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Delicate cheese cake for pasties: cooking recipes

Cottage cheese pastry for pies in its texture andtaste qualities like yeast, some other cooks call it "false-fat". Only this dough is prepared much quicker and turns out to be very gentle, light and fragrant. So let us proceed.

curd pastry
Pirozhki curd with apple

For the test:

- cottage cheese 200 g;

- three eggs;

- sour cream 40 g;

- two glasses of flour;

- a small spoonful of soda (non-payment);

- salt.

For filling:

- apples 5 pcs .;

- cinnamon to taste;

- sugar.

Prepare the cottage cheese dough for pies: mix sour cream with cottage cheese well. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and salt - add to the cottage cheese and sour cream mass.

To make the dough airy and soft, floursift with soda and mix with the rest of the ingredients - cover with a towel and leave in the refrigerator for half an hour. It is important when kneading the dough not to knead it for a very long time, because after roasting the baking will become dense.

Filling: apples cut into cubes (as you like), sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon. So that they do not darken, they can be sprinkled with lemon juice.

From the test, make small circles, roll out,We spread apples with cinnamon on top of each billet - we form in the form of vareniki. And you can immediately fry in vegetable oil. To fry it is necessary on average fire that apples had time to soften.

pies cottage cheese
Cottage cheese dough for pasties in ready-made form - stunningly tasty and low-fat. Such pies can not only be fried, but also baked - turns less calories. Try it, you will be satisfied!

Baked patty cakes

Dough products:

- cottage cheese 200-250 g;

- flour 3 cups;

- a pack of butter;

- two eggs;

- sugar, salt and soda on a teaspoon.


- two hundred grams of cottage cheese;

- egg;

- peel of one lemon;

- sugar, vanillin;

- raisins or poppy seeds if desired - 100 gr. (you can add fresh and canned berries, nuts, coconut shavings).

Preparation: Mix sugar and butter (softened) with a mixer. Then add the eggs to the butter mass and again beat well until a thick, uniform and magnificent consistency.

Cottage cheese mash with a fork and mix in a creamy mass. Then we stir the sifted flour with soda, salt and carefully stir. The dough should be left for thirty minutes in the refrigerator.

While our sand-curd dough for pies is cooled, we will prepare the products for the filling in this period of time.

Rinse the lemon and rub the zest.Dried fruits are filled with boiling water and let stand for several minutes. Cottage cheese, egg, vanillin and sugar whisk in a blender until creamy, add lemon peel and dried fruits (very tasty with berries).

We take out the cooled dough and cut it into 15 equal pieces. Roll the pieces into small cakes and spread the curd filling - we patch the edges, sprinkle with flour.

cakes from curd pastry
The form for baking is lined with parchment,grease with vegetable oil and spread the patties a little apart from each other. To form a ruddy crust, we smear the buns with a beaten egg - let's bake for 15 minutes.

Try yourself to cook these fragrant and low-calorie rolls, and you will never want to buy them in the store. Ruddy, with heat and heat, pies will be an excellent dessert for tea.

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