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How to sell a room without the consent of neighbors

Sale of the room is usually accompanied bya little more inconvenience than selling an apartment. In addition to collecting all the documents, it will also require the neighbors' refusal to purchase the room. But it is still possible to sell the room, even if the neighbors are resting and do not want to write an official refusal.

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To sell a room in a hostel is much easier ifyou have a certificate for it, that is, ownership of this room is registered. In this case, the consent of neighbors will not be required. According to Art. 250 Civil Code of the RF "good" for the transaction is necessary if you own a stake. And by law, the same shareholders, like you, have the pre-emptive right to purchase.

How to sell a room in an apartment

First find out who owns theneighboring rooms. From the owners it is necessary to obtain a waiver of the right of the "first hand". If the neighboring room is not privatized, then its owner is a municipality or other organization. To sell the room in this case, you will have to go to the city housing policy committee for refusal.

sell a room in a hostel
There are two main options for obtaining a waiverpreemption rights. The first is to invite all the owners to the notary and there to formalize the refusals. For this you have to pay. The second is to collect all the owners in the registration chamber when you submit documents for the state registration of the transaction, where your neighbors will write official refusals at the reception.

Sometimes both of these methods do not fit absolutely.For example, a neighbor lost his passport or resides in another region. Sometimes the owners are very many and collect all of them in one place is simply unrealistic. What should I do before selling a room?

There is one more lawful way out of the situation.You need to notify all owners in writing of your intention to sell the room. Be sure to include in the letter the exact details of the person you are applying to; surname, first name and patronymic, exact address, room number and area. All your data must also be complete. In the text of the notice, the amount that you plan to receive for the sale of the room must be announced, the basis for owning the room is the contract of sale (gift, exchange) and the details of the document confirming your property. And most importantly - clearly and clearly state to the owner of the next room the offer to take advantage of the right of purchase. And at the end of the notice, add the phrase "I will notify you in advance that I was forced to sell the room due to circumstances that develop in such a way that I will not agree to any price reduction or granting a deferment or payment by installments."

how to sell a room in an apartment
There are several rules for sending notification.Print out the notice in two copies and sign them. One copy is sent to the neighbor by registered mail with a notification to the address of the room that is being sold, and leave the second signed copy for yourself. Be sure to compile the mail register in two copies, on each of which the postal worker must sign that he received the registered letters and put the seal. Repeat this procedure for each owner.

If you do not receive consent or refusalowners of neighboring rooms, do not worry. After 30 days after sending the notices prescribed by law, you can sell the room to anyone you want. Documents on the notification of neighbors, properly designed, will allow you to make a deal. For the FRS, they will be considered as sufficient.

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