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Cake with jelly and fruit

The cake is inherently a kind of pie. True, it is baked from several cakes, which are smeared with cream, either creamy or sour cream.

Cakes are not only sweet. For example, liver cakes are often baked, which are laid out in layers and smeared with mayonnaise.

But, mainly, all the same cakes are madefrom a sand or biscuit dough. Although it is often used waffle cakes or puff pastry. They are smeared not only with creams, but also with condensed milk, jam or jam. Between the layers are often put nuts or fruits.

But the most important is that the fragrant anda delicious cake must be decorated in a unique way. So, the cake with jelly and fruits will turn out not only tasty, but also colorful, bright without the use of various dyes, because as an ornament you can use berries and fruits, filled with jelly. This will make the sweetness not only beautifully decorated, but also add to it a new taste, flavor and color.

To a fruit cake with jelly had a unique, nothaving an analogy decoration, in addition to fantasy, you will also need different in size and shape fruit, sharp thin knife, baking dishes (metal) and a round spoon for ice cream.

Such a way of decoration, where berries and fruitspoured jelly, by right can be considered one of the most beautiful. Because the cake with jelly and fruit will not only attract attention, but will also be quite tasty. And baking it is not so difficult. After all, for its preparation does not need a cream, but just fruit, biscuit and jelly.

So, a biscuit cake with jelly and fruit firstbusiness involves preparing a biscuit for a cake. To do this, from six eggs, separate the proteins from the yolks. Whisk the whites, and yolks rub with sugar (1 glass). And all the way into the batter. Lubricate the butter with a mold with detachable sides and pour the dough into it. Bake a biscuit for about 40 minutes at a temperature of not more than 180 degrees.

On a cold biscuit lay out the fruit, cut slices. Fruits can be taken any, even canned. Or you can take both at the same time. You can invent a variety of fruit patterns.

After that, you need to make jelly.It is better to buy a special fill in the store, which quickly freezes and is much softer than usual jelly. When the jelly is a little cool, gently pour it on the fruit. After everything has cooled down - your cake with jelly and fruit is ready.

It should be remembered that the ready jelly is decoratedonly a cake that has already cooled down. Otherwise, it will begin to melt. If uneven jelly edges remain in the decoration, then it is easy to fix it, decorating with almond flakes or whipped cream.

If you are looking for an original recipe, a fruit cake with jelly is the best option. Because of the cake you can make an unusual basket of fruit.

So, finish the cake with protein cream.On the edge, decorate the strawberries, cut in half. The rest of the cake is laid out in semi-circles of kiwi, leaving the center in which you place the mandarin slices. And, in conclusion, along the entire perimeter of the cake lay and press the sweet biscuits in the form of sticks. All carefully pour the jelly - and a fruit basket is ready.

From fruits, you can also prepare variousbouquets. For this, first cut them into slices. And then with the help of metal baking molds squeeze out the "flower" you need. Using a spoon for ice cream, make a watermelon or melon flower core. Or use grapes, currants or gooseberries for this. Decorate the cake with multi-tiered flowers so that each time the shape of the flower is ever smaller.

The most important thing is that there are no definite restrictions for this decoration, but everything depends only on your immense imagination.

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