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We produce correctly: how to make milk from milk powder

There are many myths and legends about drymilk, claiming that most of the dairy products that we consume are made from it. Let's figure out what this product represents, what useful properties it has and where it is used, and how to make milk from milk powder with water.

What is milk powder, what does it consist of and what happens?

how to make milk from milk powder
Dry milk is a natural product in the form ofsoluble powder, obtained from drying normalized cow's milk in special drying machines. The purpose of drying is to reduce the weight of the finished product and increase its shelf life. As you know, milk powder does not require special storage conditions at low temperatures and has a longer shelf life (3-6 months) than natural milk, which has the property of rapidly becoming sour. Particularly convenient is the use of powder in regions where it is not possible to obtain fresh natural milk. And it is this kind of convenient to use in cooking.

How to properly dilute the milk powder?

Milk made from powdered milk
Milk made from milk powder can be made withadding a certain amount of water. You can use concentrate as a drink or add as an ingredient in the production of other products, both in dry and liquid form. Before the advent of special sports nutrition, milk in dry form was the main source of protein in bodybuilding. There are several varieties of dry concentrate - whole, skimmed, dry buttermilk, whey, mixtures, but more often only 3 types are used, which differ only in the percentage of fat and some substances:

  • whole (550 kcal);
  • low-fat (373 kcal);
  • instant.

Water to add as much as you need, most often this 2-3 tbsp. l. milk on a glass of liquid.

What is the use of dried milk?

The composition of dry milk includes about 20 majorproteins and amino acids, a significant amount of calcium, which promotes the growth and strengthening of bones, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine, sulfur. In this product, much less cholesterol, so it is often used in the production of baby food. Further in the article we will consider in detail how to make milk, bakery products and even cosmetic masks from milk powder, and much more in what proportions to mix components.

How to grow milk powder?

how to make milk powder
Dry milk has a wide application inindustry in the production of cereals and infant formula, ice cream, baked goods and other confectionery products. Consider several options for how to dilute milk powder at home. To get 1 cup of milk, you need to dissolve 5-6 teaspoons of dry powder (20-30 g) with warm or cold water (about 200 ml). The water should be boiled, 45-60 degrees. This proportion is needed in order to make it 2.5%. How to make milk of greater and less fat content from milk powder? Accordingly, you need to add more or less water. The resulting product should also infuse for a while, it can be brought to a boil. You can cover it and let it brew afterwards. The sour substrate can be used to make cottage cheese, baked goods, cereals and soups.

Benefits and Harms of Milk Powder

Now we know how to make dry milkmilk. Moreover, many say that the taste and smell is not inferior to the pasteurized natural. However, it is unlikely that this person will agree with the man who tried the real pair of rustic milk. But as for the chemical composition, any concentrate of dry milk powder will give a head start. Dry milk contains more than 20 amino acids, vitamins (especially useful is vitamin B12 for people with anemia, vitamin Acontributing to vision, vitamin D), nutrients - potassium for normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels, calcium, which helps strengthen bones. Plus, dry milk contains a much smaller number of allergens, which is why it is often used to prepare infant formula. The harm of such milk can occur in people with individual allergic reactions or using it when improperly stored (at elevated temperatures and humidity). In addition, failure to comply with the technology of cooking, when a person does not know how to make dry milk at home correctly, can even lead to poisoning.

Disadvantages of powdered milk, conclusion and conclusion

how to dilute milk powder at home
The disadvantages include high fatproduct. If the daily norm is exceeded, metabolic processes may be disturbed and excess fat deposited. Also, such a product is not recommended to use before going to bed or after training in the morning, since casein contained in it requires several hours for digestion. It is important to correctly consider the proportions when it comes to how to make milk from high-fat powdered milk, because it contains a lot of cholesterol, which can lead to atherosclerotic damage to the heart and blood vessels. Thus, powdered milk is a very useful and convenient product that can be easily turned into a liquid, taken on the road or at work, easy to store. You just have to be extremely careful with its excessive use.

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