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How to make a bow of paper to decorate a gift

It is not enough to buy a gift for an expensive person,it is still necessary to present it beautifully. You can, of course, ask the seller in the store to wrap the purchased item. But you can show your own talents. Moreover, now it will not be difficult to find a beautiful package. And how to make a bow of paper, we now find out.

how to make a bow of paper

Using scissors and glue

The simplest way is to make the so-called "French" bow. We need to print out the ready template. Select the color of the paper. Cut each piece neatly around the contour.

Then we fold the main part inwards with the tips. Glue to the substrate. We fit a small jumper. The main thing in the process is not to crush the beautiful tips.

Origami paper

You can create a bowl without resorting to glue. In the technique of origami, it all depends on your patience and accuracy.

Let's take a look at the whole process of creating paper accessories.

bow of paper

Step one. Mark the guide lines.To do this, we add the leaf (10 centimeters by 10) in half. The square turns into a triangle. Bent? Now straightened. The leaves were turned upside down and again made a bend from the corner to the corner, but now in the opposite direction we hold the direction. Two lines are ready. Again, squared the square and created from it a rectangle rectangle. Have received a fold. We unfolded the sheet. Repeat the procedure with a rectangle for the other sides. So, we have outlined the boundaries. Workpiece is.

Step two. We add a diamond, but not a simple one.We connect two faces that are perpendicular to each other, and the other two diligently at the same time straighten. Upper corner of the diamond (1 centimeter) bend down. Let's pull out the figure completely. Let's see what happened. If you see a square with bends, then you are on the right track. Next, at a large square, the perpendicular face is bent, and the bend perpendicular to the small square is forced to bend outward by pressing the hand. On the opposite side, we do the same. As a result, you should hold a diamond with a crumpled cavity.

Step three. We continue to create a bow of paper with our ownhands. Now we take our fingers over the edge of the diamond on the side of the dent, bend a little. The angle should lie on the bend from the corner of the large square. We do this operation for the remaining parties.

origami from paper bow

Step four. For him, we will have to arm ourselves with scissors.On the bent parts we make cuts. After this, holding the center of the dent for the insurance with your finger, unfold the cautious rhombus. On the reverse side of the billet, straighten the small resulting diamond.

Step five. Four wings, which are now clearly visible,make up the upper and lower parts of our bow, respectively. Upper wing bend over the bottom. Next, we deal with the lower wing - bend it so that we have a curved triangle. The same is done with the other three sides.

Step Six. The remaining upper wings, which are still connected, are cut along the bend. The liberated parts are folded once more and we make a notch in the form of a triangle on the tip.

The final. We turn the figure and two side wings bend. At the same angle of the wing lies under our only appeared tiny square.

Now we generally imagine how to make a bow of paper. Before practice, it will not hurt to print out a detailed origami scheme, it will go much faster with it.

corrugated paper bow

Fan technology

If the above method scares youcomplexity, then act like a child. Simplify the task. Fold a bright colorful leaf accordion. So, as if you were going to make yourself a fan. Only here we will secure the workpiece in the middle. For this purpose, a silk ribbon and a stapler fit together. We tighten the paper with the bracket, we tie the tape over the top, and the ends are straightened out.

Volumetric forms

By a similar principle, you can collect a bow fromcorrugated paper. It does not even need to be crumpled into an accordion. Cut a large rectangle, fold it with long sides inwards to make a double ribbon. The ends bend it to the middle and fasten it with a staple clip. Fingers crumple the middle, tying it with braid, and the bow itself carefully spread out, giving it a volume. Corrugation is very plastic, you have the opportunity to fashion almost any shape.

Ah, this Dior

Let's see how to make a bow of paper in the style of Dior. This unusual and elegant decoration is made up of four paper rings of different diameters.

From the sheet of packing paper we cut out fourribbons, one shorter than the other. We glue the hoops from them. Each hoop in the middle is seized with glue or a bracket. Then apply and glue one ring to the other, aligning the middle. You need to move from the largest link to the smallest one. As a final point, use a button, paillette or a small brooch. This tiny part will hide the joint on the upper ring.

So, how to make a bow of paper, we learned. It remains only to apply this knowledge to the joy of self and neighbor.

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