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IFNS - what is it? Authority of the organization

The names of various institutions of our countryoften have quite complex cuts that do not reveal the essence of the organization's activities. One such reduction, which is often found in the mass media, is the IFNS. What kind of organization is that hiding behind a complex reduction? What functions does the agency perform?

Abbreviation of the Tax inspectorate

What is this abbreviation?It turns out that under such a complicated name, the federal tax service is opened, which is now called an inspection. Before that, the tax department had many names, but only the modern name explains which rights and duties are assigned for the inspection.

What is this abbreviation?

The right to administer new tax laws

Tax legislation of our countryis based on the Tax Code. But quite a lot of norms in this law do not have a clear interpretation. Explanations on this or that point give IFTS. What kind of information is this? Recommendations letters, comments and instructions for completing reports, forms and current tax documentation.

The right to carry out tax compliance audits

Control over the calculation and transfer of tax liabilities is also assigned to the IFNS. What are these powers, you can understand from the list:

  • Conducting planned and unscheduled inspections of organizations of all forms of ownership.
  • Charging fines and penalties to persons responsible for accounting and taxation.
  • Initiation of cases on non-payment of taxes with subsequent transfer to court, etc.

Since the new 2017 in charge of the tax inspectionnew responsibilities have emerged. From now on deductions to the Pension Fund and compulsory medical insurance will also be supervised by the Tax Inspectorate. What does this mean for organizations? We are talking about the application of new methods for calculating compulsory insurance contributions, the introduction of new forms and forms, as well as comprehensive checks of the calculation of wages.

and what is it

At the present time, the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Servicecards of all Russian companies in order to identify existing violations of deductions for insurance fees. This check will take the entire first quarter of 2017. Therefore, accountants of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs are advised to independently check the correctness of deductions to the Pension Fund and FSS and voluntarily pay extra arrears. All payments should be made to the settlement details of the Tax Inspection, which you can find out in the nearest tax office of your region.

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