/ Milk cocktail in the blender: tasty and useful!

Milk cocktail in the blender: tasty and useful!

Many do not like milk - and that's a fact.And what if you add ice cream to it? From such a drink is unlikely to refuse, in addition, recipes for milkshakes are very diverse, and everyone will find for themselves their own version.

Who invented the recipe for the first milkshake,is unknown. It is known only that it was in 1920 of the last century in America during the days of the dry law. Since then, the process of its preparation has not changed much. This tasty drink, despite the past almost 100 years, still contain milk as the main ingredient.

To prepare a tasty drink, you need to remember the main rule: milk should be cold. Only from chilled milk and ice cream will get a thick and airy drink.

Milk chocolate cocktail is not onlyvery tasty, but also a healthy drink. The benefits of milk, especially for children, are known to everyone. But not all children eagerly drink milk. But a milkshake with fresh fruit and a slice of chocolate bars the child will drink with pleasure. If the baby is less than three years old, it is better to add a drop of cocoa instead of chocolate.

It is worth dwelling on whymilkshakes are useful. First, milk contains calcium, useful for teeth and bones. Secondly, milkshakes contain also such elements as sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, which are necessary for normal activity of the digestive system, hematopoiesis and cardiovascular system.

Milk cocktail in the blender has more than one dozen recipes. But the basis of all is a classic milkshake. How to cook it at home?

For 4 servings you need to take 1 liter of milk, chillhim. In the milk, add 250 g of ice cream (preferably creamy) and beat everything in a blender until a thick foam is obtained. Serve a cocktail immediately after cooking. If you like thick cocktails, then take a little milk. To get the same liquid drink, on the contrary - the amount of milk should be increased. Milk cocktail in the blender is ready!

If a classic milk drink is addedcocoa, coffee or chocolate, then he will certainly cheer you up. This cocktail will well complement strawberry syrup, almonds or hazelnuts; they will give him an even more refined taste. To increase immunity, add berries to the cocktail. Strawberry helps fight the influenza virus. Cherry improves tone, burns fat, improves blood circulation and removes toxins. Blueberries improve vision, raspberry lowers the temperature.

Based on a classic milkshake, you canprepare a milkshake in the blender in huge variations. For example, thanks to the availability of such exotic fruit as bananas, you can prepare a useful, tasty and high-calorie banana cocktail. So, let's start: you need to clean the banana, chop it in a blender, add milk and ice cream. Mix all this with a mixer. Bananas increase working capacity, contain potassium and magnesium, so essential to the heart. Instead of a banana, you can add any other fruit or berry. If you add a little cognac and cinnamon to a banana cocktail, then it can be used at night as a sleeping pill.

If instead of fruit milk shake is prepared with juice, then it can be consumed for breakfast. This cocktail is rich in vitamins, proteins and does not contain excess calories.

In winter, a milkshake is useful in a blender with citrus fruit juice (lemon, orange, grapefruit), since it has a lot of vitamin C. Peach cocktail is rich in Group B vitamins.

How to prepare milkshakes, you can think of yourself, combining various fruits, berries, juices and spices (vanilla, cinnamon), or you can search for interesting recipes on the Web.

Drink milkshakes with ice cream all year round and will be healthy and full of positive!

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