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The recipe for cake tiramisu

Dessert tiramisu, its preparation - this is a real miracle from the world of cooking.Tiramisu is an Italian culinary discovery that has conquered millions of sweethearts' hearts around the world. At the moment, the popularity of this multi-layer dessert beats all possible boundaries and, moreover, tiramisu is considered the most desirable goodness in the whole world.

The recipe for tiramisu classic cake is not so muchcomplicated: a little coffee, mascarpone (cheese), chicken eggs, savoyardi (air biscuits) and sugar. Usually tiramisu powder is powdered with ordinary cocoa powder. Although the tiramisu fashion has introduced into this traditional composition many new components that replace the basic ones. For example, more and more often cocoa is used for grated chocolate, instead of savoyardi they put a biscuit, and impregnation from coffee is replaced with various fruit and alcohol fillings. In some modifications, the recipe for a cake tiramisu even resembles a cake or pudding.

So, to prepare tiramisu for traditionalThe Italian recipe should take 4 eggs and separate the protein and yolk separately. Next, take 35 gr. powdered sugar and whipped together with yolks. The resulting mixture gently interferes with the mascarpone cheese (0.25 kg) and all this is lightly mixed until a smooth, even mass is obtained.
Proteins also need to be beaten with a half sugarPowder (35 g.). After the formation of soft peaks on them, the proteins must be allowed to cool down to form solid peaks. Next, add proteins to the previously obtained cheese-yolk mass.

While the resulting mass for tiramisurest, you need to cook and cool a good coffee. And then add a little cognac (4 tablespoons). Mix with the bulk. Next, you need to quickly dip the Savoyardi sticks (1 pack) in this mixture and spread them on the mold. As a result, you get a set of cookies. It must be poured with a cognac-coffee mixture and put in a similar way a second layer of cookies. After this, it is necessary to pour out the remaining mixture and gently level it. After that - whip the cream (10 ml.). This is necessary to decorate the dessert. Also, to decorate the tiramisu, sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa powder.

In the end, you need to allow time to cool in a refrigerator.

If you want to cook tiramisu, then,most likely, it can not be done according to the classical recipe, but all because it is not so easy to find savoyardi cookies. To prepare a classic recipe tiramisu cake is used mascarpone, savoyardi and light wine Marsala. Mascarpone is a fresh cheese with a fat content of 55%, which is produced only in the Apennines. This is the golden mean between butter and fatty sour cream. The main difference of mascarpone cheese is that, unlike other types of cheeses, it does not come from processing milk, but cream.

Italian savoyardi air biscuitIt is made exclusively in the form of tubes and gives the dessert a special taste. Like the wine of Marsala, which is produced near Sicily, the real Savoyardi can only be found in Italy, so you can enjoy the traditional tiramisu taste only by visiting this wonderful country.

But do not despair, because the biscuit fortiramisu can be done by yourself. To do this, you need to take 4 chicken eggs (be sure to separate the proteins and yolks) and beat them with sugar powder (0.75 cups). Then add the premium flour (0.85 cup) and baking powder for the dough (0.5 teaspoon). The dough obtained in this way is cut into narrow strips and baked in the oven for 6-7 minutes. As you can see, the recipe for cake tiramisu is not complicated.

On our vast spaces we always have to varywith ingredients to get this wonderful dessert. Mascarpone is replaced with fat cottage cheese or cream, savoyardi - biscuit cakes, which you can prepare yourself, and instead of wine from Marsala, use Amaretto liqueur or cognac. But the result always justifies expectation and effort, because tiramisu fully corresponds to its name, which in the translation from Italian means the phrase "lift me up."

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