage cheese? Proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet of each person are very important. And the first of them - especially. Curd protein is an animal of animal origin. This suggests that there are a lot of amino acids in it - those that are necessary for the processes of anabolism. By the way, cottage cheese is a cheap alternative to fish, meat, poultry and eggs. From the point of view of the value of protein, he does not concede to the products listed above.

Cottage cheese is considered a "slow" protein, since inits composition includes casein. Its share is approximately 50%. The second half is a "fast" protein. In a word, cottage cheese is a complex protein. 20% of the protein in the curd is in a semi-digested state. In general, this product for the assimilation of proteins of animal origin is the easiest.

cottage cheese protein carbohydrates

At night

And now about the time of day.Many of us are interested in such a product as cottage cheese (it is protein or carbohydrates, can one eat it before going to bed, or is it better to do it in the morning?). Complex protein is able to supply the muscles of a person with food for several hours. This is called a kind of "long top dressing". That is, the muscles receive the necessary "building material" during sleep. At the moment they are growing.

Do not forget also that any meal(with proteins, fats and carbohydrates) can cause a surge of insulin in the blood. This hormone, utilizing glucose, is a growth antagonist, produced in a dream and contributing to various processes of anabolism.

The total amount of protein (slow orfast) that enters the body in a day is very important. Taking cottage cheese before going to bed, you deliver great benefits to your body (for a day's ration).

cottage cheese is protein or carbohydrates

And suddenly it is harmful?

It would seem that a fairly safe and even useful product is cottage cheese. Is it protein or carbohydrates, or fats? In any case, its use will not bring harm. However, sometimes there are problems.

In what cases is this happening? If the cottage cheese is of poor quality. If it is simply not digested by your body. If you, in general, do not digest any dairy products.

It turns out that you need to listen tosignals of your own organism. Can you feel the heaviness in your stomach? This is a sign of an unhealthy reaction to the reception of the curd. Use this product in reasonable quantities.

cottage cheese is proteins or carbohydrates


We understand further.Cottage cheese are proteins or carbohydrates? Not so important. The main thing is that it is a curative and tasty product. In addition to water and protein, the composition of cottage cheese includes calcium and phosphorus. These components give strength to the teeth and bones. In children's nutrition - this is especially important. The main material that forms the cells is precisely the milk protein concentrate. Note, in baby food before the milk is introduced is kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese. They do not cause allergies and are easily digested.

But the choice of cottage cheese must be approachedvery careful. Modern technologies bring not only benefits. Some producers make cottage cheese from palm and coconut fat. You will not see any benefit from this product. Study the composition carefully before purchasing.


And finally. Let's pay attention to fat-free and home-made cottage cheese. Are they proteins or carbohydrates? Let's consider each product separately.

In low-fat curd contains a halffat, twenty-three grams of protein, three grams of carbohydrates, three grams of saccharides and one and a half grams of ash, half a gram of saturated fat, two milligrams of cholesterol, a gram of organic acids, seventy-one grams of water. Ideal for those who like nutrition.

In fat home curd contains eighteengrams of fat, seventeen grams of protein, three grams of carbohydrates, three grams of saccharides, a gram of ash, eleven grams of unsaturated fat, sixty milligrams of cholesterol, a gram of organic acids and sixty grams of water. Not a diet - but much tastier!

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