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Classic Tartar sauce: recipe, recommendations and reviews

How is the famous Tartar classic sauce made? The recipe with a step-by-step description of this filling will be presented to your attention below.

classic tartar sauce recipe

General information

What is a classic Tartar sauce?According to the statements of experienced culinary experts, this is a cold pouring of French cuisine. It is made from a boiled (hard-boiled) yolk, as well as fresh green onions and vegetable oil. Served with a sauce for seafood and fish dishes, cold fries and roast beef.

There are several options for preparing the fill. However, most housewives prefer to use the classic option.

Tartar sauce: recipe

At home (how to prepare this fill,we will tell right now) this sauce is obtained no worse than what is served in cafes and restaurants. Therefore, many housewives very often prepare it before a festive dinner.

What ingredients should you stock up to make classic Tartar sauce? The recipe for this filling requires the acquisition of:

  • vegetable oil without flavor - about 120 ml;
  • eggs of fresh chicken - 1 piece;
  • yolk, boiled hard-boiled - 2 pcs .;
  • olives without pits - about 6 pcs .;
  • capers - about 5 pcs .;
  • pickled gherkins - 3 pcs .;
  • garlic lobules - 1 piece;
  • mustard Dijon - 5 small spoons;
  • lemon juice - from 1 half;
  • salt, ground pepper - add to your liking.
    sauce tartare recipe

Cooking process

Where to start to prepare a classictartar sauce"? The recipe of the pouring required requires the use of a convenient high glass with a lid or a half-liter jar. One chicken egg is broken into it, and also moist mustard is added. Mixing the ingredients, they are also chopped pre-boiled egg yolks. In addition, vegetable oil is added to the resulting mixture.

Once all the main ingredients are in the dishes, the blender is immersed in it and whipped until it converts into a homogeneous emulsion and does not thicken properly.

The final stage

How is the classic Tartar sauce prepared?The recipe for cold pouring requires adding lemon juice to the resulting thickened mass. This is done in the last place. Also, in the ready-made sauce lay the chopped capers, cornichons, olives and cloves of garlic. Repeating all the ingredients with a submerged blender, they achieve its complete homogeneity. Also, pepper and salt are added to the finished emulsion.

How to bring to the table?

Now you know how to do the classichome sauce "Tartar" with pickled cucumbers. Serve ready to fill the table only in a cold form. It is filled with fish, seafood or fried pieces of meat.

tartar sauce classic recipe with step-by-step description

In the event that the classic Tartar sauce,the recipe of which was described above, was not eaten immediately, it is recommended to store it in a tightly closed container in a refrigerator. The shelf life of this fill is not more than one week.

Other preparation option

Classic sauce "Tartar", the recipe of whichevery housewife should know, is a very tasty and thick filling. However, for its proper preparation you will need special culinary skills. Therefore, many novice cooks use a more simplified recipe for this sauce.

Tartar is based on mayonnaise - it is a fill, which is prepared very easily and simply. To make it at home, we will need the following products:

  • mayonnaise high-calorific thick - about 150 g;
  • salted cucumbers home or purchased in the store - about 30 g;
  • capers and fresh green onion crushed - 1 large spoon;
  • lemon juice - about 2 large spoons;
  • Ground pepper and ordinary salt - apply to your liking.

Preparing Components

Before preparing a cold fill,process all components. First, prepare the pickled cucumbers. They are thoroughly washed, after which the navels are cut off and very finely shredded with an ordinary knife. Also, fresh spring onions and capers are cut separately.

sauce tartare recipe at home how to cook

Cooking method

Unlike the classical sauce, tartar based on mayonnaise is made much faster. Moreover, for its preparation it is not required to purchase a large number of different products.

Once the pickled cucumbers, capers and green onionswill be strongly crushed, they are laid out in a common dish and poured with thick mayonnaise. In this form, the components are covered with a lid and sent to the refrigerator for about half an hour.

After the specified time, the ingredientsadd lemon juice, as well as salt and black pepper. To obtain a homogeneous and thick emulsion, all components are vigorously beaten by means of a blender or a hand-wound coronet.

Feed to the table

As in the previous recipe, Tartar sauce onbased on the mayonnaise is very dense and fragrant. Having achieved homogeneity of the mass, it is immediately presented to the table along with fish, meat or seafood. If such a filling was prepared in advance, then it is spread into a container with a lid and sent to a refrigerator. Keep the home sauce "Tartar" thus follows no more than 7 days in a row.

classic tartar sauce

Recommendations and feedback

According to the culinary reviews, Tartar sauce isvery tasty and fragrant filling, which can give an exquisite taste to absolutely any dish. If you are a long-time fan of this mass, then for sure you will be interested in its features:

  • Worldwide considered sauce considerFrench. However, many cooks say that the origin of this filling is completely different. In their opinion, the inventors of the emulsion "Tartar" are Tatars. This conclusion was made because of the unusual name of the sauce.
  • The described pouring recipes with garlic and cucumbervery often used as a fragrant supplement to cold fries, as well as dishes from poultry. Although in France such an emulsion is supplied exclusively to fish and seafood.
  • In the Tartar sauce you can add absolutely different vegetables, as well as fresh and dried herbs.
  • The main feature of this filling is that, in spite of a homogeneous and very delicate texture, it necessarily feels pieces of finely chopped vegetables and greens.
  • Optimum shelf life of home sauce - 2days (in a cold store). If the finished mass is placed in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, then it can be suitable for food for one week.
    classic homemade tartar sauce with pickled cucumbers

At present, you can buy Tartar saucepractically in any store. However, pouring made at home, is much more intense and piquant to his factory colleague. Therefore, its recipe should always be written in its cookbook, and if necessary - use.

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