/ How to cook millet porridge in a multivariate?

How to cook millet porridge in a multivariate?

In olden days porridge of millet was a popular dish.It was eaten by kids and old people, getting from this "sunny" grain not only warmth, but also strength. Only after many centuries clever professors discovered that porridge has medicinal properties. It is also capable of removing bad radionuclides, while restoring the whole organism.

How it was

Earlier, porridge was always cooked in the oven, then therethe same "stole" in a large pot-bellied cauldron with thick walls. With the advent of a wide variety of saucepans, the love for millet cereal subsided a little. She did not work the way an old grandmother did in her childhood, no matter how hard the mistress tried. And so progress has come to the point that he offered modern multicommodity masters. Now we begin to recall the food from childhood and prepare them for the whole family. Today it's time to cook millet cereal in a multivark. Such a kitchen assistant will save all the useful vitamins, which are in millet grains. It is the millet that gives us this unique cereal - pyshenka.

Where to cook

Preparing to be millet porridge in the multivark "Redmond". If you have a device of another manufacturer, it's okay. Just in case of need, vary the recipe for your kitchen equipment.

With milk

Millet porridge in the multivark on milk is the most popular variation of the product. Therefore, we will not violate a useful tradition. Everyone knows that milk porridge - the most delicious.

A set of products that will be useful during the process:

  • 700 ml of milk.
  • Wheat cereal in dry form - 100 grams.
  • Creamy fragrant oil - 30 grams.
  • Sugar, in the amount of 4 tsp.
  • Salt - half a teaspoon.
Milk porridge

Preparation for the process

Having collected the required ingredients, it's time to start cooking this delicate mush:

  • The first thing you need to clean the rump completely.To do this, you need to fill it in a bowl and fill it with water. Small mote under the influence of water will rise above the cereal mass. Now the water must be drained and poured again. Ideally washed raisins will stop making water cloudy.
  • It's time to fill the multivark bowl with the main products. Pour the croup first.
  • Then pour salt and sugar and pour in milk.
  • Now you can put in a future porridge and a slice of creamy oil.

Secrets and Wisdom

With nuts and raisins

You need to set 40 minutes on the mode"Milk porridge." In the process of swelling and cooking products, do not forget to stir the millet porridge in the multivarker sometimes. If for some reason you think that the porridge wants to "run away", leaving the whole family without dinner, you can not close the lid of the multivark itself. Grease the sides of the side with butter for more confidence. When the multivark signal indicates the readiness of the dish, close the lid. After disconnecting the device from the power supply, allow the porridge to steam for about 10 minutes. While treating your family with this wonderful dish, when serving, decorate the dish with washed raisins or walnuts, you can add honey.

Dietary option

With pumpkin pyshenka

There are people who, for certain reasonsThe use of products containing dairy components is unacceptable. Therefore, millet porridge in a multivark on the water will be a useful dish for them. It will be a complementary touch to the dishes, in which there is meat and fish.

Food preparation set:

  • The most important product - wheat cereal - 20 grams.
  • Clean water in an amount of 600 ml.
  • Salt - according to your preference.
  • Vegetable oil - 4 tbsp.

We cook the millet porridge in the multivark step by step:

  • Thorough flushing of the cereal to extract from itnot only rubbish and small pebbles, but also to get rid of the bitterish unpleasant aftertaste. Such a taste often has a badly washed before cooking the pyshenka.
  • We pour oil into the multivark.
  • Now lay the cleanest millet.
  • Sdabrivaem salt to taste. If the amount of salt is still difficult to understand, add half a teaspoon.
  • Close the lid of the device, click on the "Milk porridge" or "Cereals" - that is in your model. The cooking time is 35 minutes.

After the sounded signal, the porridge must be immediately placed on the plates, not allowing it to steam.

Golden pumpkin

Food for porridge

We offer you a recipe for millet porridge with pumpkin in a multivark. Prepare the products:

  • Groats millet - 1 tbsp.
  • Pumpkin is wiped or cut into cubes. The average amount for this dish is 100 grams.
  • Milk - 3 glasses.
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. with a good slide, so it was more messy!
  • Salt - to taste or half a teaspoonful. for this amount of milk.
  • Butter is arbitrary. If you want more tasty, then do not spoil the porridge with oil. If you follow the diet, then an approximate amount of this ingredient will be 30-40 grams.
  • A set of dried fruits - if desired.


Look over the rump
  • Rinse croup, wash, changing water as needed. You can soak the millet in water for an hour, then the porridge becomes tastier and more useful.
  • Flesh of pre-prepared ripe pumpkin grate. Cells can be any, depending on your preferences.
  • Prepare a set of dried fruits.To do this, rinse them with water, pour boiling water and let them stay in this condition for at least an hour. After that, dried fruits should be rinsed again with cold running water to remove all the mote.
  • Pour the water out of the crockery. Put the croissant in the bowl of your multivark.
  • For cereals are: sugar, salt, pumpkin, part of butter.
  • The next step is to add milk to our products and gently mix all the resulting mixture.
  • We put the regime "Milk porridge" for half an hour.After the signal from the kitchen appliance, making it clear that the millet porridge in the multivarquet is perfectly ready, open the lid and add the rest of the butter to the bowl. Stir the porridge, spread the dried fruit over it and close it again. Try to work quickly, so that the steam does not have time to leave the bowels of the multivark.
  • While you convene your loved ones for a delicious cereal, she languishes in a multivariate, acquiring a flavor and taste worthy of the gods.

Recipe with mushrooms

Mushrooms like many, and they can be successfully added to the porridge from the pyshenki.

With mushrooms very tasty porridge

This simple recipe is intended for those who want to learn how to cook millet porridge in a multivark with the addition of mushrooms.

Prepare the products:

  • We will wash 300 grams of cereals.
  • Mushrooms - about 250 grams.
  • 2 onion bulbs.
  • Vegetable and butter to 50 grams.
  • 0.5 liters of water.
  • Salt - 1 tsp.

Again, we begin to prepare a delicious cereal:

  • Treat the groats, as in all previous versions.
  • Cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces.You can take fresh or frozen mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, as well as any edible mushrooms that you collected in nature. Only in the latter version, it may be necessary to clean the hats from a thin cover coat.
  • Cut the onions finely, but according to your aesthetic and taste preferences.
  • Pour into the multivachine bowl of vegetable oil and, warming it, cook mushrooms and onion for about 10 minutes in the "Frying" mode.
  • After acquiring a golden-tinted onion, you can spread it to him.
  • Turn off all the modes, stir foods andfill them with warm water. The fact is that from a sharp temperature drop the bowl of your favorite multivark can lose its non-stick property. Therefore, take care of the device.
  • Now you can click the "Kasha" button and wait,when after 40 minutes your kitchen assistant will report on the availability of the product. After a long-awaited pleasant sound, you can add creamy melted butter and mix the porridge in the multivark. If there is a desire and opportunity, sprinkle the dish with seasoning for mushrooms.

Such porridge should be put on the table in a company with boiled eggs, sour cream and meat products.

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