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How to pick up freckles? Ways and recommendations for cooking

Mushrooms are an amazing creature of nature. Scientists to date can not say whether they are plants or animals. But all investigators unequivocally speak about their benefits.

In mushrooms in sufficient quantities are available:proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, amino acids and microelements. Due to this they are the most valuable nutritious product. But you need to keep in mind that mushrooms are heavy food. That is why people with stomach ulcers, as well as small children, are contraindicated. Healthy people can eat no more than one hundred grams a day.

Naturally, this will depend on the waycooking mushrooms. Let's consider in more detail how to pickle freckles in different ways. The fact is that this fungus is conditionally edible, therefore it is necessary to take care of the process of preparation very carefully.

How to pickle freckles in a hot way?

Mushrooms are cleared from the ground and grass, washedseveral times and cut into pieces. Next, boil them, putting in a large amount of water, adding her spices and salt. The most optimal is to put dill umbrellas, laurel leaves, peppercorns, cloves and cinnamon. Salt should be at least half a large spoonful per liter of water.

After the mushrooms fall to the bottom, theirIt is necessary to pull out with the help of a colander and put it in a large basin. Next, you need to let the coolers cool, spread out over clean jars and pour brine. To make it, you need a large spoon with top of salt for one liter of water. If you want to make more salty wavelets, then you can add two tablespoons of salt. Brine should be brought to a boil, pour it into jars and close the top with horseradish leaves. Capacities are sealed and sent to a cool place. Serve the workpiece on the table, adding vinegar, crushed garlic cloves and oiling it.

How to pickle freckles in a cold dish in a saucepan?

At the bottom of the enamelware put a smallnumber of various spices. It is necessary to proceed from the following ratio: ten pounds of mushrooms will require a packet of peppercorns, two bay leaves, sprigs of dill and oak, leaves of black currant, some horseradish, pepper and cloves.

For salting you need to select strong and wholemushrooms, which must be thoroughly cleaned and processed. Put them on the spices down with their caps. Each layer must be at least eight centimeters. Next, sprinkle it with salt, based on the ratio of sixty grams per kilogram of mushrooms. Filled a mushroom tank should be sprinkled with a variety of spices, close the napkin, then put a circle and crush the load. Put the pan in the refrigerator. After a while, the fungi will gradually settle. Therefore, it is recommended to replenish the container regularly with a fresh layer, adding spices and salt. Salty wavelets will be ready only after forty days, before they are forbidden to eat.

But often there are situations when you really want tosalted mushrooms. Therefore, we will stop on how to pickle the freckles "Quick". To do this, sort out the mushrooms, carefully wash them and cut them into small pieces. Send in cold water for the whole night. In the morning rinse and boil for an hour. The waves are then thrown back to the colander, so that the glass is superfluous, and rinsed with cold water. In the prepared dishes we lay the mushrooms in layers, sprinkling each with salt and aromatic seasonings. With this method, the salty tarts will be ready in three days. Store them in a glass or ceramic container.

It turns out a very tasty dish, which can be served as a unique snack and complement to any side dish, especially potatoes.

Bon Appetit!

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