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How to make a heart out of modules: two ways

Bulk crafts from the modules have always been surprisingoriginality and unusual. And it seems that it's just impossible to learn how to make something like that. But it is not so difficult in its technology to manufacture some figures. Consider how to make the heart of the modules in the form of contour handicrafts. Also in this article is a simplified version of the assembly of the layout from the same parts by interweaving the details.

how to make a heart out of modules

3D shapes

Modeling shapes from a huge amountsmall parts allows you to create real masterpieces. Due to the endless variations and different combinations of individual paper blanks folded in the form of triangles, you can get amazing volume crafts. But, of course, you need to acquire some experience and skill in this difficult matter. So start with the simplest tasks. In this example, the layering is not used. All connected modules are in the same plane. So, let's look at how to make a heart out of modules. But in the beginning it is necessary to prepare the necessary number of mini-triangles for work.

Preparatory work: production of modules

heart of triangular modules

  1. Take a sheet of white or colored A4 paper and divide it into 16 equal rectangles.
  2. One of them is placed in front of you horizontally and fold in half along, pointing upwards with the fold.
  3. Make a transverse rift in order to outline the middle.
  4. Set the top two overlapping angles, bringing them to the middle.
  5. Wrap the workpiece back to yourself.
  6. Two free spikes protruding from below, wrap up, bending inside the sides of the corners.
  7. The resulting triangle fold in half.
  8. Wrap the part around its axis. In the work during assembly, one of the two pockets will participate, in which the next one is usually inserted along the chain, and so on.

Basic rules of assembly

The heart of the triangular modules is made bythe principle of inserting paper parts into each other. To make this wreath, you need 48 pieces. In this case, as you can see, the heart from the modules is very simply connected. The scheme, in principle, is not required. If desired, you can draw a contour of a future craft on paper and periodically apply a wreath to it to achieve a beautiful and smooth result.

On each side will take 24 pieces.The lower joint is formed in such a way that one of the triangles (in a half-unfolded form) was in the middle of the two lateral ones. To ensure that the structure holds the mold well, it is necessary to glue all joints when folding. The upper part is lapped with a slight burr. Such an original craft can be, for example, a frame for photography or one of the layers of a paper casket.

heart of modules circuit

How to make the heart of the modules according to the scheme?

Complex models provide for the use ofdetailed instructions. Of course, the best assistants at work will be videos that visually demonstrate the whole process. But is it possible and how to make the heart of the modules without additional sources of information? Especially this option is suitable for those who like to fantasize, as they say, "on the go."

In this case, at least on paper, aboutdraw a basic layout of the modules in the manufactured article. But here's what you can not do without, so this is without the option of building the main module. Since they come in different forms and assemblies, all this combined can affect the final result. To make the product smooth, proportionate and just like it was intended, it's worth starting the preliminary work without using glue when joining the parts.

heart from modules

Make a heart of flat modules-parts

To this method of forming thematic figurescan be attributed and somewhat different assembly technology. Although the receipt of crafts is almost the same as with 3D-modeling, there is also the main difference - in the finished pieces there is no volume. The point is, what details are taken for work. In this case, a flat, somewhat rounded square is used. To get a heart, only two parts are required. Very original work will look like if using contrast paper. Thanks to this, the main idea - the interweaving of details - will be clearly evident.

Make cuts on both sidesto the level of rounding, dividing each of the blanks into four equal parts. Then you can collect the heart from the modules. Arrange the free strips perpendicular to each other and begin to swing them in a staggered order. In this case, two semicircles will become the "tops" of the heart. As a result, an angle is formed below, and the whole surface will be variegated with colorful cells.

Mastering new techniques of working with paper, you can try to make a lot of unusual crafts. Do not stop there! Try, experiment, fantasize!

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