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Where and how is it profitable to invest money at a high interest rate?

Live without a financial stock for a black day -a very reckless decision. Even despite the difficult situation in the country, you can reconsider your family's budget so that you start to save money, thus forming a financial safety cushion. Soon, inevitably there will be a question about where to invest money at a high interest, because experts do not get tired of repeating that finances should work, and not lie dead weight somewhere in the closet.

invest at a high interest rate

Deposit as an instrument of accumulation

Bank deposit is the most common anda simple method of saving money. Unfortunately, only conservation, not multiplication. However, if your savings are still small, then you can use deposit programs of banks as a tool for accumulating an amount sufficient for investing in other projects. In this case, often there is a desire to invest money at a high interest, because you want to get the most benefit. However, there is a simple rule in the banking market: young and little-known banks offer the highest interest, and old and trusted organizations that have withstood the previous crisis keep a more moderate interest rate. Is it worth it to risk trusting your little money to a one-day bank?

Of all the banks operating in our country,global support and trust of depositors is enjoyed by Sberbank of Russia. It is this bank that opens the largest number of deposit accounts, accepting deposits from the public. The maximum interest rate on ruble deposits is 9.07% per annum on the deposit without the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal. Can I invest money at a high interest in Sberbank? Of course, you can. At the same time, one should take into account the forecasted inflation for the whole term of the deposit. Get rich on deposit accounts will not work, but you can save and save money for future investments. In addition, the habit of postponing a part of its profit disciplines, adjusts to the accumulation of capital.

where to invest at a high interest rate

Where to invest at a high interest: choose the type of investment

A deposit account in a reliable bank is considered oneof the most risk-free, while income is minimal. For many, peace of mind is more expensive than probable profit, although this can not be called a progressive point of view. In many respects this is due to lack of self-confidence or lack of appropriate knowledge and skills. Where else can you invest money at a high interest to significantly increase your capital?

In most cases, experts suggest the following areas of investment:

  • real estate and precious metals;
  • securities (shares and bonds);
  • all kinds of mutual funds, PAMM-accounts, a game on the foreign exchange "Forex";
  • own business;
  • other types of investment.

Each of these areas is well in its own way, carries its own risks and offers a different degree of profit. Consider all types of investment in more detail.

invest money in a bank at a high interest rate

Investments in real estate and precious metals

There are short-term and long-terminvestments. Real estate and precious metals are just for long-term investments and are able to bring a really good profit. You can invest money at a high interest by buying a certain amount of bank gold. The ingot should be stored in special conditions, because its unsatisfactory condition (scratches, dents) can reduce the cost when selling. To say that the invested capital has increased substantially, it will be possible in ten to twenty years, or even more.

About the same way, the situation is the same withreal estate, but there are also some nuances. The real estate market is fluctuating, the price drop is lower than the purchasing price - this is an unambiguous loss. It is also possible that the purchased property is located on a site that will be rebuilt. Nobody wants his investment to be demolished, it's an additional hassle and possible losses.

it is advantageous to invest money at interest

Investments in shares and bonds

Securities have high liquidity,especially if you were lucky enough to invest money in a bank at a high interest in a reliable stock of a prospective company or in profitable bonds. To calculate the reliability and profitability of such an investment, you need either to understand the securities market itself, or to find a good investment adviser.

On shares, of course, do not pay fixedinterest, however, being a shareholder in a profitable enterprise, you have the right to expect your part of the profit. Dividends can be compared to high interest, in the end it is also profit, received as a result of investment. In addition, the promising company shares quickly and steadily grow in price.

"Forex", PAMM and mutual fund

Trade on the Forex currency market canturn out to be more than profitable, and it turns heads many novice traders. Advertising on the Internet says that you do not need almost anything - you need a computer, some money for starting participation in the auction, and become a millionaire. It may be advantageous to invest money at interest earned as a profit after the sale of a more expensive currency. In practice, most novice traders go bankrupt before they have a good understanding of the rules of the game. The probability of large profits here is adjacent to high risks.

PAMM accounts are also related to the Forex market, only thus you trust your money in the management of a more experienced trader, while counting on a portion of the profit.
PAMM-account is much quieter, all decisionsThe manager accepts, however risks from it do not decrease. Here comes the human factor, the manager can make a mistake with the transaction, and your contribution will be lost.

The mutual fund is a mutual investment fund.You can invest money as a unit through a bank, and you will also need a manager or manager who will manage all investment deals. The risks here are somewhat less than in the Forex market, but the success of investments in this case is also very unpredictable.

to invest money at a high interest in a savings bank

Own business

You can find ways to invest money in highinterest per month and hope that the bank will not be revoked a license, and inflation will stay in some decent framework. However, there is a more dynamic option - to open your own profitable business. Depending on the chosen direction of work, profitability can reach 300%, no bank will give such growth in welfare.

Of course, first we need to study the question,invest money and wait for the first time, while the business will go out on self-sufficiency. If the return on investment and self-sufficiency can be achieved within a year, this is a great start, but a longer term, from three to five years, is not considered a catastrophe, provided a stable development and a positive outlook.

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