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How to replenish the Yandex money account, as well as registration, withdrawal and transfer

Before you get yourself a Yandex purse,It is necessary to register in this system, one of the largest Internet companies of the Russian network, offering its users a huge number of different services.

how to replenish your Yandex money account

The first step of registration requires the introduction of yourData such as name, surname and login in the system. Step two - entering the password and confirming it, creating a test question and responding to it. After entering, do not forget to put a "tick" indicating that you accept the user agreement.

So, having registered in the system, go to the menu tab on the item "Creating a Yandex account". To create a Yandex-purse, enter the following fields in the boxes:

  • payment password;
  • code number;
  • e-mail;
  • the day of his birth.

After you receive a message stating thatregistration of the wallet was successful, you will need to go to the "Start using Yandex-money" tab. Now you will learn how to replenish the Yandex money account, how to withdraw money and pay bills, issue a bank card of this payment system, or bind an existing one.

How to replenish the Yandex money account

You can perform this operation:

  • with the help of a bank card;
  • In cash;
  • e-currency;
  • prepaid cards.

In order to learn how to replenish the Yandex money account, you must select the appropriate item in the menu. Then, following the link, just follow the instructions.

Yandex money

How to withdraw funds

Users of the system are worried about the issue not only about how to replenish the Yandex money account, but also how to remove them from there. There are several ways:

  • Transfer to your bank card.
  • To the bank account.
  • Through the translation system.
  • Withdrawal via ATM.

For instant withdrawal of funds, you must use the issued bank card from Yandex-money or bind to the account cards of such banks as Alfa-Bank and Bank Otkrytie.

In order to be able to withdraw cash from the Yandex card, go through verification to verify your identity.

Identification can be made in the following ways:

  • visit the office of the company;
  • send a notarized letter;
  • make payment through the CONTACT system, Euroset;
  • with the help of the existing bank card "Discovery".

However, to pay for her purchases in storespossibly without identification. In this case, the commission is zero. The card of the Yandex payment system has all the advantages and benefits that similar cards of any banks. It is plastic, refers to the MasterCard system, fully functional. The card is valid for three years.

exchange of Yandex money on webmoney

How to make Yandex money exchange on webmoney

This direction is rather difficult, and not allexchange offices offer such a service. However, there are services that allow this procedure. To do this, it is necessary to select, with the help of any monitoring of exchange offices, those that work in this direction. In this operation, they act as participants in the process of a complex operation. You transfer funds from your Yandex account to them, and they in turn transfer the necessary amount from your webmoney purse to yours. In fact, there is no direct transfer between the two systems.

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