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10-ruble coin of Russia

New 10-ruble coin appeared in Russia in 2010, before it the Bank of Russiaissued paper bills of the same denomination. Coins with a face value of 10 rubles have become customary for the majority of citizens, and their circulation has almost completely replaced the paper analogue, however, a denomination still exists, but due to natural wear and tear, they are getting smaller every year.

The history of the appearance of a coin worth 10 rubles in Russia

The modern Russian ruble began its history with the collapse of the USSR as the currency of the new state: the first 10-ruble coin also appeared in circulation The Central Bank of Russia.

Coins with a face value of 10 rubleswere used by citizens before 1998. In the same year, there was a currency denomination due to concomitant hyperinflation: to replace depreciated metal money, bills of the same denomination came in, and the ratio of the denominated ruble to the previous counterpart was 1 to 1000. Coins of 1992 and 1993 were withdrawn from circulation, and in their place came to paper 10 rubles.

After several reworkings of a paper billThe central bank again considered it necessary to return the coins to circulation. The government set the task to develop design and implement their mass stamping: according to the authorities' idea, the 10-ruble coin of 2010 was supposed to facilitate the withdrawal of paper bills until 2012. The plan turned out to be somewhat unrealizable, since it was not possible to completely withdraw paper notes from the economy.

Appearance and material of the coin

10 ruble coins

The 10-ruble coin has a detailed image on both the front and back sides.

  • On the front:in the center, with a slight shift to the left, the number "10" is carved against the background of a field of vertical stripes, the right side is decorated with the image of branches, and under the digit is written "rubles". Inside the "0", when viewed from different angles, you can see 2 inscriptions: "10" and "rub."
  • The reverse side of the coin:in the center there is an eagle with two heads and lowered wings - a symbol of the Bank of Russia, with a semicircular inscription "Bank of Russia" below it, below it there is a short line and year of coinage of this coin.

The coin is monometallic, that is, it is minted from one metal. The basis is steel, it is protected by brass plating.

Anniversary 10-ruble coins of Russia

10 ruble coins of Russia

During the existence of the Russian ruble incirculation was introduced several editions of jubilee coins. Some of them are made from non-precious metals, and the other - from precious metals. The coining of jubilee coins is timed to important national and historical holidays, as well as to the symbols of national culture.

The value of jubilee specimens is determined byindividually for each print run. The main indicators that reflect the potential value of the coin are the material from which it is made, the size of the circulation and the year of issue - the older the coin, the higher the price.

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