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Cocktail "Screwdriver": history, composition, recipes

Cocktail "Screwdriver" has gained popularitythanks to its original name, rich history, as well as pleasant taste. The drink is recognized by the International Bar Association and, according to the classification, is classified as "Unforgettable".

History of the drink

According to one of the versions, the first mention ofcocktail "Screwdriver" appeared in the magazine "Time" in the late 40-ies of the XX century. The article dealt with the relationship between engineers from the United States of America and agents from Turkey or Saudi Arabia. The publication also mentioned this cocktail.

In the Arab state, Americans conductedwork on the search for oil deposits. On the territory of the United States by that time, the "Dry Law" was abolished, and the people of Saudi Arabia, honoring Sharia law, in contrast, strictly abolished alcohol. To somehow get out of this situation and relax after a hard day's work, the engineering workers came to the fact that you can mask the alcoholic beverage for non-alcoholic orange juice. Oilmen painted the vodka with juice, which completely drowned the taste of alcohol, stirring the drink with a screwdriver. Which was the reason for the unusual name of the cocktail.

In addition, there is another versionthe emergence of the cocktail "Screwdriver". Proceeding from it, the name "Screwdriver" (English Screwdriver) was due to the combination of two well-known terms used by bartenders: "screw" (orange juice) and "driver" (vodka). According to this variant there is also a possible author of the creation of the drink, which was called John Martin. The man was engaged in distribution in America of vodka "Smirnoff" and the packaged orange juice from Florida.


Despite the fact that a reliable versionthe emergence of the cocktail "Screwdriver" is not known, since the 70s of the last century the drink has become the leader among orders in bars. At home, it began to be prepared almost entirely. In addition, since the 90's, the drink has become so popular that the "Screwdriver" began to be manufactured by an industrial method, packaging in tin cans.

Composition of the cocktail "Screwdriver"

According to the recipe of the International Associationbartenders, the cocktail is prepared quite simply. It consists of 50 ml of vodka, as well as 100 ml of orange juice. Give the "Screwdriver" without special frills, using highballs or collins for this purpose.

Decorate the drink with an orange slice, a cocktailcherry or bar decoration. Drink it, usually with a straw. In some bars the cocktail is decorated with a delicate sugar edge, which is achieved by wetting the edges of the glass with a slice of ice, after which the glass is placed upside down on a plate with sugar.

Varieties of the drink

In addition to the usual "Screwdrivers", there are other recipes for preparing a cocktail with other ingredients. Some of them:

  • in the grapefruit cocktail the main difference is the use of juice - orange is replaced with grapefruit;
  • black "Screwdriver" - in a drink instead of the usual clear alcohol add black British vodka;
  • in "Buravchik" instead of orange juice is added lime, and vodka is replaced by gin.;
  • Cuban cocktail "Screwdriver" - 3: 1 proportions, mix orange juice and Cuban rum;
  • the sound cocktail is created by mixing in equal proportions of vodka, bright blue liquor "Blue Curacao", and also orange juice.

Any of the above cocktails are preparedsimple and easy. To enjoy the "Screwdriver" is not necessary to go to a bar and order it from a professional bartender. It is enough to use the proven recipe described in this article, and you can start preparing a cocktail at home.

ready-made cocktail

Cocktail "Screwdriver": recipe

Thanks to the simple cooking recipe andan unusual taste of cocktail is still popular with young regulars clubs, as well as lovers of light alcoholic drinks and pushes into the background even more clever and aristocratic drinks.

To prepare the following ingredients:

  • vodka - 50 g;
  • ice - 2 dice;
  • orange juice - 85 g;
  • orange - 1 slice;
  • wineglass.

Practical part

Start the process of preparation of the drink withfilling the glass with ice cubes. In addition, to cool the glass, as an alternative, you can use a freezer. In this case, ice will not be needed. Then add the vodka and orange juice. All this is stirred and beautifully decorated with a slice of lemon or orange.


The drink is also remarkable because it canPrepare in advance in the required quantities. During the solemn event it will be necessary to combine vodka and orange juice in the required proportions and for a while to place the vessel with a cocktail in the refrigerator. When invited at the appointed time, the "Screwdriver" can be simply poured over ice-cooled glasses and decorated with orange or lime slices.

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