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What can be done from straw? How to make straw crafts, such as a goby or a house?

From time immemorial, straw was used not only forfeeding cattle, but also for the manufacture of various crafts. The fact is that this is quite cheap, environmentally friendly material. If you do not know what can be made from straw, this article will help you figure it out.

What products can be made from straw?

what can be made from straw
There are a lot of things that you can do frompresented material. Very popular, for example, are bags and baskets of straw. In the hot regions of the country, hats made of this material are produced. The fact is that they protect well from the sun and are not hot in them.

If you do not know what can be made from straw,then pay attention to floor mats, tableware for crockery, shoes, toys, crafts. It should be noted that it is even possible to build a house out of straw blocks. At the same time, it will not yield in quality to the brick building.

What are the advantages of straw crafts?

What you can do from the straw you already know. Now we need to understand the merits of this material. Among them we can distinguish such:

- low cost (straw is waste after processing of grain crops, so they have a low price);

- naturalness (this material is natural);

- strength (in spite of the fact that the elements are considered fragile and break fast, in the wet state they become elastic and difficult to tear);

- beautiful appearance (products from this material have a very attractive shade, in addition, they can have a complex shape, that is, you can decorate any interior);

- combination with any style solution;

- Possibility of coloring the craft.

From these small elements you can build anything you like. In this case, you need only properly processed material and patience.

How to choose and prepare material for work?

how to make a bull-calf from straw
If you know what can be made from straw,It remains to understand what material should be selected and how it should be processed. When collecting stems, pay attention to their color, length and elasticity. For weaving should use straws such cereals as rye. You can use and wheat stems, but they are more thick and rough. For the production of small elements, use oatmeal.

Before work, the material should be well dried.Otherwise he will begin to rot and rot. Straw can be stored in boxes and in bundles only after ventilation and drying. Also, it should be thoroughly cleaned from dust.

Before starting work, the stems must be processed.That is, you should pour the straw with warm water for half an hour (or several hours, if the material is last year's), cover with plastic wrap or a simple cloth and crush it with any weight. This process lasts until the stems become soft and supple.

If you are going to do some kind ofartistic decoration of paintings, you may need to bleach or stain the elements. This is not difficult at all. For example, to brighten the elements, use an ordinary bleach for natural cloth. For painting, a calcination method can be used, as well as aniline or natural dyes. Thanks to this product will be very beautiful and bright. During the procedure, soda should be added to the solution to fix the color.

Lastly, the elements are ironed along the fibers.

What are "pellets" and what are they used for?

pellets from straw
You should know what can be done from straw notonly crafts or decor elements. This material is quickly restored and, when ignited, gives a sufficiently large amount of heat. Hence, it can be used for heating premises instead of wood.

In addition, pellets from straw are used inquality of feed for cattle. However, as a heating material, they are far superior to sawdust by heat transfer and economy. The fact is that the granules contain a lot of volatile substances, which ensure a long burning of the material. The presented material does not require special storage conditions. The fact is that it is very resistant to moisture, putrefaction. The only drawback is the high ash content of pellets. However, waste is environmentally friendly.

Peculiarities of weaving from straw

weaving from straw
In order to work with the material,certainly prepare place. It is desirable that the surface is dry and hard. In order that it is not damaged, it is necessary to lay an oilcloth on it. Also you may need such tools and materials:

- scissors or a short knife;

- awl;

- tweezers;

- PVA glue;

- paint, lacquer and brush.

If you do a flat picture, and notvolume product, then you need to prepare a basis for it, which is suitable for tight cardboard. During operation, observe the maximum safety precautions. Before you start, you must think about the product that you want to build, choose a way to make it, and draw a sketch on paper.

How can we weave products from straw?

There are several methods for joining elements:straight, spiral, flat and bulky. The first method requires a loom. Straws can be flattened. Products that are obtained as a result, are used as rugs, panels or individual elements for more complex crafts.

With spiral weaving, a bundle of straws is wrapped tightly with string. Then they need to be stacked tightly. If the product is large, then the tourniquet should be thick.

The last two ways of weaving aresimple enough. To work will need separate straws. At the same time, they need to be flattened properly. To do this, just swipe the blunt end of the knife several times over them. Weaving from straw is not only a great way to decorate your house. Thanks to the process, you can show your imagination, relax and get moral satisfaction.

Construction of thatched houses

how to make a house out of straw
It must be said that from the material presentedyou can do not just any crafts or objects for the farm. In some countries, houses are built from it. At the same time, housing has many advantages: good sound and thermal insulation, low cost of erecting walls, ecological cleanliness, good ventilation of the structure. And the construction is quite fast.

Material for the erection of the structure must beabsolutely dry, so that eventually it does not start to rot. For work, wooden beams are used (as the frame of the house, as well as for the roof truss system), straw bales, concrete mortar (for foundation), roofing material (for isolating straw from the foundation). Also it will be necessary to use other materials for the subsequent finishing of the structure. The bales are fastened together by means of a bent armature, which is installed in each corner.

The first is built frame house.To do this, the beams are mounted at the corners of the previously marked area, as well as in the places where the doors and windows will be installed. Now you can proceed to stacking bales. Evenness of installation needs to be checked constantly by level and a level.

In order for the corners of the structure to be level,make special staples of wood. Before you make a house out of straw, try to pick up bales of a suitable size. It is impossible to force them into the remaining intervals. Therefore, the elements must have different lengths.

Features of the bull and horse construction from the presented material

how to make a horse out of straw
The presented material can be usedfor making stuffed animals. For example, often children are interested in how to make a horse out of straw. To work you will need three main bundles of material: from the first, we make the head the neck and the front legs (we divide it into two parts downwards), the tail and the trunk from the second, and the rear legs will be built from the third. These elements are connected by twine. For the mane it will take extra straw.

So, you first need to tie the first bundle withone edge, then it must be turned out. Further, the string divides the head and neck of the future horse. Here it is necessary to observe proportions. . Then a small part of the straw is bent to the side at a right angle to the head (a trunk will be attached to it). The front legs are made of the remaining material. The rest of the horse is constructed in approximately the same way. The mane, ears and tail are lastly attached.

If you do not know how to make a bull-calf from straw, then the principle of construction is the same as that of a horse. Only in addition it will be necessary to twist the horns.

What crafts can be made from straw?

how to make a handicraft of straw
In principle, working with this material caneven a preschooler. Make the simplest product is not too difficult. For example, before you make a Christmas tree out of straw, try to learn how to design different types of geometric shapes. For example, to construct a square, straws should be tied at a right angle. Then the prepared elements are wrapped with flat elements. Figure depends on your imagination.

For more complex shapes you will need to docross, which is then braided with a straw ribbon. In addition, these materials can be built beautiful braids of various sizes and shapes that will decorate any thing or panel.

Features of making dolls

how to make a doll out of straw
This toy is quite simple to design,so even a child can handle it. For work you need straw, scissors, colored thread (sometimes wire), a brush and paint (for decoration). First, the straw must be collected in a bundle, bend in half and tied closer to the edge. This will be the head of the doll. Be sure to consider the proportions of crafts. Then separate the sides of a small bundle of material. Their ends should be trimmed and bandaged. Now you have your hands ready.

Чуть ниже следует обмотать веревкой основной bundle (waist), and gently straighten the remaining straw (this will be the doll's skirt). Next, proceed to decorating the product. The face is painted with ordinary colors, as for clothes, it can be made of small pieces of cloth. Now you know how to make a doll out of straw. Good luck!

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