/ Snack on chips. 7 variants of the original filling with a photo

Snack on chips. 7 variants of the original filling with a photo

In this article we describe how the appetizer is preparedon chips. 7 variants of the original filling will be presented to your attention. Such snacks are sure to please children. Well, adults will be delighted with them. Also in the article you will find some more interesting dishes, which, perhaps, will interest you.

So, how is the snack on chips made? 7 options for the original filling how to cook? Now tell.


But first I would like to talk about howmaking crisps at home. After all, they will be much more useful than store. Chips are a favorite food for children. Therefore, you can cook homemade potato products. How to do it? We will now tell.

To make home-made chips, the photos of which are presented below, you will need the following ingredients:

• two large potatoes;

• two roots of parsnip (large);

• Ground white pepper;

• vegetable oil (six spoonfuls will be enough);

• salt.

snack on chips 7 variants of the original filling


1. We begin to describe the recipe for chips from the preparation of potatoes. It needs to be cleaned and cut. The thickness of the circles should be 0.3 mm. Then cut the parsnip. Cut it with very thin slices.

2. Then pour the vegetables with oil, shake so that it completely covers all the pieces. After salt and pepper the dish.

3. Put one piece of vegetable slices on a baking sheet. Send the sheet to the preheated oven for fifteen minutes.

4. Next, take out the baking tray from the oven, season the vegetables again.

5. Serve chips, a recipe with photos of which is presented in the article, with sour cream or sauce.

6. Also these products can be filled with some delicious filling. This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Now we describe how snacks are made on chips. 7 variants of the original filling will be considered below.

With crab sticks and caviar

To prepare such a snack with filling it will be required:

• two eggs;

• 120 grams of crab sticks;

• 75 grams of canned corn and as many fresh cucumbers;

• salt;

• mayonnaise;

• greenery;

• Red caviar (for decoration).

Chips pictures

How to cook

1. First, boil until the egg is ready. Then load them for a couple of minutes in a cold, or even better - in ice water. After clean.

2. Crab sticks clean, cut.

3. Cucumber, too, grind.

4. Drain the corn water.

5. After the eggs have cooled, cut them into small cubes.

6. Then put all the ingredients in a bowl, season with mayonnaise. To taste, add salt, mix.

recipe for chips
7. Next, select the beautiful chips (without damage, of course), fill them with stuffing. From the top of the received products decorate with leaves, caviar.

Cheese appetizer

Another option is a snack with a filling. For cooking, the following set of products will be needed:

• chips;

• two cloves of garlic;

• mayonnaise;

• greenery;

• 250 grams of cheese (fused or hard).

Chips Prescription with Photo

Cooking process

1. Prepare the filling in a few minutes. First, grate the cheese. Mix with garlic and minced greens.

2. Next, lay the filling on the beautiful chips. Then decorate with greens.

Cheese with tomatoes

One more snack option. For preparation, take:

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 300 grams of fresh tomatoes;

• mayonnaise;

• chips;

• 120 grams of cheese (solid);

• salt;

• greenery.

 salad with chips photo

The process of creating a snack

1. Prepare it quickly. First, wash the tomatoes, dry them, cut them into small cubes. Place for a short while in the colander, in order to stack the juice.

2. Rub on the medium grater cheese.

3. Squeeze the garlic through the press.

4. Cut the greens finely.

5. Next, combine all the ingredients with tomatoes, add mayonnaise and salt. Stir thoroughly.

6. Then prepare the beautiful chips. Next, put a little stuffing. Garnish with greenery.

Snack with Korean carrots

The following ingredients are required for preparation:

• chips;

• 85 grams of hard cheese;

• greenery;

• 120 grams of Korean carrots;

• mayonnaise;

• 140 grams of smoked sausage.


1. Cut the sausage, chop the grated cheese.

2. Mix the ingredients with carrots. Season all with mayonnaise. Stir.

3. Fill in the received mass with chips. Garnish with greenery.

Snack with shrimps

For preparation, take:

• chips;

• 150 grams of hard cheese;

• fresh herbs;

• 400 grams of shrimp;

• salt;

• mayonnaise.

salad with chips recipe with photo


1. Prepare the shrimp. Boil, brush.

2. Cut the shrimps into a bowl.

3. Grate the cheese, add to the shrimp.

4. Season with mayonnaise.

5. Fill the resulting chips with chips.

Appetizer "Treasure Island" with crab sticks

For preparation it will be required:

• 50 grams of red caviar;

• chips;

• 220 grams of crab sticks;

• 120 grams of cheese (solid)

• mayonnaise;

• Fresh greens.


1. Crab sticks clean, cut, mix with grated cheese.

2. Then season with mayonnaise, stir. Put the stuffing on the chips. Decorate the appetizer with herbs and caviar.

Cheese with salmon

For cooking, you will need:

• chips;

• 300 grams of salmon (salted);

• mayonnaise;

• olives;

• 130 grams of hard cheese;

• greenery.


1. Finely chop the salmon, greens.

2. Grind the cheese on the grater.

3. Stir ingredients, add mayonnaise. Mix again.

4. Next, lay out the mass on the beautifully shaped chips. Garnish with halves of olives.

Now you know how easy and easy it is to preparesnack on chips, 7 variants of the original filling we reviewed. Now we will describe the stages of cooking two dishes, which also include all your favorite crispy potato products.


Such products will please those who like exotic dishes. A snack for a party or a bachelorette party will do.

For cooking, you will need:

• two chicken fillets;

• half an avocado;

• 4 tbsp. l. tomato paste;

• chips

• 3 tbsp. l. sour cream;

• greenery;

• 200 grams of hard cheese;

• Spices;

• two tbsp. l. lemon juice;

• 150 ml of water.

Cooking canapes

1. Dilute the paste with water, bring to a boil over medium heat.

2. Then add the spices, mix.

3. Then in the sauce lay the cooked and cut fillets in advance.

4. Stew under the lid until the sauce is boiled.

5. Place the chips on the baking sheet covered with foil. Put a piece of grated cheese on each piece.

6. Then spread the mixture from the pan.

7. Leave to dry in the oven for fifteen minutes. At the same time, the cheese should melt.

8. At this time, make the sauce. Blender to a uniformity avocado, lemon juice, sour cream and greens. Add the spices.

9. After the cooled products put a teaspoon of green sauce.

Salad with chips. Recipe with a photo

Such a crisp salad can be cooked very quickly.

salad with chips recipe with photo

This will require:

• chips with bacon;

• a can of corn;

• one onion;

• four eggs;

• mayonnaise.

Preparation of salad with chips:

1. Cook the eggs, cool, cut into small pieces.

2. Grind the onion.

3. Crumble finely the chips.

4. Add corn, eggs, onions. Fill the salad with chips, the photo of which is presented in the article. Stir the dish. Sprinkle the top with crumbled chips. After serve to the table.


Now you know how to prepare a snack on chips.7 variants of the original filling, which are presented in the review, will interest many housewives. We hope that you will be able to cook these products at home.

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