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LCD "Shcheglovo Park": review, layout, reviews

St. Petersburg is a huge metropolis, the NorthThe capital of the state, a city located on the Neva. The population of the former Leningrad is selected to a mark of 6 million people, and all of them need to live somewhere. Among Petrograders, as well as among Muscovites, the tendency of acquiring housing in the constructed objects not in the center of the city remains. Their location is much more attractive in terms of ecology, and the price in such areas is much lower. One of the described residential complexes is Shcheglovo Park.

A bit about the village of Shcheglovo

Outside the city of Vsevolozhsky Leningrad region withpopulation of more than 65 thousand people is a small village Shcheglovo. There are only about two hundred inhabitants in it. Mostly it houses low-rise buildings (about a little more than 100) and a minimum of infrastructure. There is a school, a branch of the bank, the administration of the settlement. Recently, developers are actively working here. Because the territory is very profitable for the implementation of development projects. Several residential complexes have already climbed up: "Firebird", "Shcheglovsky Manor", "Azbuka".


Location of the complex

To get to the complex from the city center,you must first get to the Ring Road. Then take the A128 St. Petersburg-Morye highway, the "Road of Life" highway, to Shcheglovo village. It's about 15 kilometers, and the journey time can be about 15 minutes, if there are no traffic jams. Right in the center of the village and will be located LCD "Shcheglovo Park."

To reach the village you can alsotransport. For example, on the train coming from Finland Station. True, it will take much longer - about 42 minutes. Moreover, the inconvenience lies in the fact that up to the very complex from the station it is necessary to overcome a distance of about two kilometers. Which is not very convenient.

Overview and description of the complex

Acquiring apartments in the LCD "Shcheglovo Park", theirthe owners become residents of the village of the same name and receive an opportunity to register in the Leningrad region. The territory under the complex will be more than one and a half hectares. The complex itself is two monolithic-brick buildings with apartments, rising to a height of five and eight floors. The total building area will be more than twenty thousand square meters.

Apartments, their lay-out

The housing stock will be represented by a variety ofapartments for every taste and purse: from studios to three-room apartments. The smallest apartment in LCD "Shcheglovo Park" will be approximately 20 square meters. And the biggest is just over 83 square meters. Kitchens are also not planned to be the smallest, the minimum size of them will be eight meters, the maximum - 15. Ceilings - 2.7 meters. Glazing will be carried out with plastic windows. All apartments of the housing stock to be rented by the developer will be without finishing.

Internal Infrastructure

"Shcheglovo Park" does not provide for anyspecial infrastructure, because the building area is not as large as in many other new buildings. Therefore, the internal infrastructure is limited to the improvement of the yard area. That is, the design of walking paths, children's playgrounds. The territory, which will remain free of construction sites, will be planted to create the most favorable ecological situation. The developer, in addition, provided for another area for walking dogs and ground parking for owners of their own vehicles and guests of the complex.

In addition, as in the main nowdevelopers, the first floors of buildings will be given to non-residential areas for the placement of commercial organizations. There will be pharmacies, shops, beauty salons. Only about two thousand square meters are planned non-residential.

Infrastructure external

The village of Shcheglovo is small, with a small numberpopulation, but all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life, it is available. For small residents of the LCD "Shcheglovo Park" (Vsevolozhsk district) is very close to the school and kindergarten. There is also a sports club, a music school, a post office and a shopping center. There are in the village and a bar, and a cafe, and even a bath.

Ecological situation

If we talk about the ecological situation, then hereonly continuous positive. Residential complex "Shcheglovo Park", located in the village of the same name, is located almost among the forest, which allows its inhabitants to enjoy fresh air. Living in this residential complex is like having a rest at the cottage. It turns out housing with city amenities and in nature. A bit further there are two lakes with swimming pools equipped for swimming. All this will make future owners of apartments in LCD "Shcheglovo Park" strive to come home quickly after a day in the metropolis.

Residential complex

Reviews about the complex

"Shcheglovo Park" reviews are different.The negative ones are mainly related to the delay and postponement of the construction period. If to judge from the photos that co-investors put in the social network, then the construction at a slow pace, but still going on and on the spot is not worth it. To assess the quality of housing in a ready-made house to date there is no possibility, since the construction of the facility is not yet completed. As for the cost of apartments, here "Shcheglovo Park" reviews are well deserved, as the price is adequate (40-55 thousand rubles per square meter).


Dolchshchikov is interested in the question of whois the developer of LCD "Shcheglovo Park". The developer is the construction company Megapolis. It exists on the construction market for a long time, but earlier it was engaged in erection only of industrial objects and business centers. And the construction of residential buildings of this type is what the company is doing for the first time. Probably, therefore, the work is delayed a little, is progressing slowly.

Course of construction

Construction of LCD "Shcheglovo Park" started in 2015year. About his progress give an idea of ​​the photos made as the progress of the work on the implementation of the object. Until October 2016 was dug foundation pit, he flooded, installed fittings. As of February 2017, the construction of a residential building was started. As of March 2017, one can see that the construction of the Shcheglovo Park facility is not very fast, but several floors have already appeared. Thus, the construction of the complex does not cease for a minute. The deadline for the project is scheduled only for the 4th quarter of 2018, so it's too early to talk about compliance with construction schedules.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you consider the advantages and disadvantages by which you can determine whether to purchase apartments in a complex or not, you can specify the following.


Among the advantages, the following are highlighted:

  • Possibility of payment by installments.In this case, customers can be provided with interest-free installments until the end of construction. Prerequisite - the minimum down payment must be at least half the cost of the apartment.
  • Low cost of housing. The developer has established really quite low cost per one square meter of living space.
  • High ceilings in economy class apartments.

Now more about the shortcomings.

Many real estate investors and not only confuse the developer, who first appeared in this market, does not have sufficient experience and reliable reputation.

The land on which the residential complex is being built is leased, and not owned by the company on the basis of ownership.

The developer does not offer to buy apartments with the help of mortgage lending, which significantly complicates sales and limits the possibility of buying.

The complex is designed most apartments in the form of one-bedroom or studios. Thus, large families can and do not find themselves the necessary housing.

Distance from the city.In some cases, it is, on the contrary, a plus in connection with a favorable environmental situation. But in this case it was made into the minuses due to the lack of a developed infrastructure and because of the need to go to the city.

Another significant drawback of future tenantsconsider that the apartments are being rented by the developer without finishing. That is, it will be impossible to immediately move into the acquired housing, because first you will need to perform in it a full range of repair work.

Residential complex

Изучив всю информацию, на сегодняшний момент presented on the official website of the company-builder and in other sources, each potential buyer will be able to personally decide for himself whether it is worth buying real estate in this residential complex or not. The main indicator determining the position "for" is the favorable ecological situation, the presence of a forest and lakes nearby. The disadvantages are also indicated above.

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