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Perlovka with mushrooms in the multivariate: the best recipes

Unfortunately, many of us underestimate the pearl barley.However, in this crop, which is a thoroughly purified barley grain, contains a large number of vitamins. Young housewives do not cook this mess not only because they do not like its taste, but also because of the length of the process. After reading today's article, you will learn how to cook a pearl barley with mushrooms in a multivark without spending too much time on it.

Option one: list of components

It should be noted that porridge cooked onGiven a recipe, it turns out very fragrant and friable. That appeared on your desk satisfying and useful barley with mushrooms in multivarka, should take care of the purchase of all necessary components. At your disposal should be:

  • 350 grams of mushrooms.
  • A glass of cereals.
  • 150 grams of fresh spinach.
  • Two glasses of water or vegetable broth.
  • Four sweet Bulgarian peppers.
  • One large onion.

pearl barley with mushrooms in the multivark

To your relatives could appreciate the taste of the prepared dish, the above list is recommended to supplement with two tablespoons of soy sauce and three cloves of garlic.

Process description

To make you really crumblyand a useful pearl bar in the multivark, the recipes of which you will learn from today's publication, you should strictly follow the above proportions of ingredients. First you need to do vegetables. They are thoroughly washed in cold water and ground. Mushrooms cut into small pieces, Bulgarian pepper - straw, and onion - cubes. Then the last component is sent to the bowl of multivarkers with a small amount of quality vegetable oil and activate the "Frying" mode. When the onion becomes transparent, mushrooms are added to it.

pearl bar in multivark recipes

After ten minutes, after it evaporatesextra liquid, to the fried vegetables send the Bulgarian pepper and cook until soft. Then all this is put into a clean bowl and, without rinsing the bowl of the device, add the prepared cereal into it, fill it with water or broth and set the "Kasha" regime.

When the pearl barley with mushrooms in the multivarquet will bealmost ready, it is combined with a roast, carefully mixed and stewed for forty minutes. This time is enough for the groats to soften. In the cooked dish add soy sauce and chopped spinach leaves.

Option two: a set of ingredients

This dish is interesting because in its compositionthere is pork. In order for you to get a nourishing and friable barley in the multivark (the recipes of this porridge will be discussed in this article), you should go to the store in advance and stock up all the required components. Before starting the process, make sure that your kitchen has:

  • Two glasses of cereals.
  • Half a pork of flesh.
  • 300 grams of champignons.
  • Liter of filtered water.

pearl barley with mushrooms and onions in a multi-

In addition, you will need a pinch of hops-suneli, salt, pepper, one carrot and a bulb.

Technology of preparation

That at you it has turned out fragrant and nutritiouspearl barley with mushrooms in a multivark, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the recommended algorithm of actions. You should start with vegetables first. They are washed, peeled and crushed. Onion is shredded with thin half rings, carrots are processed with a grater, champignons cut into cubes.

In a bowl multivarka pour a little vegetablebutter, send there pieces of pork and activate the "Hot" mode. After a quarter of an hour, carrots, onions, salt and spices are added to the meat. All mix well and cook for five minutes. Then mushrooms are sent to the device.

how to cook a pearl barley with mushrooms in a multivark

Ten minutes later, meat and vegetables are addedpre-rinsed croup, water and salt, cover with a lid and cooked in the "Plov" mode. After about an hour, a pearl barley with mushrooms and onions in a multivark is served to the table.

Option Three

This is a very simple recipe that does not require the presence ofexotic products. It is good that even an inexperienced cook is able to cope with it without problems. To prepare such a crumbly and satisfying porridge in your kitchen should be:

  • Two glasses of cereals.
  • 700 grams of fresh mushrooms.
  • One large onion bulb.
  • Five glasses of water.
  • Salt.

First you need to do the groats.It is thoroughly washed, repeatedly changing the water. Pre-prepared and brushed mushrooms cut into large pieces, and onions - a small cube. The last component is fried in the bowl of the multivark for five minutes. After the onion has acquired a golden hue, mushrooms are added to it. After ten minutes, the vegetables are transferred to a clean bowl.

In the multivark are sent pearl barley, salt and water,activate the "cereal" and cook for half an hour. Thirty minutes later, the contents of the device are thrown back to the colander and, after waiting for the excess fluid to drain, is returned back. To the almost cooked croup add the onion-mushroom fry and activate the "Quenching" mode. Forty minutes later, a pearl barley with mushrooms, cooked in a multivarquet, is completely ready for use.

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