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What is and why you need insurance against non-refund?

Often the desired rest breaks down on somereasons. This may be due to an error in the execution of documents, illness or other factors. Because of this, people do not go to their favorite resort, and they also lose finances. But there is a possibility of compensation of means. Insurance from non-departure will be the best solution. More details about it will be told in the article.

general information

Unlike health insurance, insurancefrom non-departure is made at will. Often, the service is included in the price of the tour, but often people have to deal with buying a policy on their own. With the onset of difficult circumstances, the agreement allows us to cover expenses, almost 80-90%.

collateral insurance

Do not particularly rely on helptravel agency, because when refusing to travel it pays fines to various partners: the organizers of excursions, the owners of hotels, carriers. Therefore, with the purchase of a voucher, you must think in advance about possible surprises, as well as about insurance against their consequences.

Why is it required?

The insurance against travel abroad isa popular and convenient option for those who do not want to be deceived and injured when traveling to another country. This service is necessary in the event that there is no certainty of whether a visa will be granted.

travel insurance

Insurance completely reimburses costs.You can arrange it for everyone, including in addition to other insurance. But before that you need to get acquainted with what this service includes. Do I need insurance against non-refund? To compensate for the costs of many risks, it is necessary to formalize this service.

Insurance cases

There are several reasons why you need insurance against non-departure. Insurance cases are as follows:

  • death or illness of relatives;
  • presence of medical contraindications;
  • hospitalization of relatives;
  • refusal to grant a visa;
  • urgent summons to court;
  • involvement of a person in military service;
  • damage to property, preventing travel to another country.

For everything else that is not spelled out in the document,compensation will not be paid. It should be borne in mind that insurance must be issued not later than 3 days from the date of purchase of the ticket and no later than 2 weeks before departure. Only then it will have legal force.

Features of insurance against confinement

Now the insurance against non-departure to another country is in demand. At registration of such service, to the insured person it is compensated:

  • payment of tickets;
  • reservation of rooms, hotels;
  • permits.

There are several options for obtainingtravel insurance. The first case presupposes the availability of medical insurance for traveling to another country, but there is no lack of travel. In this situation, you should not change or reissue the service. It is important to contact the company that provided the policy. There they will add insurance from non-departure. Many forms provide the opportunity to include additional functions, but for additional funds.

non-fly insurance

In the second case, it is assumed that there is no policyinsurance. To visit another country, you need to buy a policy, otherwise it will not work there. The reason for this is the effect of the new law of the Russian Federation on the lifting of the state's obligations for citizens of the Russian Federation, who are in another country. Therefore, with the purchase of the policy, insurance should be provided against non-confiscation. This will protect your vacation. But you need to take into account that each company has its own conditions, so you need to carefully study the documents before registration.

What risks are not covered?

But not all risks are covered by insurance from non-departure. Cases in travel are different, and not for each of them is compensated. These include:

  • illness or injury of the insured person and his or her attendants, if only out-patient treatment is needed for treatment;
  • pregnancy and its consequences;
  • attempt suicide or other such act;
  • incorrectly issued documents;
  • delays by law enforcement agencies;
  • natural disasters, wars;
  • injuries sustained during alcohol and drug intoxication.

Usually the risks for which compensation is not reimbursed are stated in the policy. The document includes the validity period, rights and obligations of the parties, other important nuances.


The price of the service is determined bycost of the ticket. In the event of an insured event, the firm reimburses the expenses spent for the trip. Only it is necessary to adhere to the deadlines so that the payments will not be refused.

life insurance

Usually, non-fly insurance costs about 10% of theticket prices. For example, insurance for 30 thousand euros will cost about 1870 rubles, if the trip will be canceled due to denial of a visa or in other urgent cases. In many firms, the cost of the service can be calculated using an online calculator.

Cancellation of a tour or refusal of a visa: what to do?

In case of an insured event it is necessary:

  • during the day, notify in writing about the reason for the refusal to travel;
  • Documents supporting this event are attached to the application;
  • prepare the rest of the documentation - tickets, insurance, passport.

A trip is a responsible event, butthere are situations that it breaks down. Then, apart from personal difficulties, expect a material loss. The insurance of air tickets from non-flyback allows you to compensate for costs.

Features of travel insurance

Companies offer insurance against travel.Many people think: why overpay if a difficult situation may not occur? But with the advent of problems people usually regret that they did not overpay the extra 6-10% of the ticket price. After all, then they would be protected from many difficulties.

air tickets insurance

Buying a policy

Before registration of service it is necessary to check upfirm. It takes a little time, but there will be confidence in the chosen option. To do this, you need to visit the websites of companies, familiarize yourself with the conditions. Everything should be written clearly.

It is advisable to see photos and videos about the company, as well as read reviews. This will make the right choice. It should be borne in mind that a reliable firm will not hide anything from its customers.

Service advantages

Such insurance has appeared because of the activitytourist companies. They are intermediaries between the client and the destination. With the signing of the contract with the tour operator and the performance of calculations, the firm pays for the services of foreign partners, which is stipulated in the ticket. Also payments are made relating to the customer's departure and obtaining a permit.

Do you need insurance against confinement?

Payments include:

  • purchase of tickets;
  • registration of permits;
  • services;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation for the duration of the trip;
  • excursions;
  • Additional services.

If the client refuses to travel, the firm does notonly withdraws the order, but also pays compensation for unfulfilled obligations. Therefore, usually the funds are not returned. In order not to have such cases, insurance is used, which guarantees the return of money upon not leaving the country. Many firms compensate 85-90% of the paid funds.

Actions in case of refusal of payments

In the event of an insured event, the firm must paycustomer expenses. Only for this purpose it is necessary to provide documentary confirmation of a difficult situation. But sometimes the agency denies the payment of funds. If the client is sure that he is right, he should apply to the court to get his money.

Usually with the advent of the insured event of the firmfully pay the due funds. Otherwise, during a trial for violations, a license may be revoked, and because of this, it is impossible to continue the work of the firm. Therefore, before making insurance, you need to choose a reliable company that will fulfill its obligations.

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