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Credit card "VTB 24". To issue a credit card "VTB 24"

Russians are increasingly using credit cards.They, in turn, are offered by many Russian banks. How to find the right one? There is an option - to apply to VTB 24, one of the largest credit and financial institutions of our country.

About the Bank

Commercial Bank VTB 24 specializes in providing a wide range of financial services for individuals and organizations. This credit institution has more than 500 representative offices in the regions of the Russian Federation.

VTB 24 credit card terms and conditions

Practically in any large city you can findoffice of the bank. Among the most popular financial services of VTB 24 is the provision of loans through the issuance of specialized bank cards. Also, the bank issues many other types of loans - mortgages, loans for the purchase of cars, for business, etc.

Why do I need a credit card?

Credit cards are convenient because they can be, just likeas well as with the help of debit "plastic", pay for purchases - with no commissions, even if the money will be withdrawn to a credit account, the bank will not take.

Credit cards

You can pay with credit cards in any country where the main world payment systems VISA and MasterCard are present.

Classification of cards by credit schemes

Credits from "VTB 24" can be classified bya number of criteria. There are cards in which the client gets the opportunity to repay the loan on preferential terms. There are credit cards, including some limit on overdraft. There are cards in which there is a grace period regarding interest payments. Almost all of the credit cards issued by VTB 24 can be used by the client when using the grace-period - a grace period, within which interest on the loan is not accrued.

Credit card of VTB 24

A condition for the full use of thisan advantage is the regular (within the accounting period) entry on the card of the principal amount of the debt (which, as a rule, is indicated in the monthly account-statement from the bank). Typically, the typical settlement period in "VTB 24" - from 1 to 20 of the month. The minimum amount in question is usually 10% of the principal debt. By the way, the same figure applies to the calculation of the so-called minimum payment - the total amount of money that the client must make on the card every month on the basis of the principal debt, and the interest that has reached after the grace period.

What can the bank offer?

"Classic" credit card "VTB 24" - the mosta widespread form of "plastic" from this financial institution. It is quite simple in registration, minimum requirements to the borrower. The credit limit for this card is on average 300 thousand rubles, the interest rate is about 19% per year. Each year the bank charges a commission for the maintenance of the card (750 rubles).

Transaero is another popular credit card."VTB 24" offers its clients who travel a lot. This product combines features typical for any credit card, and also provides many bonuses that you can use when buying airline tickets from Transaero. In particular, these are points that an air passenger can spend on improving the class of a seat (from "economy" to "business"). The credit limit and the rate are roughly the same as for the "classic" card. The annual cost of servicing the credit card is 900 rubles, but in the first year the bank allows it to be used free of charge.

There is a prestigious line of credit cards "VTB 24"The "Gold Card". It is designed to emphasize the fact that the client is a wealthy person. This card provides certain bonuses when servicing in hotels and other service points in many countries around the world. The credit limit of the "Gold Card" is higher than that of the "classical" and "Transaero" - 600 thousand rubles. The interest rate is slightly lower - an average of 18% per year. However, for such a pleasure the client will have to pay out a substantial sum within the framework of the annual service - 3 thousand rubles.

A level above the "Gold Card" - a credit card"Premium". It has an impressive limit of 1.5 million rubles, a lower interest rate - about 17% per year. The annual service cost is also decent - 10 thousand rubles. This product has interesting bonuses, including cash-back, when cashless payment to the card account returns 5% of the amount spent on buying or paying for services.

To issue a credit card to VTB 24

The most solvent customers can applycredit card "VTB 24" under the name "Platinum". The credit limit for it reaches 2 million rubles. The annual service is 30,000. The bank promises an individual approach to servicing the cardholders and a quick solution to a number of possible problems. For example, if the card is lost, the bank is ready to replace it as soon as possible or issue money at the expense of the credit limit.

Among the additional loan products -map «My conditions». According to it the client can get a number of useful services, take part in insurance programs. True, the credit limit for such cards is modest - within 150 thousand rubles.

The so-called grace-period, when for the use of the credit limit "VTB 24" does not charge interest on all cards - 50 days.


Credit card "VTB 24" can be issuedthrough a visit to any office of this financial institution. Previously, with all the conditions, as well as information on the necessary documents can be found on the official website of the bank. A preliminary decision regarding the application for a card the client can receive by filling in an online form or by transferring their data to a call center specialist via a toll-free number.

Bank VTB 24 can, once adopteda preliminary decision based on an online application or that made by phone, no longer make any additional checks on the client's solvency. That is, if the borrower obtained consent, then when he comes to the bank's office, all that needs to be done is to sign the necessary documents and shortly after that get a card.

What does the credit limit depend on?

The maximum credit limit specified indescription of the cards, the bank is not guaranteed. But the more likely it is to get access to it, the more acceptable the characteristics of the bank, such as the client's age, place of work, length of service, salary level, and information from his credit history.

Credit card VTB 24 reviews

A typical formula for calculating the maximumcredit limit - its size should not exceed 300% of the monthly salary (or other confirmed income) of the client. The validity period of credit cards is usually two years.

Check the balance

Bank VTB 24 has developed several convenientoptions for checking the balance on credit cards. Among them - the system "Teleinfo" (or "Telebank"). Within its framework, several channels are involved - Internet, telephone, SMS. By means of one of them, the client can perform several useful operations, such as, for example, ordering a bank account statement for a certain period, to find out the loan debt. Also in a number of cases it is possible to make a bank deposit via Teleinfo. Activate this service simply - just call the contact center of the bank, and then call the card number, code word and answer a number of possible additional specialist questions.

Credit card of VTB 24

За небольшую ежемесячную плату (как правило, в within 50 rubles) the client can activate the service "SMS-informing". Using your phone, you can manage your account and even pay for some services.

Есть также и «классические» схемы проверки balance - through the ATM or in the bank office. An important point: VTB 24 does not take a commission when checking the balance at the ATM, but other credit institutions can do this. When you visit the office, you will need an official identification of the client.

Who can get a credit card?

If, say, some US banks are readyto provide banking services related to loans to non-residents of the country, the credit card "VTB 24" can be issued only to residents of the Russian Federation. The client's minimum age for processing banking products related to loans is 21 years. The borrower's solvency is the most important criterion for VTB 24. A credit card, the terms of issuance of which are prescribed by the bank fairly transparently, is issued to those borrowers who have a constant income, preferably at the expense of work executed under the Labor Code.

Bank VTB 24

Credit history is also an important criterion fora positive decision on issuing cards. If the client is too lent or has a systematic delay in repaying loans, including those that are issued by other banks, the chances of obtaining a credit card can be significantly reduced. Many borrowers leave, trying to issue a product such as the credit card "VTB 24", reviews, where they write that the bank refused because of a poor credit history.


Users of most credit products"VTB 24" offers to arrange insurance in case of disability. There is also an option in which a credit card is insured against illegal access (only a certain amount, a typical interval of 20-150 thousand rubles, is compensated). The Bank regularly offers discounts on registration of policies. Their size, which can reach 10-15%, depends on what type of card, what are the terms of the insurance program.

Promotions, special offers

The credit card of VTB 24 is a product thatcan be of interest to customers because of the opportunity to receive, on a quite regular basis, various prizes and bonuses, as well as to use interesting special offers. All these privileges are granted to customers through cooperation of the bank with retail networks or service centers, quite often - online stores. As a rule, the condition for obtaining certain bonuses is the customer making purchases in partner organizations.

Partnership programs

Let's look at examples, like the bank "VTB 24"cooperates with various companies to provide their customers with profitable bonuses and purchases. Among the popular programs of this kind of partnership is the interaction with the online store OZON. Clients of the bank, making purchases using credit cards "VTB 24" in this online market, can count on a discount of 7% or accumulative points, which can be used for subsequent purchases. Within the framework of the "Mobile Bonus" program, VTB 24 customers benefiting from the "Beeline" communication services. They return some of the money spent on the subscriber balance back to the card. Get a credit card "VTB 24" and at the same time a number of useful benefits from popular service providers and goods, of course, many Russians want.

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