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White Cupid: how to cook delicious fish?

White Cupid is not found in all rivers, butYou can buy it in almost every supermarket. Unlike other river fish, it has fewer bones and does not stink at all. Light juicy pulp of medium fat is a white cupid. How to prepare it, knows every self-respecting mistress. In this article, you will read the simplest and easiest to prepare recipes, and in general, their vast array. A white cupid, like any other fish-valuable fish, provides cooks with a large field for creativity.

How to cook a white amour fish
It looks very nice and, naturally,This fish, stuffed with mushrooms and rice, has a delicate taste. How delicious to prepare a white cupid with a garnish? Very quickly and easily. For 1 kg of cupids you need to take 50 grams of cereals and twice as many borrows or butter muffins. Mushrooms, in principle, can be any, but it will be better to "sound" exactly these. In addition, you need a bow, lemon, mayonnaise and spices. The fish is gutted, thoroughly washed under running water, rubbed with salt, spices, sprinkled with lemon juice and left aside to wait for its hour. While the white cupid is in this marinade, how to cook the stuffing? Very simple. Separately boil the rice, and fry in the frying pan finely chopped mushrooms with onions. When everything is cool, mix the filling with mayonnaise and send fish to the belly. It is not necessary to sew it, you can simply fix the seam with toothpicks and send the cupid to the oven for about forty minutes. When the fish is covered with an appetizing crust, the dish can be taken out and served on the table.

How tasty to prepare a white cupid
Vegetables are optimal for any fish dishes.Not an exception and a white cupid. How to cook it with vegetables? As easy as pie! In addition to fish, you will need potatoes, tomatoes, onions, greens, lemon, mayonnaise, any vegetable oil and sesame seeds. Cleaned and gutted carcass rubbed with salt, spices, oil, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave to soak for an hour with this marinade. At this time, mine, clean and cut straws or slices (as anyone likes) vegetables. Lubricate the baking tray with oil, put greens inside the fish, and put the potatoes and tomatoes side by side. Sprinkle all the beauty with sesame seeds and lightly watered with mayonnaise. We send it to the oven. After 30-40 minutes we will be ready to eat a terrificly tasty white cupid.

How to cook shish kebab from meat, almost for nobodynot a secret. But this dish can also be made from fish. By taste and nutritional qualities, it will not yield to pork or lamb in any way. Shish kebab from a white cupid can be cooked both on a fire and at home in the oven. For him, the fish itself, tomato paste, sour cream and spices will be needed. Cupid should be washed, gutted and cut into neat pieces. We prepare the marinade by mixing tomato paste with sour cream, add spices and salt there and mix everything with the fish. We leave the shish kebab for several hours in a warm place, and then fry either on coals or in the oven in the "Grill" mode at a temperature of not more than 150 degrees.

White cupid how to cook

Now that the reader knows how to cookfish white Cupid is delicious and fast, it is worth mentioning that recently, more and more often you can hear the doctors' assurances about the benefits of this product and the harm of meat for the human body. Each of us decides for himself whether to listen to this opinion or not, but the fact that fish dishes are no less tasty than meat dishes is no longer necessary to anyone.

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