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dressing of hides in the home

Household farming uses a hugepopular in the countryside as an excellent opportunity to replenish food supplies for the whole family. It is not uncommon for farm animals to be kept by amateurs in the city - mostly rabbits or poultry, and their content is possible on the balconies, and not just on the site.

However, in addition to dietary rabbit meat orjuicy mutton products of homegrown livestock are also the skins of pets that can become an additional source of income, and it is possible to sew out of them any items of wardrobe - hats or even fur coats, for example. But in order to be able to do something, you need to make hides at home or in the workshop. Without this, the skins are hard and brittle.

The dressing of animal skins should be dealt with inspecialized workshops, because exactly there is all the necessary equipment for the production of skins. In addition, this work is hard, very laborious and complex. But it is possible to make skins at home, if you follow certain rules. Before the work begins, the skin must be completely cleaned of meat and fat, and then cooled. When the skin has cooled, it is necessary to pour food salt on its inner side so that the skin does not start to decompose. So begins the dressing of skins at home, and this rule is true for the skins of any animal.

Skin should lie flat, flatsurface. Salt should absorb moisture, so that the skin becomes dry and crunchy. But this process can take a couple of days, or even weeks. When you start the work itself, a couple of hours before, place the skin in clean water, in order for the skin to become elastic. After you need to boil twelve liters of water and pour into the bran.

When flakes break up, they need to be filtered throughsieve, to get the infusion of a brown color. You will get fifteen liters of water, which should also be boiled. Then we pour 15-17 glasses of salt into a vat, fill it with boiling water and stir with a wooden stick until the salt dissolves. Pour the brown infusion into the salt water and carefully interfere. When the liquid becomes warm, it needs to be poured with acid for car batteries. Yes, yes, without acid the dressing of animal skins is not complete. With acid, you must be extremely careful, read the instructions on the label, wear rubber gloves and a shirt with a long sleeve. After pouring acid, stir the resulting liquid. Put the skin in this liquid for 40-50 minutes.

In the meantime, fill the second tank with warm water,for rinsing the skin. We put the skin and the linen there until we get rid of the remains of salt on it. If the water has become dirty, it needs to be changed. After adding baking soda to remove the acid from the skin, in order to further the skin does not cause irritation in a person with sensitive skin.

When the skin is washed, it should be hung onstrong crossbar, so that the glass water. After we take 30 grams of hoof oil, we impregnate the sponge and apply to the hide a thin layer. Then, the skin is stretched on the wooden flooring so that it is not strongly stretched and we transfer the flooring to the shade to dry. After dressing the skin, the vat with the acid solution should not be poured, since it is necessary first to add a couple of packs of soda to neutralize the acid - you need to take care of preserving the favorable ecological situation. After that, ventilate the room.

Skin drying should be checked every day.When it becomes dry, soft and supple, it needs to be turned upside down and walked along it with a metal brush, after which it will become soft and light. In the end, you need to hang the skin for a few days to completely dry. As we see, dressing skins at home is not only a laborious process, but also a long process.

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