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The recipe for curd cookies is a godsend for mom

Of all kinds of pastry cookies is,perhaps, the most useful: after all, cottage cheese as a source of protein and calcium is one of the most valuable products, and the amount of sugar there is minimal. The taste qualities of this cookie are also at an altitude: a unique sweet and sour taste and a delicate texture make the curd pastry - envelopes, "paws", "ears" - the favorite delicacy of many children and adults. It is for children that such cookies are most often cooked: we all know how toddlers relate to everything that is considered useful, and this concerns dairy products quite often. Sometimes it happens that it is very difficult to feed a child with such a curd that is useful for him, and then a recipe for curd cookies will come to the rescue. Most likely, the child will not guess that along with several such tasty pechenyushkami he ate a daily rate useful for its growth and development, but not too beloved cottage cheese. Many mothers choose homemade curd biscuits as the very first cookie for a baby.

There is not one recipe for curd cookies:it can be with or without filling, it can contain various additives like raisins, different amounts of fat, sugar may or may not be, but in all cases everything is very simple. The main ingredients included in each recipe for curd cookies are cottage cheese, a small amount of flour, butter or margarine. Dough for curd pastry is usually salted, as the salt very well emphasizes the taste of cottage cheese.

The basic recipe for cottage cheese pastry is as follows:half a kilo of curd is taken 200-300 grams of soft butter or margarine, everything is mixed, and gradually flour is added to the resulting mixture, usually about 300 grams, but it is better to orient yourself about the consistency, since the cottage cheese is different - the dough should be the same as for usual cookies. If it is supposed that the cookie will be layered - then sugar can not be added to the dough, but simply sprinkle the rolled layers. You can also do without sugar and in case of a sweet filling, and in all other cases you can add about 150 grams of sugar, and if someone loves a messenger, you can do more. Cookies are baked for 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. In this case, the cookies will be rather dense and, as it were, damp, which is very unusual and tasty.

There is also a recipe for curd cookies, according towhich it will be very friable, like a biscuit biscuit. To do this, take 250 grams of cottage cheese, 200 g of butter or margarine, 150 g of sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder and one egg. The oil is rubbed with sugar, then cottage cheese and egg are added, and everything is mixed until smooth. Then add the flour and baking powder. The dough is quite liquid, but there is nothing to worry about, except that it will not be possible to form any complex shape of the finished product, so you have to spread it like a meringue. Bakes are baked on baking paper for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. The cookie turns out to be very delicate and crumbly.

How to cook a cottage cheese cookie so that it islayered? Just. Take half a kilo of curd of medium fat (about 9%), three hundred grams of margarine or butter, three hundred grams of flour, a little baking powder, salt to taste, and a short dough kneads. It must be dense enough to roll it out. Then his small lumps, grams of 50, are rolled out with a diameter of 8-10 centimeters, and one half is sprinkled with sugar, after which the circle folds in half, is rolled out a little more (only for the halves to stick together, and then sprinkle with sugar and add up. the circle is rolled lightly one or two more times, after which the corner is sprinkled with sugar and again wrapped in. Then you can slightly roll out the product in width and fold again, after which one of the sides is dipped in sugar. lennomu edge of the pastry to make a 3-4 cm incision length of 1-2 - when the cookies will be baked and rise, they disperse beautifully.

Whichever recipe for cheesecake we choose,in any case it is done very simply and quickly, and the result will certainly please everyone with an excellent taste and good mood. Cottage cheese biscuits are an excellent choice not only for young children, but also for those who watch their food, because, at least in the classical version, it contains very little sugar and flour, and fat can be used at minimum for its preparation .

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