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"Philbert" is a collection agency. Reviews of debtors

In 2015, more than 75% of loans issued by the bank were returned through collection agencies. Why do banks prefer to apply to collectors rather than go straight to court? Let's try to understand.

"Philbert" (collection agency): reviews, phone, address

The head office of the agency is located in the cityMoscow (near the metro station "Komsomolskaya"). Address: Komsomolskaya square, 6. Telephone hotline (calls are free): 8 800 333 01 25. Working hours: from 9 am to 7 pm.

filbert collection agency reviews

All reviews about the agency are divided into 2categories. Negatives are written by debtors, and positive ones by creditors. If you read reviews about the collection agency "Philbert" reviews on the Internet, you can see that the negative ones predominate.

Such responses are written not only by debtorscollectors, but also former employees. If you study about the "Philbert" (collection agency) reviews of employees, it becomes obvious that the company treats its staff the same way as with debtors. Former employees accuse the company of the absence of a social package, the inability to exchange shifts and "pulling" debtors from each other. Relations in the working collective are not simple.


The collection agency "Philbert" existsmore than 8 years. It was established in 2007. The main task is to provide services to recover from overdue liabilities from individuals. The company is working with companies of different industries in Russia. Provides a full package of services for the return of unpaid debt on time. He specializes in the settlement of the debt legal relationship with the defaulter on a pre-judicial basis. If the debtor does not want to make contact, it initiates the commencement of the judicial process with subsequent control of the enforcement proceedings.

The scheme of work of the agency "Philbert"

Work with the debtor in the pre-trialrecovery. Collectors collect information about the non-payer and systematize it. Then, telephone information about the state of debt begins with recommendations for accelerated repayment, SMS-notification, sending out e-mails. If possible, personal contacts with the defaulter occur.

If you read about "Philbert" (collectionagency), then it becomes obvious that its employees are holding consultations on financial and legal issues. At this stage, collectors are agitating to fulfill their financial obligations.

When making a non-payer calls, the collectorIt is obliged to maintain a neutral tone, not to allow a raise of voice, not to use insulting expressions to the debtor. But if you study the collection agency "Philbert" reviews of people, it is understood that the agency staff do not comply with even these rules. Moreover, they mislead the debtor, threatening him or with close arrest.

When making a call, the collector must present himself (to sound the name and surname), indicate the name of the company on behalf of which the call is made, and report its purpose.

filbert collection agency reviews of debtors

At the second stage, hard pressure begins:collectors make calls to relatives and sponsors, friends, search for the debtor at the indicated address of residence and place of work. Browse the pages of the non-payer in social networks and provide photos with comments on the amount of debt. If you read about the collection agency "Philbert" reviews on the forums, it becomes obvious that the incorrect work of its employees leads to the fact that the debtor or his family members write complaints to the police or the prosecutor's office.

filbert collection agency address

At the third (final) stage, the collectionthe agency begins legal proceedings. This process is launched when the period of non-payment of the debt is from 150 to 190 days from the date of the occurrence of the overdue obligation. There is a court session, after which a decision is made on execution or an act on writing off the debt is drawn up.

Studying about the "Philbert" (collection agency) reviews of debtors, you learn that sometimes they use visiting groups.

What is an exit group?

These are employees whose task is to ensure the return of an overdue obligation. Goals of visiting specialists:

  1. Tell the borrower the full amount of the debt, placing emphasis on charging penalties.
  2. To notify the debtor about the consequences of his evasion from payment: the creditor goes to court, and all court costs (in case of a decision in favor of collectors) fall on the defaulter.
  3. Learn about the causes of arrears.
  4. Write an explanatory note, which indicates the reasons for late payments. The debtor must sign it.
  5. Together with the defaulter, draw up a schedule of payments to pay overdue debts.
  6. With the consent of the debtor, inspect the property and draw up an appropriate act.

Every borrower knows who the collector is, butmost do not understand why it should interfere with the relationship of the bank with the debtor. After all, if the borrower does not return the loan, the bank sues, and the bailiffs will collect the debt forcibly.

filbert collection agency reviews phone

Why does not the bank sue?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Fines and penalties are fixed.When submitting a statement of claim to the court, the bank fixes the amount of the debt and has no right to charge a penny for it. And if you transfer the debt to collectors on the basis of an agency contract, the penalties and fines continue to accrue, plus the collectors add something "from themselves."
  2. When selling a debt, the bank loses 20-40% of the overdue debt at a time. And in court, the borrower can apply Art. 333 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and the amount claimed will be reduced.
  3. Lack of supporting documents.Paradox? Does the bank have no contract signed by the borrower? But mass mailing of credit cards by mail did not benefit these structures. The borrower did not sign the contract, but to prove in court that activation of the card by phone is also a conclusion of the contract, it is almost impossible. Collector agency such "little things" as the absence of a contract, do not care.

filbert collection agency staff feedback

"Philbert" (collection agency): addresses of branches

The head office is located in Moscow, but throughoutthe country has branches. In Yekaterinburg (Mamina-Sibiryaka Street, 52), Rostov-on-Don (Work Area, 19), Nizhny Novgorod (Maxim Gorky Street, 50) and in 30 other Russian cities. The agency is constantly expanding, striving to win the position of a leader in the Russian collection market.

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