/ How to sew a Pippi Long Pullover suit with your own hands?

How to sew a Pippi Long Pullover suit with your own hands?

A bright red-haired girl became popular after that,as a series of book stories by a Swedish writer was photographed. And it is not surprising that many children choose this image for a carnival costume.

Brightness and simplicity

The main feature and advantage of this image inthat even a child can make a Pippi Long Stocking with his own hands. After all, nothing new and complex to invent will not have to, and all the necessary details for creating an image can be found in almost every home where there are young children.

The Pippi image does not have strict canons, and one canexperiment and combine different styles and forms of clothing. And now let's take a look at every detail you need to know about if you decided to make a Pippi Long Stocking suit with your own hands. The photo below can serve as an example for creating a costume.

pippi costume long stocking


The main outer clothing for this suit is a dress or a sarafan. Perfect jean dress or blue dress, which will bring the image closer to the original.

If you could pick up a blue dress, then in addition to it you need to sew an apron. You can see what a Pippi Long Stocking looks like, below.

costume pippi long stocking photo

Under a sarafan or a dress it is necessary to put on a jacket withlong sleeve is always in stripe. Color does not matter, the main thing is the presence of horizontal bands. If active movements are supposed, you can use a T-shirt, but also a strip.

Ready-made dress for the image is decoratedpatches, which can differ significantly in color. You need to keep them in a chaotic order with bright threads. Use shapes of the heart, stars, circles and other geometric shapes.

If you did not manage to pick up a dress or sarafan,put on a skirt of blue or denim. Just fix it with braces - and get the same suit Pippi Long Stocking. The photo that can be seen next, just depicts this option.

costume pippi long stocking with your hands photo


Pippi is a red-haired girl, who most oftenbraids two braids. So try to get as close as possible to the literary character. This can be done using a hair wig or temporarily dyeing the hair with crayons. But do not despair if this is not possible. Now tell you why.

The main feature of Pippi's hairstyle is her braids,which stick unnaturally. Therefore, you can braid your hair from two braids, in the middle of each of them, insert a wire. This is necessary to be able to change the position of the braids. This move greatly improves the suit Pippi Long Stocking. The photos that you see in this article confirm the amazing and unusual effect of such a reception.

And if you decide to use a wig, then when choosing it, give preference to the thread version. These wigs are made from dense yarn, which is easily assembled into braids and fixed with wire.


Pippi's image implies a cheerful and moving girl who never sits in place. Therefore, shoes for it are suitable for low speed and sports, the best option will be sneakers.

But the suit of Pippi Long Stocking is considered incomplete,if not put on stockings. These socks are most often chosen striped colors, the length of the knee. But the most surprising thing is that you can use two different golf courses. It can be completely different colors. Monotonous or striped - choose you.

pippi suit

These stockings do not necessarily have to be neatly straightened over the entire length of the leg. It is allowed to lower one of the golfs, in order to emphasize the explosive character of the heroine of our image.

Pippi Costume Long Stocking can be created using tights. When choosing them, they prefer bright, with patterns.

If any of the above material is missing from your home, do not despair. Try to create an image of the existing clothes and shoes and do not be afraid of experiments.

Optional Accessories

In the story about Pippi, there are two best friends - a monkey and a horse. Therefore, if you can get one of these soft toys, you can complete the image.

We also advise you to pay some attention tothe appearance of the future Pippi. From the stories we know that this girl has a lot of cones on her face. Here you also advise colors to draw yellow or orange dots on the girl's face.

It's superfluous to paint a light flush on Peppy's face. After all, this active girl never sits in place and is constantly busy with something.

As decorations, beads, bracelets andrings. Such fashion jewelry will give our Peppy femininity and remind you that no matter how mischievous it may be, it has something economic, as evidenced by the presence of an apron on her dress.

In general, as you understand from the article, the suit Pippi Long Stocking is a complete space for imagination and a combination of unexpected clothes and attributes.

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