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"Birch Grove" LCD, Kudrovo: description of the complex, construction progress and reviews

In the Leningrad region is now constructionresidential complexes are more active than in St. Petersburg itself. This is easily explained by more affordable housing prices and a more pleasant environment. The new project "Birch Grove" was not left without investors' attention. Kudrovo - a village near St. Petersburg, in the Vsevolozhsk district, where this LCD was built. Interesting design of buildings, declared in the general plan of the company-builder infrastructure, a successful choice of a place for construction - all this served to the fact that there were many people who wanted to buy real estate in "Birch Grove".

Attention:complexes with the same name is in Vidnoye and in Ramenskoye, Moscow region, where the holders of keys to get the keys without problems did not work. In this article we will talk about LCD "Birch Grove" in Kudrovo. The complex there is conceived remarkable, but with the keys of future tenants also had problems. Some interest holders are patiently waiting for their extradition, believing everything that the developer tells them, others are calling to go to court and demand payment of a penalty. The same indefinite picture is with respect to the representatives of the Polis Group. Some say, they say, come to our lawyers, they will issue all, count, and we will pay, others, on the contrary, state that the company has fulfilled its obligations, and delays are not due to her fault. Therefore, no one will pay damages to anyone.

We propose to understand what the "Birch Grove" LCD is about, around which such passions are seething, and to find out why people do not give out keys.


Kudrovo used to be an ordinary village lying on thenorth of St. Petersburg, between the city and Lake Ladoga. But recently there have been massively started to build new residential buildings, so now it is a small modern town. Among other LCDs, the most convenient location is near the Birch Grove complex. Kudrovo is located from the center of St. Petersburg in some 20 km. Nearby passes the Ring Road, to which from the outer house of the complex in a straight line - about 500 meters. On the one hand, the Birch Grove is bordered by the European Avenue, on the other - Prague Street, on the other - Okkerville Park, and only for the fourth time is the unconfined territory. Considered LC in this part of the village is not alone. Across the street from it is a new LCD "European", closer to the center - LCD "Kudrovo", a little further - LCD "Vernissage". So basically everything here is refined and has a modern urban look.

 Birch grove Kudrovo

Transport accessibility

In relation to transport nodes, it is still possibleconsider the relatively convenient location of the LCD «Birch Grove». Kudrovo - almost the only village in the area where there is a subway. The station is called "Dybenko Street". Before it from the nearest building of "Birch Grove" - ​​exactly 2000 meters. You need to go through the streets of Prague, Central, Leningrad and Dybenko, and it is also necessary to cross the railway. But in the future, perhaps, there will be a shorter route through the new micro-districts straight ahead. Now the metro can be reached by minibus № K492 or K491, the ticket costs 30 rubles. In the distant future (after 2025), the authorities promise to build a second metro station, closer to the complex. For car owners, the location of the complex is quite convenient, since a large traffic junction is located no more than 10 minutes drive from the complex.


Until further development of land developedsettlement, wonderful natural massifs can be seen around the LCD "Birch Grove". Kudrovo is proud of its "Okkervil" park, literally on the border of which a new complex was erected. In the park grow dozens of birches, firs, pines, flowers. Here the same river flows. Residents of the "Birch Grove" will be able to enjoy pure healing air and even though every day to walk along the avenues of "Okkervila." As for industrial facilities, they also have nothing to worry about, since they are not in Kudrovo. The only inconvenience to residents can deliver cars, the number of which grows with the introduction of new LCDs.

Birch grove Kudrovo progress of construction

Information about the builder

LCD «Birch Grove» (Kudrovo) erects the experimental andwhich inspires investors with the trust of the Polis Group. It works both as a customer and as a contractor. The year of creation of the company is 2010. During this time, more than a dozen realized projects appeared in the treasury of its achievements, the most famous of which are LCD "Yantar", "Austrian quarter", "Nordinka", "My city". All these complexes "Polis Group" handed over or surrenders at the moment in time, without large complaints from customers to the quality of work. True, the residents of the "Austrian quarter" have claims to the work of elevators, intercoms, security and landscaping. In addition to the houses, the company builds kindergartens, schools, shopping centers and sports facilities.

Infrastructure of the complex

Very convenient for life should be LCD"Birch Grove" in Kudrovo. The comments of the future apartment owners about the infrastructure of the complex are quite positive. The developer plans to build a kindergarten for 110 kids, a developing center, several cafes, a fitness club, a food court, shops with goods of various orientations, and, most importantly, a large three-story shopping and entertainment center. Its squares have already been bought out by the Keski network.

progress of construction of the Berezovaya Grove Kudrovo

Many residents are worried about the question of parking.In the LCD "Birch Grove" it is planned to be underground, but will be located only under one of the buildings and accommodate only 108 cars. This, of course, is not enough. Therefore, the ground parking will be arranged. Presumably the place will be found on the corner of the European street, but there will not be seats assigned to the car owners.

The complex's territory will be beautiful and green,plant trees, flowers, put benches. For children on it will build several sites with swings and slides, and for fans of recreation will actively build sports grounds.

Infrastructure around

Many interesting objects are located andnear the LCD "Birch Grove" (Kudrovo). Reviews of residents highlight the church built nearby. In addition, there are shops, several pharmacies, a fast food chain, a children's creativity center, a hypermarket, a skating rink, a fitness club, and a swimming pool next to the complex, in a 10-20 minute walk. A large school (1600 seats) was built in New Acquerville LCD. To get to it, you just need to cross the forest park. School city, take there all the residents of the area.

A great advantage of the complex is its proximity to the Okkervil Park, where there are many children's playgrounds, bicycles are equipped, benches are installed.

The disadvantage is the absence of a number ofhospital, as well as a multidisciplinary clinic. In the one that is nearby, only the therapist and the children's doctor are accepted, the rest - only on a special schedule.

Birch grove Kudrovo deadline


Stylish and modern looks LCD "Birch Grove"(Kudrovo). Photos show four high-rise buildings in 25 floors, the top of which has different color schemes - yellow, green, red and blue. The developer for some reason positions them as two houses, in the first of which - one section, and in the second - three. The technology of their erection is somewhat unusual. Here, two floors of each building were expelled, pouring reinforced concrete columns, and already began to make monolithic ceilings and bearing walls. According to the developer's plan, the outer walls had to be made brick, in the DDU (annex) they indicated that they would be made of aerated concrete. As a result, they became foam concrete. The facade was planned to be insulated with fiber cement slabs. In the photo of the "Birch Grove" co-investors, laid out on the forum, it can be seen that in some places builders used chopped foam blocks, which caused the curvature of the structures, and large erection slots were visible along the windows. Now all this is no longer visible, since the top of the façade has been finished.

Halls in the buildings were planned to be built with an area of ​​almost 150 "squares". Elements of design in them are made in the tone of the upper floors of buildings. Elevators in buildings are installed by the firm "Alex".

Birch grove Kudrovo reviews

Layout of apartments

In the housing estate "Birch Grove" (Kudrovo) the course of constructionat first it was quite active, so the apartments in the first stage were quickly dismantled. The difference between the project and other similar - there are no three-room, only "two-piece", "odnushki" and "studio". Their distribution on the bodies is the same. In each there are 183 studios (the area is from 24 to 28 m2), 138 one-room (area - from 34 to 42 m2) and 46 two-room (area - from 50 to 59 m2).Only in the building № 1 of studios - 182 units, and one-room - 134 units. There are two types of layout - classical and non-standard, with one large corner window. Kitchens in apartments can be from 8 to 19 "squares". The ceiling height is anywhere from 2.75 meters. Heating in houses will be central. Apartments are rented with a preliminary finish, and the finish is offered at 7000 rubles per 1 m2 to order from the builder.

Prices and payment

The cost of housing in the "Birch Grove" is consideredaverage. The price of a square meter here was from 81 000 to 114 000 rubles, which depends on the layout of the apartment, floor, some other characteristics. You can pay as a whole amount at once, and in installments or a mortgage. Since the construction of the Berezovaya Roshcha (Kudrovo) LCD was consistent with the schedule, and the developer and owner of the Polis Group has a good reputation, almost two dozen banks agreed to work with it. Among them:

  • Sberbank.
  • "St. Petersburg".
  • "Moscow Industrialbank".
  • "VTB 24".
  • "Bank of Moscow".
  • Rosselkhozbank.
  • "Delta credit".
  • "Absolut Bank".
  • "Revival".
  • "Communication Bank".
  • Raiffeisenbank.
  • "SKB".
  • "AK Bars".
  • Promsvyazbank.
  • "Opening".
  • BFA.
  • "GLOBEX".
  • "Surgutneftebank".

Terms of registration of a mortgage in them severalare different, but on average, rates are offered from 11% with a down payment of at least 20%. In Bank Otkritie, Sberbank and Sviaz Bank, you can also issue a military mortgage.

Since at the moment housing in the LCD can only be purchased by assignment, its value depends on the appetite of the selling party.

Berezovaya Grove in Kudrovo

History of the beginning of construction

We have told in short what the LCD is"Birch Grove" in Kudrovo. The project is not bad, but there were problems with it at the beginning of construction. Permission for the construction of the company "Polis Group" was received on August 1, 2013. At the same time, the official sale of apartments with the preliminary signing of the DDU began. Some interest holders in the reviews noted that the sales managers offered them to sign a PDDU (preliminary agreement) before the goods were received for the start of construction, that is, in July. People reported a fine of 10%, which should be paid by a shareholder, who did not register the DDU on time after signing the PDDU. True or not, you will not check, but the unpleasant residue from such reviews from potential buyers remained. Further events developed without problems. Work at the "Polis Group" was excellent, so the surrender of all buildings was assigned in one turn for the third quarter of 2015.

"Birch Grove" (Kudrovo): deadline

Seeing how the buildings are building up on the building site,interest holders already collected their suitcases, preparing for the move. But suddenly unforeseen difficulties began. At first it was found out that a complicated geological structure near the ground for the construction of the "Birch Grove" near the grounds. Their development required additional costs and scope of work. Further, problems arose with the company Zanevka, which is engaged in laying communications to the LCD in the village of Kudrovo, and LCD "Birch Grove" including. The above-mentioned "Zanevka" did not share something with the firm "Story Policy", the conflict went into court proceedings. These circumstances slowed the construction of the Berezovaya Roshcha (Kudrovo) LCD and forced Polis Group to postpone the delivery of the facility for 2016. Now the corps surrendered in turn:

  • in the first quarter - one house;
  • in the second quarter - two houses;
  • in the third quarter - also one house.

By the end of last year, the company again did not pass anything and again shifted the deadlines, now for the first quarter of 2017, but the line was set again one.

Birch grove Kudrovo Photo

"Birch Grove" (Kudrovo): Why do not they take it?

This question interests every interest-holder.According to the representatives of the "Policy Group", in September the acceptance commission was to begin work. Then it was postponed to December, and the depositors were promised the keys to the New Year. As explained by the general contractor, the commission was still, but the complex did not accept, revealing several dozen violations. Now the workers are eliminating them in a planned order. How serious these violations are, none of those who bought the "Birch Grove" housing does not know. People see that almost nothing has been done about the declared improvement of the territory, that many apartments do not have the proper finishing, but there are unresolved installation slots, unglazed balconies, not completely finished facades. Most equity holders hope to get the keys to March. But the fact that the construction of the "Birch Grove" is allowed until August of 2017, is alarming.


The rating of Berezovaya Roshcha in Kudrovo ranges from 7 to 8 points out of 10. Its main advantages are:

  • an excellent ecological situation;
  • satisfactory transport interchange;
  • good infrastructure;
  • spacious rooms in the apartments;
  • reasonable prices.

The disadvantages of the complex are as follows:

  • violation of deadlines;
  • there are no two-bedroom apartments;
  • small underground parking;
  • absence of a nearby hospital.
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