/ Lentil soup: a recipe with a photo. How to cook lentil soup with leek or smoked meat

Lentil soup: a recipe with a photo. How to cook lentil soup with leek or smoked meat

Almost every one of us at least once tried dishes,made of lentils. Its benefits are well known. It can be cooked for breakfast at least once a week. Having consumed a full plate of such food as lentil soup, you will get enough for the whole day and get a full set of vegetable fats and proteins. And, in addition, the ideal balance between them will be met. So we just need to learn how to cook lentils. We will now deal with this issue.

The standard recipe for cooking lentil soup

We will need the following ingredients:400 grams of lentils chopped, two liters of chicken broth, three onions, two tomatoes, four cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of butter, a teaspoon of cumin, to taste ground black pepper and salt. Now let's talk about how to prepare lentil soup. The recipe is as follows. We wash the broken lentils. We put a large pot of chicken broth on the fire. We clean the onions, cut two pieces with quarters. And one - chop cubes. With tomatoes, peel and cut into four parts. Garlic is cleaned and cut into large pieces.

lentil soup
When boiling broth we put lentils into it,tomatoes, garlic and cook on a small fire for about 45 minutes, and the pan should be ajar. At this time, in a frying pan, melt half a spoonful of butter and brown it on a bulb, cut into cubes, stirring constantly. When the lentil soup is ready, wipe it through a sieve or grind it with a blender. After that, heat it again, salt and put spices. Before serving, on the table for ten minutes, we fill the broth with the fried onion and the remaining oil. You can put a lemon on a separate saucer, cut into slices.

The recipe for lean soup

Such lentil soup is prepared enoughquickly, while using the minimum number of products. Ingredients: small red lentils - 200 grams, carrots - 200 grams, onions - 100 grams, garlic - two denticles, sesame seeds - one spoon, vegetable oil - 50 grams. How is lentil soup prepared? The recipe with the photo will help you figure it out. Fill the beans with cold water (two and a half liters) and salt. We cut the carrot into circles, onions - small cubes. We pour into the heated frying pan vegetable oil and shift vegetables into it. Fry on a small fire, stirring constantly.

lentil soup recipe
A couple of minutes before the readiness is added to the vegetablescrushed garlic and stir. As soon as we see that the lentils are boiled, we dip the vegetables from the frying pan into the soup. Let them leave a little while we brown the sesame seed until light brown. Remove from the stove pan, fall asleep sesame, close the lid and leave for 10-15 minutes alone. Stir well and serve.

The recipe for soup with sausages

Grocery list:lentils yellowish - 200 grams, sausages smoked - 200 grams, tomatoes in their juice - 400 grams, garlic - two denticles, one onion, one carrot and celery, vegetable oil - two spoons, salt. The recipe for how to prepare lentil soup with sausage, we will consider further. We clean carrots, onions and garlic. Cut the first two vegetables into small cubes, crush the garlic. Mine celery and cut into slices. Sausages - circles.

lentil soup recipe with photo
Fry them in a preheated pan in oil,about four minutes. Add the vegetables, mix well and cook for about five minutes. We knead tomatoes with a fork and send it to the pan, juice - there too. We boil for ten minutes, the fire should be medium. Then spread the lentils, pour four glasses of water. Solim, pepper, cover with a lid and cook for half an hour, reducing the fire.

Lentil soup with tomatoes: recipe

Ingredients:two tablespoons of olive oil, one onion, two cloves of garlic, three pieces of celery, 400 grams of salted tomatoes, one glass of lentils, two tablespoons of parsley, one bay leaf, one spoonful of lemon juice, mint and basil, yogurt to taste. The process of preparation is as follows. In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil, put garlic and onions in it, simmer, until it softens. Then add lentils, celery, parsley, tomatoes and laurel leaf.

lentil soup with sausage
We pour in water, eight glasses, and boil.After that, close the lid and cook on a small fire for one hour and 45 minutes, until you get a liquid mashed potatoes. Mix with a combine till a homogeneous mass - and again in a saucepan. We add salt, add salt, lemon juice. On the table, serve in warmed plates, sprinkled with basil and mint, with a spoonful of yogurt in the center.

Chowder with vegetables and lamb

This dish is very satisfying and tasty,This is a real southern food with red lentils and lamb. For six servings we will need 450 grams of lentils, six bulbs, 700 grams of mutton, half a lemon, two pieces of sweet pepper, one carrot, two tomatoes, three glasses of water, a bunch of greens (tarragon, parsley, basil, dill) one and a half teaspoon of large salt, black pepper, half a glass of vegetable oil.

lentil soup with tomato and sweet pepper
How is this lentil soup prepared?The recipe is as follows. We cut lamb into pieces and sprinkle it with lemon juice, small onions - onion, strips - Bulgarian pepper, thin rings - carrots, small cubes - tomatoes, large - greens. Fill the oil in a saucepan, cauldron or a pot with thick walls. Warm up, add meat and fry on medium heat, until the mutton becomes brown. We throw to it a bow. Stirring, fry another five minutes. Fire reduce, put in a container of tomatoes, peppers and carrots.
We pour out lentils and pour water.We simmer and simmer for 20 minutes on a small fire. Solim and sprinkle with herbs. On the table we serve chilled or hot, with salad from tomatoes or as an independent dish. From this recipe, you can safely remove lamb, and we will get an exceptionally vegetable lentil soup with tomato and sweet pepper.

Another recipe for lentil soup

We need the following ingredients:water - 1.7 liters, lentils - one glass, one onion, one carrots, parsley, a laurel leaf - three pieces, black pepper - six peas, garlic - half of a head, herbs chabera - one tablespoon. Consider how the lentil soup is prepared. The recipe is very simple. Soak lentils in cold water for a day. Then rinse well again. Fill again with cold water and put on medium heat. After boiling we put pre-crushed roots - and let it be prepared until the beans are completely boiled.

chicken soup
The water should remain at most 1.25 liters.Add the onion, other spices, except chaiber and garlic, salt and cook on low heat for 10-12 minutes. Then fill with the remaining spices, remove from heat and leave for five to eight minutes for infusion. Bon Appetit!

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