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PrimoKollekt Company: Employee Reviews

Today we have to find out what gets"PrimoKollekt" reviews of employees, as well as debtors and customers. All this will help to understand how bona fide the organization in front of us. In fact, some ambiguous moments can occur in many opinions. Some people like certain conditions, some don't. This phenomenon should not deter. So what about the company?


First you have to understand what it doesorganization. PrimoKollekt receives reviews exactly as a collection company. This is a company that is engaged in debt collection from debtors. Quite often found in modern realities, an organization whose activities attract many.

prikoloklekt reviews

That is, no specific tasks for the company.not. "PrimoKollekt" is a collection organization, it is enough to remember this fact. But what are the pros and cons of it? Both for employees and for clients or debtors? What will have to pay attention to all?

Company offer

Which receives "PrimoKollekt" reviews asemployer? They are generally ambiguous. However, like most employers. The thing is that many pay attention to the numerous promises of the future boss.

What does PrimoKollekt offer to its employees? Proposals can be called standard. Namely:

  • official employment;
  • convenient schedule of work;
  • decent pay;
  • social package;
  • career;
  • non-uniform work;
  • Friendly team.

What is true and what is a lie? Should I believe all the proposals from the organization? Or "PrimoKollekt" deceive applicants?

Official work

I am glad that the company really offersofficial employment. But, as a rule, employees are not too eager to cooperate. Some say that PrimoKollekt is far from being the best employer.

primokollekt reviews debtors

Some employees assure that this place -not a bad variant of work or part-time work for students of elementary courses. But more serious people better not to work here. In any case, even official employment will not help to eclipse the resulting disappointment (this is often emphasized) from cooperation.


LLC PrimoKollekt receives not the best reviews because of the level of wages. Initially, workers promise a decent high wages. But in practice everything turns out differently.

This is not the highest salary.This should be remembered by each applicant. In general, about the organization so far little feedback is left by the staff. But they still say that they pay very little in the company. For the work done by the collectors must assign a higher salary.


What's next?It is worth paying attention to the work schedule. "PrimoKollekt" feedback from employees receives positive for this feature. Despite not the highest salary, the agreed work schedule will still take place. And the management of the company will try not to break it.

ooo primokollekt reviews

Тем не менее иногда приходится выполнять рабочие tasks after hours. This is a completely normal practice for a collection agency. Some workers are not completely satisfied with this feature. But it’s better than staying every day for overtime unpaid work, which is often offered by different bosses.

Nature of work

LLC PrimoKollekt (Moscow) does not receive feedbackthe best of their subordinates for the nature of the work. As already mentioned, we are talking mainly about the collection company. But everyone knows that such organizations do not always act legally with the "knocking out" of debts. Of course, it is the collectors-workers who violate the law.

All this is extremely difficult.Both physically and mentally. Many emphasize the fact that you have to practically beat debts out of debtors. It doesn’t matter if people can pay this or that amount of money. Work collector, in principle, is suitable only for tough and physically / morally strong people. Some do not withstand work in PrimoKollekt and quit their jobs. Therefore, not everyone can build a career here.


Впрочем, особого карьерного роста в организации not visible. This is not a place where you can get to senior positions. Every applicant must remember this. Especially if he is employed as a collector.

primokollekt moscow reviews

But there is some career growth in office vacancies. You can grow to a senior department manager. And nothing more.

That is why many emphasize that workin "PrimoKollekt" suitable mainly for students. It does not give any career growth, but the person gets invaluable work experience. Only physically and morally, only a small number of students will cope with the established load during work. In other words, working at PrimoKollekt is a real test.

Collector actions

Now it is a little that in principle the given organization represents itself. What are the "PrimoKollekt" reviews of debtors and customers? This is also an important nuance.

Collection company actions are oftenassessed as illegal. Debtors say that many collectors call and intimidate, threaten. It is impossible to do so according to the laws established in Russia. It is forbidden. For this organization can first be fined, and then completely close. Nevertheless, this behavior is common to all collection agencies. This is normal.

ooo primokollekt moscow reviews

But customers leave the company LLC"PrimoKollekt" (Moscow) reviews positive, saying that the organization operates only within the framework of established legislation. In any case, the company management says so.

What to believe?Rather, the population is more inclined to believe the first type of feedback. After all, few people will have confidence in the statement that the collection company operates only within the framework of the established legislation of the country, and also conducts conscientious activities. Taking into account the feedback left by employees, it can be concluded that the company is not doing its best in business. However, like all the other collection agencies. There is nothing surprising in this.


What gets "PrimoKollekt" reviews?Russia is a country where debtors often face collection companies. And the organization under study is one of them. What do customers say about the effectiveness of the company?

In general, customers are satisfied with the work.organizations. It is stated that PrimoKollekt operates in such a way that many try to repay the debt by all means. There are malicious defaulters, but often they even try to pay bills. It pleases many. No need to change the collection company to get the necessary funds.

What do debtors say

"PrimoKollekt" reviews of debtors (Russia, Moscow)gets not the best. Rather, there is not a single positive opinion about this organization from those who owe money to someone. After all, some opinions emphasize that getting rid of the agency is difficult.

prikollekt staff reviews

In principle, there is nothing surprising.Few of the debtors meet agency workers with open arms. Both sides are a priori enemies. So what about the positive reviews, in principle, it can not go.

Documents and conversations

Which receives "PrimoKollekt" (Moscow) reviews fromthose who should pay this or that company money? Not the best. Many emphasize that this company works in the same way as all other collectors - they beat out debts with all their might, but at the same time they are trying to hide their identity and leadership. Why does this opinion exist?

All due to the fact that some debtors are askingcollectors introduce themselves and present documents during the conversation / meetings. Similar moments are ignored. Or workers simply do not call their names. And documents are provided only in units. All this suggests the idea that the organization really does not act in the most honest and legitimate ways.

Strange calls

What other reviews does PrimoKollekt receive?Debtors quite often emphasize the fact that they are illegally assigned to those who owe money. Some indicate that all debts are always paid on time. But at one point, they were beginning to be disturbed from the PrimoKollekt company with threats and demands to return this or that money.

Along with this, callers refuseintroduce or report on whose behalf they act. It is recommended to simply ignore such calls. Or record everything onto a voice recorder and warn you about going to court. Disturbing conscientious citizens quite often.

primokollekt reviews Russia


Now it is clear what "PrimoKollekt" reviewsearns. This is a typical representative of collection agencies, which works in approximately the same way as competitors. Employees do their best to protect managers from communication with debtors. And knock out debts in both legal and illegal ways.

As an employer, PrimoKollekt is not bad, butnot suitable for everyone. It is difficult to work here, heavy work will have to be done (in all senses). No big money. All this is important to consider before contacting the organization for employment.

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