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Classic crab salad: a recipe for a delicious dish for everyday life and holidays

classic crab salad recipe
Crab meat is a delicacy, worthquite expensive and freshly sold not everywhere. Alternatively, you can buy a canned product, or completely replace it with cheaper and known all crab sticks. Of course, they are made not from delicatessen meat, but with the use of fish fillets and flavors. Nevertheless, the taste of the dishes, in which a substitute is added, still turns out to be tender and fragrant. Let's look at how to prepare a classic crab salad. The recipe and its variants you will find in our article. This dish, along with olivier and herring under a fur coat, is very popular with Russian housewives, especially its children love. Therefore, stock up on the necessary ingredients and get down to business.

Classic Crab Salad: Recipe with Corn and Rice

For him you will need:

  • 250 g crab sticks (this is just one package);
  • half a cup of cooked rice;
  • 2 eggs that need to be boiled hard;
  • 2 fresh green cucumbers of medium size;
  • 1 can of any canned corn;
  • green onions, mayonnaise, spices to taste.

crab salad recipe classic
Crab sticks cut into cubes, the samedo with eggs, peel cucumbers and lightly crumble. Pour out the corn from the corn. And now mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add the chopped green onion, sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can mix it thoroughly again. This classic crab salad, the recipe of which is so simple, will be an excellent appetizer for the festive table, including the New Year's Eve, and also perfectly complement the lunch or dinner. Of course, the sticks can be replaced with real boiled crab meat, and the salad is decorated with red caviar, but this option can not be considered everyday - both of these ingredients are quite expensive. However, if you have fresh or canned sea meat, you can take advantage of the cooking option that we offer below.

Classic crab salad: a recipe with natural meat and vegetables

For a delicious meal you will need:

  • 150 g of canned crab meat;
  • 2 potatoes to be boiled;
  • 1 fresh cucumber;
  • a pair of broccoli inflorescences;
  • a little canned corn;
  • leaves of green salad;
  • a little vegetable oil and lemon juice for refueling, and also spices - salt and pepper.

classic crab salad
A classic salad of crabs in this caseprepared very simply: cut the meat into slices, cucumber and potatoes with neat circles, boil the cabbage and divide into inflorescences. Then, lay the bottom of a large plate or a flat salad bowl with lettuce leaves, place crab meat on top, and gently lay out the vegetables - potatoes, cabbage, corn and cucumbers. Sprinkle them with vegetable oil, to taste you can salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients do not need. Such an unusual serving will be an excellent decoration for your table. Crab salad, a classic recipe - both with corn and rice, and with vegetables - will certainly be to the taste of guests and your family. Be sure to try to prepare it for dinner or for the upcoming New Year celebrations.

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