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A fascinating and practical origami: a box with a lid

If you have ever looked on the Internet for information abouthow to make gift wrapping for your loved ones yourself, you probably paid attention to the origami technique. And most likely, you come across more than one origami scheme (box). If desired, on the open spaces of the Runet there is no difficulty in finding a photo guide for making such a stylish package made in origami technique. For work, you can use decorative paper purchased in the store, or you can independently decorate the office white paper for the printer in any photo editor.

Most often comes across a square origamibox, but it is worth noting that in principle any form is possible. Just a square scheme and find it easier, and realize easier. But in general, such an article as an origami box with a lid can also have the form of a rectangle, a circle or an oval, and even a star or a flower.

Also one box, made in technologyorigami, can combine at the same time two geometric forms. Designer Akiko Yamanashi created an interesting scheme of origami, which allows you to add an unusual and elegant box. This model is called "box in box", or "BoxInABox".

It is worth noting that such an origami boxwill require from you not only the desire and patience, but also the availability of certain skills. If you are new to origami, then you should start with a simpler version. I'll try to give the necessary explanations, with which you can create your own individual packaging for a gift or storage of household trivia.

Origami box with lid is madequite simply. The creation of such a masterpiece does not require you any significant costs. As a material, you can use almost everything that you have at hand. You can take a chocolate wrapper, colored school paper or bought in the store gift wrapping (depending on what size box you want to make). It is only necessary to include imagination and start acting!

To create a box, you need to take twosquare monophonic or multicolored leaf. The lower part of our masterpiece will be performed in origami technique. For her, we need one square leaf. Let's fold it exactly in the middle - one corner needs to be combined with the other. Then, unfold the sheet and fold it just like the last time, but combining the other corners. And again, expand the sheet.

Now we need to turn our square sheetthe other side and fold in half. As a result of addition, you should get a rectangle. Next, lay out and turn the sheet again. Then once again fold in half, getting a rectangle, and once again lay out the sheet.

Next, we need to add our leaf to the centerupper left corner. Similarly we add the other three angles. When all the corners meet in the middle, you need to fold the top edge to the middle. And then similarly fold the bottom edge.

Then again open the folded bottom and top edges. In this case, they are taken out from the center and two lateral triangles. Lower and upper edge again folded to the center. Now once again we'll put everything together.

Now on the existing folds inward we addThe right corner so that the result is one side of the box. After that, the corner sticking out from above should be sent along the existing bends inside. As a result, we have one side completely ready. The other parties will do exactly the same as this one. In the same way, we do the same with the other side, while getting the finished bottom of the box. Excellent! You can go to the lid.

It is performed in the same technique as the bottom.In the beginning, all actions will exactly correspond to the operations that we made when folding the bottom. The only difference is that when the upper part is added to the center, you do not need to bring the corner about 3 mm to it. The same thing we do with the bottom part.

Next, you need to expand the sheet, turn it overand do it again. All other steps are described in detail above for the bottom part. Performing all that was done for the first half of the box, you can make a cover. It will turn out a little more than a foundation, which will allow you to safely close the box.

This origami box has the shape of a square, but it is elegant enough outwardly and practical in use.

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