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Money tree with their own hands: options, master classes

People believe in symbols and in secret signs.Everyone wants to think that fate will be more favorable, if from time to time make gifts. And since to thank something invisible and ask for help from something non-material is difficult, then you can create yourself a totem. How to make a money tree with your own hands? This will be discussed below.

A tree of sequins

a tree of sequins

Have you decided to make yourself a totem?Then you need to decide on the material. The money tree can be made from soles. It is not necessary to take small shiny circles. Your choice can fall on large decorative circles, which visually resemble coins. Take a thin wire and create a branch. String one pail on the wire, and then twist the two metal ends. Likewise, you need to make at least thirty branches. The trunk can be made of any material. But better go to the park and find a suitable branch. Trim it and dry it. After that, you will need to make the base of the tree. As it can be used a lid from the can. Fill the base with plasticine and strengthen the future tree trunk in it. Now on the branches you need to string the wire with paillettes. You can additionally decorate the stand with beads.


wood picture

Money tree by one's own hands is not necessarydo bulk. You can draw a picture of yourself. It will become a kind of icon, to which you will turn for help and thank for wealth. But (like any innermost thing) your picture should not be the subject of general discussion and hang in the most prominent place. The picture needs to be hung in your room and do not tell anyone about what role the drawing plays for you. How to make a symbolic image? All money trees look different. Some people write them with oil, while others prefer to draw with a pencil. But still a man is so arranged that his eyes always catch bright colors. If you want to get yourself used to referring to a tree for help, then portray it with bright colors. The drawing can be both realistic and fantastic. On the tree you can depict coins or their symbolic images - golden round-shaped ones.

Wood from coins

a tree of coins

You have a lot of small things in your wallet and you do not know,Where to put her? Make a money tree of coins. With your own hands, you can make such a craft in just a few hours. To create a tree you will need wire, coins, a small piece of wood for the stand and a hand drill. Take coins with a face value of 10 or 50 cents, make in their upper parts of the hole. You can also use rubles, but they will have to be painted with gold paint. And rubles are much heavier than pennies, so you'll have to make the branches several times thicker. Let's start making a money tree with our own hands. Each coin put on a piece of wire and twist the metal ends. Then collect the loose branches from the scattered coins. The tree will look magnificent if the branches are not less than five. Twist the twigs together so that the barrel is turned out. Using glue, fix the tree on a pre-painted stand. You can decorate the stand with coins.

Tree of Bills

money tree in stages part 2

What gifts are the most valuable?Cash and those that are made by themselves. The money tree from the banknotes unites both. To receive such an article will be pleasant to any your friend or relative. What materials are needed to make a money tree from banknotes? You need a foam ball - it will become the base of the crown. It will also require a thick stick - this will be the trunk. Get a plastic pot and fill it with pebbles for stability. Now let's start making a money tree with our own hands. The master class will look like this. Fasten the tree trunk in the pot, and then place the foam ball on the stick. Take the bills and fold them with a fan.

money tree in stages

Now (as shown in the picture), attachmoney to the crown. If you do not have enough bills in order to completely fill the ball, you can attach artificial leaves between paper money. Decorate the craft can be ribbons, beads and even flowers.

Tree of Nuts

tree of nuts

If you like fairy tales, you can partiallyto realize one of them in life. Make yourself a cash tree of nuts. Of course, gold. To the house was prosperous, you have to work hard. Take the nuts and paint them from the can in gold. Now take a small foam ball - it will become the base of the crown. Use a hot gun to fix the nuts on the ball. In between small golden balls, you can arrange the leaves. You can make them yourself or use the purchased stock. Insert a stick into the crown, and the other end of the barrel will need to be fixed in a pot or in a cup. Ideal - pour concrete into the tank. On concrete it is necessary to put artificial grass or cut threads. You can place several nuts under the tree. Decorate the pot in which you put the tree, you need a golden color. To make the container look more interesting, create a bas-relief on it.

Beaded tree

bead tree

Want to make a beautiful decorative element foryour apartment? Create a cash tree of beads with your own hands. How to do it? Buy a few packs of beads of different shades, but the same color. How to make leaves? Dial 5-7 beads on the wire, and then twist the metal ends so that they fix the resulting sheet. If you do not want to mess around with beads, you can make leaves from large beads or from multi-colored pebbles. Also there will be a beautiful craft. When enough sheets are ready, twist them together so that a branch is formed. And then connect the branches into a bundle. You can make a barrel from a dry branch. In this case, the leaves will need to be attached to it. The money tree made of beads is made by hand. It remains to strengthen it on the stand. For this purpose, suitable as a lid from a can, and any piece of wood.


Do you like the aroma of coffee?Then make a money tree-topiary with your own hands from fragrant grains. To create such crafts you will need: coffee beans, coins, foam ball, stick and any capacity that can be used as a stand. One sector of the ball should be covered with coins. Now glue the lightning around the two edges of this sector. Mount all the elements can be on the glue gun. It remains to fill the entire space of the ball with coffee beans. If such a tree seems boring to you, you can use pearls or golden beads as decor. Strengthen the stick (the future trunk of the tree) in the container, and then glue the crown into place. The tree is ready. You can decorate it with ribbons and cloth. Be sure to close the joint of the barrel and cup. You can hide this plane with artificial grass or organza.

Paper tree

paper tree

New Years is soon?Give your friends or relatives a paper money tree. With your own hands, you can make hand-made articles both from real bills and from decorative ones. Both options are completely acceptable. For the manufacture of crafts you will need to find a suitable capacity - it can be a plastic pot, a stick - it will play the role of the trunk, and money. Strengthen the stick in the pot. The simplest way to do this is by filling the container with plasticine. Now start creating a Christmas tree. Take the bill and fold it in half. Wrap the paper barrel once and fix the layer with a thread. Work must be done from the top down. Now we make the second layer of branches. Fold the bill in half and this time wrap it around the trunk twice. Each successive series should be shorter than the previous one. You can use money of the same denomination or different. Decorate the tree with a star, and in the top part of the container put a handkerchief and tie the tape.


money tree applique

Money tree of coins with your own hands can bemake in the form of a picture. The basis for this work can be chosen any. For example, take a thick cardboard or use a piece of wood that has been knocked together. Paint the base in black. Get out of your wallet all the small things and look at its appearance. If he will satisfy you, then you can immediately start working, if the coins look dirty and gray, you can paint them with a can. Draw on the basis of the silhouette of the tree crown. Using a glue gun, attach the coins to the plane. The contour is to draw a silhouette of the trunk and the earth. When the bulk of the work is ready, you can move on to the decor. Strengthen on the tree metal leaves and birds, and at the roots of the tree arrange flowers and mushrooms.

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