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Snowdrops from paper with their hands on the cake

Who does not know how to call modest snow-whiteflowers, the first to bloom in the spring in the forest or garden? Of course, these are lovely and touching snowdrops, known to us from the children's fairy tale of Samuel Marshak. White flowers bloom even when the snow did not melt completely. First they release their green leaves, and only then bright bells appear. That is why the flowers were called snowdrops. They are not afraid of cold and snow, although, at first glance, they seem very fragile and vulnerable.

snowdrops from paper with their own hands

Cake from snowdrops

Snow-white plants are your favorite flowersdecorators. They decorate vases, walls of premises and even cakes. After all, paper flowers do not care when they dissolve. But here are your guests, these white "angels" will certainly not remain indifferent. Make snowdrops out of paper with your own hands on the cake with the children, and an elegant glade will blossom right on your festive table. Of course, flowers can not be eaten, but moments of bliss from contemplation of amazing beauty to you, guests and your children are exactly provided.

snowdrops made of paper

How to make a snowdrop out of paper?

1.First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary attributes. You will need a white crepe or cigarette tissue paper for the bud, corrugated paper for the leaves, wire for the stem, as well as scissors and a green ribbon or scotch tape. Paper can be replaced with a satin or silk cloth.

2.To form the bud, you need to fold a rectangle of white crepe paper into three layers and cut off the corners to make the jagged edges. Now you can deploy a future craft. Think about how many colors will fit in your glade-cake. Let's say 15 snow-white plants. So, you need to make 15 blanks for buds.

3.Now each snowdrop made of paper will be done separately. To do this, take the white workpiece up with denticles and wrap it around a piece of colored wire. Its length should correspond to the height of the flower. It is enough 15-20 centimeters. The crepe paper should be fixed with a floral tape or a green tape. Continue with the selected material to wrap the stem to the base, forming snowdrops of paper with your own hands.

how to make a snowdrop out of paper

4.This procedure should be repeated with all other blanks of buds. Now we have to revive each flower with beautiful leaves. To do this, you need to prepare wide strips of corrugated paper for about 2-3 centimeters, cut the corners so that the shape of long thin leaves is obtained. You need to make 30 pieces, 2 for each snowdrop. Now you need to attach the leaves to the stem, fixing the tape.

5.Bend the stalk of each plant so that the flower tilts its "head" down a little. Carefully shape the petals of each bud. Now your snowdrops of paper with their own hands are ready.

6.It remains to revive our glade, stuck in the finished cake all the flowers. To make the product look more effective, cut large chocolate eggs and decorate them with cake. Snowdrops of paper with your own hands sprinkle with sugar confectionery so that the cake turns into a snow-covered glade.

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