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Filling into rolls at home. A simple recipe

stuffing in rolls at home
Many love rolls and sushi and have already learnedprepare them yourself. Even the filling for rolls at home does not cause difficulties in cooking: there are a lot of options. We offer you one of the most popular roll recipes. It includes real crab meat, avocado and crispy cucumber, wrapped in a bed of rice for sushi. Filling in rolls at home for this recipe is not complicated: you just need to buy all the necessary products. By the way, they only need twenty minutes to prepare them, no more. Here's what you need: rice for sushi, one avocado, cut into strips, 250 grams of crab meat, 1 cucumber without seeds, 1 package of pressed algae leaves for sushi (nori), fried sesame seeds, wasabi sauce and soy sauce.

Cooking process

Let's start cooking:first prepare a batch of rice for sushi. Since during the formation of this type of sushi the filling in rolls at home is rolled inside out, you will need a bamboo mat covered with polyethylene film. This is necessary in order to avoid the sticking of rice. Still need a bowl of water to dip your fingers.

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Carefully fold the nori sheet in half if the sheetfresh, it should be folded in such a way that in the end you get two parts, measuring 10 by 20 centimeters. If the nori sheet is slightly dry and refuses to fold, you can hold it slightly above the open flame until softening or just use the scissors. So, put one piece on a bamboo mat, lightly moisten your fingers in a bowl of water and lay some rice. After making sure that your fingers are still wet and do not stick to rice, smooth it with a thin layer. It is not necessary to put pressure on rice, it should lie crumbly. Further filling in rolls at home involves the use of roasted sesame, which is sprinkled with rice. Then, along the bottom edge of the nori, several strips of cucumber and avocado strips are laid out. And we finish the filling with crabmeat. Be careful not to add too much stuffing so that your roll can be wrapped properly.

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To roll a roll, you need to put largefingers under the bamboo mat and use them to lift it, with the remaining fingers hold the stuffing. Continue to wrap the rug, make sure that the rice remains inside the nori. Fold the cylinder and roll it around the table in order to ram the rolls. Recipes, the filling in which differs from this, may assume a different formation.

How to properly store and cut rolls

If you are not going to eat your creationimmediately, wrap it in a food film and place it in the refrigerator. To cut the rolls, use a long sharp knife, place it on the middle of the roll, pull the knife to yourself, allowing the blade to pass right through. Do not put pressure on the knife, it can squeeze out the stuffing, and your sushi will turn out ugly. Serve rolls with soy sauce and wasabi. Filling in rolls at home can differ depending on what products you can buy. But remember, fresh fish and soy sauce should always be present.

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