/ How to make a custard pie?

How to make a custard pie?

Did you ever think thatCustard can be used not only for cooking eclairs and a variety of cakes? It can be a great filling for a cake. In addition, after baking in the oven, the cream acquires a dense consistency, so it is easy to cut such baking. We suggest today to find out how to make a custard pie. Recipes presented in the article are quite simple and accessible to any hostess. So be sure to try to surprise your household members and guests with a similar dessert. It is possible that this dish will soon become your favorite.


Pie with custard: step-by-step recipe based on shortcake

We bring to your attention simple in executionoption of cooking dessert. In the original recipe, it is proposed to add not only custard, but also bananas to the filling of the pie. However, you can completely do without fruits or replace them with something else.


So, let's consider what products we will needfor the preparation of this original dessert. We will make the dough from a glass of flour, a quarter of a glass of sugar, one egg, one hundred grams of butter, a pinch of salt, a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and a bag of vanillin. The custard will be prepared from three eggs, two thirds of a glass of sugar, two glasses of milk or cream and three tablespoons of flour. The recipe also offers the use for filling two bananas.

pie with custard recipe


So, let's start by preparingshort pastry. To do this, pour out the flour on the work surface and lay out a piece of cold butter. The oil must be finely chopped. Then thoroughly mix it with flour. To the received crumb we add salt, sugar, an egg, a lemon juice. Stir all the ingredients and make a ball out of the dough. Then roll it about the diameter of your baking dish. The thickness of the reservoir should be on average 2-4 mm. We spread the dough into a mold, remove the extra edges and weak the bottom with a fork. Cover it with bakery paper or foil, and from above we add a load (beans, peas, chickpeas, etc.). This is done so that the base for the pie does not rise during baking. Next, send the form with the test for a quarter of an hour in a preheated oven to 180 degrees.

Egyptian pie with custard

Cooking cream

Now we will fill our dessert.We break eggs into a bowl, fall asleep sugar and vanillin. Stir with a corolla. Now add the flour. We mix again until the lumps disperse. Separately, we heat the milk and pour it into the egg-flour mass. Stirring. We pour the mass into a small saucepan and put it on a weak fire. Cook the cream to a density, do not forget to constantly stir it with a whisk so that it does not burn. Then put the part into a ready-made pie form. Top with sliced ​​bananas. Next, pour out the remaining custard. Again, send the cake to the oven, increasing the temperature to 200 degrees. Bake our dessert will be on the order of 20-25 minutes. Then the pie with the custard should be completely cooled. After that, it can be cut into pieces and served to the table. By the way, the dessert will be even tastier if several hours stand in the refrigerator.

Egyptian pie with custard: recipe

We bring to your attention one more stunningdessert. This cake is called fytyr. Many mistresses who tried to cook it, say that such success rarely uses their other pastries. Egyptian pie has not only amazing taste, but also consistency: the combination of crispy crust and delicate filling does not leave anyone indifferent!

cake pie step by step recipe

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So, we'll find out what ingredients we needfor making this amazing dessert. For the test, you need the following products: three glasses of flour, an egg, a glass of milk, half a teaspoon of dry yeast, a pinch of salt, 150 grams of butter. We will cook the custard from the egg, two glasses of milk, a bag of vanillin, a glass of sugar and three tablespoons of starch.

Egyptian pie with custard recipe

Create a culinary masterpiece

First we'll do the test.Milk is slightly warmed and mixed with yeast. Add sugar and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that add the salt and egg to the mass. We start to introduce flour, sifting it. Knead the dough. We transfer it to the flour-poured working surface. We knead the dough with your hands. It should turn out to be steep and not sticky. We cut it into two parts and each one of them is rolled out thinly. This can be difficult, however, make sure that the dough does not tear. Pre-softened butter, we smear the layer. After that, turn it into a roll, and then bend it into a cochlea. We do the same procedure with the second layer of the test. We chop off the resulting snails into separate packages and send them to the refrigerator for several hours.

Now you can do cooking custardcream. To do this, connect the egg, vanillin, sugar, starch and half a cup of milk. Mix the mass until uniform. The rest of the milk is heated, not boiling. We pour it into the egg-sugar mass and whisk thoroughly with the help of whiskers, until all the lumps disperse. Now we send the cream on the stove, turn on a small fire and, continuously stirring, cook until thick. This will take you a few minutes.

After 2-3 hours we get out of the refrigeratorour dough in the form of snails. During this time, it should go a little apart and increase in size. Now you need to roll each snail into a circle. The second one may be a bit larger than the first one, since we will use it as the top of the pie. We change the smaller circle in the form for baking. We level and build the sides. We spread the stuffing from the custard. We cover the cake with the second layer from above. Several times, pierce with a fork and cover with egg yolk. We send our Egyptian pie with custard for half an hour in the oven. It should be baked at a temperature of 200 degrees. After this, the dessert must be completely cooled down. However, some housewives claim that such a pie is very tasty and in a warm form. Whatever it was, we recommend that you use this recipe and please yourself and your family with original pastries! Bon Appetit!

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