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Vodka "Khortytsya" - a product with a worldwide reputation

In the Russian market, the Ukrainian alcoholic market occupies a considerable niche. One of its brightest representatives is vodka "Khortytsya".

A bit of history

vodka hortica

Khortytsya is a picturesque island on the Dnieper,which Ukrainians consider their national miracle. Perhaps, that's why it was the name chosen for this distillery located in Zaporozhye. Built in 2003, it quickly began to gain momentum, and two years later doubled the output of products. The rich assortment is widely represented by bitter tinctures, liqueurs and various liqueurs. However, the central place still takes vodka "Khortytsya", named after the plant itself, which glorified the native enterprise to the whole world. Now it is known not only in the homeland of the ancient Cossacks, but also far beyond its borders.

Vodka "Khortytsya" quickly became verya popular product, and by 2007 its implementation accounted for one third of the entire Ukrainian alcohol market. Moreover, now it is one of the top ten leading producers of vodka in the world. In 2010, this drink even received the main award at the exhibition for its excellent quality. Such a long time it was not possible to reach any Ukrainian brand.

Technology Secrets

Some believe that it is not difficult to produce vodka.You just have to go through all the stages and observe the necessary regimes. Vodka "Khortytsya" is able to radically change this opinion. Of course, for the management of the enterprise, both modern equipment and advanced technology are important. In addition, the plant has implemented a comprehensive production management system since 2004, which allowed to complete the process of interaction of all sites. To some extent, this affected the fact that the plant's products were recognized as the most protected from all kinds of fakes. But the basic factor still remains raw materials: high-quality luxury alcohol, produced exclusively from selected grain, and clean water, which is extracted from an artesian well and additionally undergoes a unique cleaning.

To expand the range in some varietiesadded flavored alcohols. But they are all cooked in a natural way, without the use of artificial chemicals.

The price of pleasure

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In recent years, Russian shops havepopular is the vodka "Khortytsya". The price for a bottle depends on the volume of the container and the name of the specific product. Everything is taken into account here. For the most complete satisfaction of customers' needs, bottles of 0.2, 0.5, 0.7 and 1 liter capacity are on sale. The price varies from 150 to 700 rubles depending on the assortment. There are non-standard packages of 1.75 liters, which are already about 1800 rubles. The plant produces its products both independently and with the help of the well-known company Global Spirits. These are two main distributors that saturate the world market with unique Ukrainian products of the highest quality. Holding Global Spirits has connections with trading enterprises on all continents. This makes it possible in every corner of the world for drinkers to buy good quality-assured products at a reasonable price.

Customer Reviews

Vodka Hortica Reviews

Today, on the shelves of virtually every majorthe store meets the famous vodka "Khortytsya". Product Reviews are mostly positive. But there are still skeptics who question certain points. It is known that the Khortytsa plant uses special structured water to produce its vodka. As a result, the finished product acquires two important qualities:

1) It is easier to drink.The balanced arrangement of water molecules after treatment provides an ideal connection with alcohol. It turns out a liquid that does not give negative sensations during its use.

2) The drink itself neutralizes the harmful effect on the body of ethyl alcohol. In this case, we mean a hangover. It is practically absent.

All these qualities of the famous Ukrainian vodka,as they say, is obvious. But people often go see confirmation on paper. Although even a sip of this legendary drink can serve as a complete confirmation of everything that is said about it.

Exclusive goods

vodka hortica platinum

Recently vodka comes on sale"Khortitsa Platinum". This drink is considered to be a new stage in the history of alcohol production. Here, a unique technology based on the unique properties of amber is applied. The product belongs to the classical type and goes on sale in a container of five kinds of capacity: 0.2, 0.375, 0.5, 0.7, and also 1 liter. Such a variety is completely justified, because the company's marketing service always diligently monitors the desires of customers and their preferences. The new product is very interesting in composition. In addition to alcohol and water, sweet sugar syrup also enters it. This makes the taste softer and more pleasant. In addition, the negative effects of the vodka smell are smoothed out. In general, the product has turned out beyond praise, as the frank feedback of grateful consumers say. And its price for sale ranges from 330 to 370 rubles for a half-liter bottle. For excellent quality it's quite inexpensive.

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