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Features and Benefits of Puera

Many true connoisseurs of tea prefer to drinkpuers, which are a drink that is fermented during production. For many centuries, Puer has been used in China. In recent years, the number of admirers of this unusual drink in Russia has increased significantly. At attractive prices, different varieties of unique Chinese tea can be purchased from the online store Teadepot.

Features and Benefits of Puera

For the production of this type of tea is usedleaves that are harvested from shrubs growing in mountainous regions of China. At the tea factory, the leaves wither, twist, ferment, dry and press. As a result, tea is produced, which, like good cognac, improves its taste qualities over the years. Puer is most often pressed and sold in the form of a flat cake, pancake, bowl, briquette or some other form. There is also a weight tea of ​​this kind.

All varieties of Puerh are divided into two categories:Shen and Shu. They differ among themselves features of manufacturing technology. Shen Puer is a "raw", unprocessed tea. By its properties, it is close to green tea. Shu Puer - "mature", processed tea. This drink is closer in properties to black tea. Puerhas have a delicate scent, a delicate aroma and an incomparable aftertaste. This kind of tea is appreciated and its healing properties.

Puer, which the Chinese call a remedy for all diseases, with regular use helps:

  • give strength and energy to the body;
  • clean vessels and normalize blood pressure;
  • to fight with malignant cells;
  • improve the work of the stomach and intestines;
  • to eliminate headaches;
  • reduce weight;
  • restore youth to the skin.

Studies conducted in different countries,allowed to establish that Puer neutralizes the negative effects of nicotine. This drink is also able to eliminate hangover syndrome. Puer tones up the body, it is recommended to drink it in the mornings and throughout the day. Experts advise drinking daily 3-5 cups of this tea, which contains a lot of vitamins, microorganisms and nutrients.

Why buy pueras in the Teadepot store

Our online store specializes in selling Chinese tea from reliable manufacturers. We guarantee to buyers:

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You can order any Puer brand right now. Drink healthy Chinese tea and take care of your health!

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