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Construction companies in Krasnoyarsk: list, reviews

From this article, the reader will learn more aboutmerits and features of construction companies in Krasnoyarsk. Therefore, you can choose the one that will match all requests and preferences. To feel the flight of creativity of real masters, to feel the warmth and care with which they will approach the client and build a house.

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List of construction companiesthe group, which is one of the most successful - "Vseleniyum." Just want to note that this is a fairly large group of firms that was founded in 2006. They are engaged in the construction of low-rise buildings. The representative office is located in 5 regions of the Russian Federation. Companies have great success, being leaders in construction markets. In particular, they are engaged in the construction of tourist firms and business centers. Customers respond to their work with gratitude.

You can identify the main services that can provide the company:

  • Buildings of low-rise country houses and cottages.
  • Construction of tourist bases and offices.
  • Designing of objects.
  • The firm provides engineering services.

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This construction company of Krasnoyarsk always provides a clear plan of action. It is with this organization that you can be absolutely calm and with confidence expect positive results.

The most important thing is to talk before the beginningconstruction works, in which all the nuances and preferences of the client are discussed, as almost everyone who applied to this organization says. Employees carefully listen to the requirements and help with the difficulties in choosing. Immediately considered a huge number of issues: from the site for construction to the model outlet in the bedroom. The client will be immediately indicated the full cost and used construction technology. Provide a plan and deadlines for the work.

Further, the client and employees of the company meetdirectly on the site, where everything is once again discussed and summed up. Define a number of costs and calculations. I would like to note that the company works calmly with both mortgages and certificates. The firm is engaged in all negotiations with the bank.

After that, all the necessary documents are collected and a contract is signed in which the client's rights, design details, constructions and other important points are clearly indicated.

To build a home for work, the mostthe best specialists who will work in four shifts. The first step is to prepare the site, then, the frame, roofing, insulation and external finishing is mounted. Then create a neat appearance of the building. And in the end they are going to repair inside the house.

Customers say that at the end of construction, the company will make many pleasant surprises, leaving this day in memory for many, many years.

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Its success and stability can be boldly boasted by the company "Eniseylesstroy." It is included in the TOP-3 of large construction companies in Krasnoyarsk. AT

2008-2009 there was an economic crisis, whereone of the few who did not suffer from lawsuits, was this firm. She always kept a clear profit outlay, paying everything on time. One of the main advantages of this company is its seriousness. Highly qualified employees can always find an individual approach even to the most capricious business partner. They will always react quickly and perform everything clearly, without excuses - so the customers say.

How well they work together is simpleaffects customers. Such a friendly team is able to turn mountains, solving the most difficult tasks. The whole staff was recruited exclusively from the point of view of many years of experience and deserved authority in the field of construction. The company always remembers about comfortable conditions for its workers, giving it a lot of money. This means that customers will also care less. With terms the builders will not let you down, surprise with a warm and sincere attitude.


While the construction company ofKrasnoyarsk was opened in 2004, it has already become famous for its impeccable reputation. At the moment it is developing at an incredible speed, pleasing everyone with its merits and achievements in the construction business. Here employees who have built Boguchanskaya HPP in the past work here.

Also, the company's pride is the five-story buildingstreet Vilsky, which was erected in 2006. The most interesting is that no one was afraid to introduce their own, original plan of work with the most modern technologies and innovations. It should be noted that the city of Krasnoyarsk simply did not see such houses.

For the construction company "CASCADE-M" isa matter of honor is the correctness and clarity in everything. You can rely on their quality of work, because for the construction of the house will be selected tested and reliable building materials, and employees with great experience will take the matter with all responsibility - the reviews confirm this. The specialists of the company carefully store the unbreakable principles of this company.

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This is a whole group of construction companiesKrasnoyarsk, which since 1993 work together harmoniously in the market. They are engaged in the construction of houses in the city. The main task of the company is to build a comfortable, high-quality and sought-after residential real estate.

If you pay attention to recent years, theseconstruction companies occupy the top five best developers of the city. They are going to continue to keep such a high bar and put into operation more and more housing.

construction companies in krasnoyarsk reviews


This construction company of Krasnoyarsk startedits way back in 1997. At the moment, he works actively with multi-story apartment buildings and low-rise housing construction. Their main technology can be considered a brick house. They are sure that this is the most optimal option for the construction of a residential house, which will serve the owners for many years.

As responses say, first of all employeescompanies think about the comfortable living of their customers, providing premises with the latest technology. They will always take responsibility for the quality of the work done, and in particular for the result.

One of the most important advantages isresponsible approach. Employees can find it to any customer. Thanks to this, their services are in great demand. The client will undoubtedly be satisfied with the high quality and competence of the employees.

Comments on construction companies in Krasnoyarsk (the above) are only positive. Therefore, you can choose anything.

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