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Hat of Helsinki: photo, diagram, how to knit

Caps long ago ceased to be onlya means of warming in the cold season. Since ancient times, the headgear has been transformed and changed to not only fulfill its warming or sun protection functions, but to become an accessory subject to the changing fashion. The hat of Helsinki is another round in the transformation of hats.

About you tell a hat

People are running, running - things, work, problems, children,money, home, health. And I want you to look at you passing by, hurrying and not seeing anything and no one around. Wear an unusual cap, and you will immediately notice, maybe even turn around, to focus your attention on an unusual headgear. Here fashionable hat of Helsinki just let you pay attention to yourmistress - seeking to keep up with the times, perhaps even carried away by needlework, well, or actively following the next trendy trends. Do not notice such a headdress as hat of Helsinki, simply impossible.

Helsinki hat

As under a microscope

What is an unusual fashionable the hat of Helsinki, knitted?In fact, this is the most common knitted cap, the only thing that yarn for it is used well, very thick, not less than a centimeter in diameter, better, of course, thicker. Since the yarn is so unusual, for knitting it requires knitting needles, and even hands of the needlewoman. Yes, those who like to knit from thick thread, for certain they will say that it is easier to knit on hands and faster than on knitting needles. Unusual threads give to the hat, respectively, an unusual look, which attracts attention. The effect of a magnifying glass is what gives such a thick yarn. Even without looking at, on a product from this unusual yarn, you can consider literally every eyelet, and on the threads - villi.

the hat of Helsinki as a knit

The usual cap of unusual threads

All knitters will say that thick yarn isThreads, the length of which in a skein weighing 100 grams does not exceed more than 140 meters. Well, for fashion knitting, the threads are chosen and even thicker. They can be pure woolen, mixed or completely synthetic. Yarn for the hat of Helsinki is chosen on the principle, the thicker is the better.Threads for such knitting have different colors and texture. A canvas, which matches an unusual ordinary hat, most often the simplest - the facial smoothness, which fits in the front rows with facial loops, and in the back rows - with the wrong loops. Although many models can be linked and a different pattern, which is not very suitable for a hat - it will become too voluminous, reminiscent of the grandmother's cast iron from the stove.

knitting hatsinki hats

Tools for unusual threads

To knit a cap of thick thread, you need andThe threads are thick, and the knitting needles are not ordinary. Now it is no longer a problem to buy knitting needles in a store for needlework from a half to three centimeters, or even more. In the end, you can ask to make such spokes to order from wood or plastic, the most important thing is that they are well polished, without the smallest burrs, otherwise it will be impossible to work on poor-quality knitting needles. Ties The hat of Helsinki is a large mating on two or fivespokes. If the spokes are two, then they should be of sufficient length, so that the blade fits perfectly on one spoke. Then the cap is sewn. Working on 5 spokes allows you to immediately knit a cap without a seam. This method is preferable for knitting the Helsinki hats, because the seam will be too thick.

how to tie a hat of Helsinki

How to tie the hat of Helsinki

So, the threads are selected, the spokes are bought, you canproceed in the process of creating the cap. Knitting hats Helsinki does not take much time - from the strength of the hour, if you follow all the recommendations of experienced craftsmen. And they are like that. If the selected yarn has a thickness of 15 millimeters, then 19-20 loops are typed into the spokes, if the yarn thickness is 25 millimeters, then the loop should be only 12-14. The loops need to be typed as in normal knitting - two spokes, otherwise the first row will be too tight, which will cause problems not only in tying loops, but also in the toe of the cap itself - it will reap.

Cloth knits to the front surface - facial rowsThey are tied with facial loops, and the purlins are sewn with loops. There is a technique that uses in the circular knitting both facial and purl loops. Knitting goes as if in a circle, but from two sides. This is not very convenient, it is best to focus on the "tail" thread that remains when tying the loops, which will mark the first loop of the row. Alternatively, the first loop can be marked with a thread of a different color, letting it pass through the knitting loop so that it can be removed. In any case, the face viscous knit 10-12 rows without changes. Then every two loops need to be tied together face, thus reducing the number of loops twice. Cut off the thread, pass it through the remaining loops, pull out the knitting needles and tighten the thread, pulling off the loops. Thread thread on the wrong side and sew it with small stitches so that it does not interfere and does not get out on the front side.

The simplest, let's say, a classic hatHelsinki is ready. Use in knitting a similar headgear of some complicated schemes is not recommended, since the threads will look very rough, and the cap will receive an additional volume. The most acceptable pattern is the front or the back of the hair and a simple rubber band - 1 to 1 or 2 to 2.

hat of Helsinki

How to decorate an unusual hat

Fashion sometimes dictates a lot of unusual.Thick threads, thick knitting needles - the hat of Helsinki has turned out. How to knit it? Not difficult. But how can you decorate it? It is necessary to understand. Since the canvas of an unusual cap turns out to be like a magnifying glass - large loops, curly knit from thick threads, then small ornaments to such a cap simply do not fit, they will look extremely ridiculous. A worthy hat is needed and worthy of the maladjustment. For example, a large brooch with small details, large beads scattered over the cap. Or the pompom is also unusual.

yarn for the hat of Helsinki

Pompom made of thick threads

The trendy hat of Helsinki is made of thick,diameter of one and a half centimeters, thread. And the traditional cap decoration - pompon, too, must be made appropriate - from the same thread. Usually pompons to caps (and not only) are made with the help of two flat rings, folded together, on which the threads are wound. Then they are cut between the rings, pulled together in the middle and a pompom is obtained. But to make a pothip from thick threads this method is of little use. It should be done like this: fold the threads in a zigzag pattern, evenly maintaining the length of each section. Then the obtained crab should be carefully pulled in the middle, and each loop cut. Thread fluff. The pompon is ready. However, if the loops formed when folding the pompon are not cut, then the pompon will become even more interesting - loopy.

Yes, the longer the thread is used for the pompon,the fuzzy he will be. Do not forget that the more threads, the pompom is heavier. So the traditional decoration for the Helsinki hat needs to be done in a reasonable size.

You can fasten the pompom on the cap using the mostusual sewing thread, matched in tone. The pom-pon is sewn over the neck. Yes, by the way, the thread that pulled the knitting loops, you can use to fix the pompom, if it is carefully passed through the neck and removed to the wrong side, tightened tight and fastened. They can also be placed on the sides on the strings, which should be braided by twisting the threads together. The thread, three times longer than the strings, is fixed at one end with a pin, for example. The thread itself is twisted in any direction until it twists into a double plait. Ties from such a harness for the pompons of the Helsinki cap will be very appropriate.

fashionable hat of Helsinki

What an unusual hat

The hat of Helsinki is a large mating of thick threadscan have any shape - a traditional cap, with or without a lapel, on an elastic band, all bound with an elastic band, smooth and boucle. An interesting solution suggested by fashion designers - a hat from Helsinki from thick yarn with animal ears - fox, cat, mouse. These ears are pretty looking at hats for children and young girls. And if the ears are trimmed with fur, best artificial, then this will be the last squeak of fashion in such models.

The hat of Helsinki can be suitable for any age.Older ladies choose models without causing elements and pastel shades. But for young fashionistas the hat of Helsinki can be colorful and have unusual ornaments. The same pompom can be fur, contrasting color or gradient colored, it can be sewn to a hat or dangle on a cord - everything that can be thought of will look with such an unusual cap very even harmoniously.

And yet, why "Helsinki"

It seems, everything is clear - thick yarn, thickknitting needles - you get an unusual hat. And the name of this hat is strange - Helsinki. Why all the same Helsinki? Helsinki is the capital of the northern country of Finlyadnia. The weather of the country and its capitals also requires very, very warm things, and necessarily warm hats. Or maybe it was called the hat because there are happy people in Helsinki who can see beauty in everything, even in a rather funny cap made from thick yarn? Nobody will give an exact answer. But the hat of Helsinki, tied with thick yarn, is popular with women of fashion all over the world, even where frosts can not exist in principle, but there are bad weather days when you want to hide in warmth and comfort from the rain and wind. Here the hat of Helsinki and come to the rescue.

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