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Embroidery with ribbons - for beginners is a wonderful way to create original, exclusive compositions

Embroidery with silk ribbons - historically verya rich kind of craft. With some stretch for its origins, it is possible to take the connecting "seams" with leather bands on the skins of primitive people. And if they could, then the modern person interested in this kind of needlework just can not fail. Moreover, for such embroidery fairly simple seams and elementary techniques are used.

What materials and tools are needed toembroidering ribbons for beginners was as simple and comfortable? First of all, you will need a hoop corresponding to the chosen diameter image size. They are wooden and plastic. From what material they are made - it does not matter, the main thing is that it is convenient and that the fabric clamped between their rings does not slip.

embroidery with ribbons for beginners

  • The fabric of the foundation on which to learn is canvasor a rare weave of flax and burlap. These fabrics have a loose structure and large cells between the threads, in which the silk ribbon will easily slip.
  • Set of needles.For such a base, tapestry needles with a large eyelet and a rounded end will be convenient, which will easily push apart the threads without damaging them. And also you will need ordinary sewing needles for floss to fasten ribbons or to sew finishing beads and beads.
  • A set of ribbons.Embroidery with ribbons for beginners should be carried out with a thinner artificial tape with a width of 3 to 12 mm. As mastering the basic techniques, you can switch to the use of natural silk and chiffon ribbons and to embroidery on a denser weave fabric.
  • For work also need scissors with sharp ends and a source of fire, for example, a lighter, for the reflow of slices.

Embroidery with ribbons for beginners - basic seams

  • The main and the simplest is a straight stitch. Using only it and varying the color and thickness of the tape, you can already embroider the simplest patterns. Here such, for example.

ribbon embroidery simple stitch

  • Japanese or ribbon stitch is usually used for embroidery of petals of flowers and leaves. That's how it looks.

embroidery with silk ribbons

And this is an example of a pattern executed only by him.

embroidery ribbons Japanese stitch

  • A loop with an attachment is used to form the same elements. This is how it looks in practice.



  • The French knot is performed in such a simple way.

French nodules

  • One of the most popular techniques that give a realistic execution of roses is the "cobweb" method.

rosette gossamer

Embroidery with ribbons for beginners. Application

A great incentive to learn new techniques inembroidery technique is the demonstration of works that can be applied with their application, and the subjects on which they are relevant. Since ancient times, such ornaments were decorated with bed linens, bedspreads and pillowcases; festive clothes, ladies' hats, gloves and umbrellas; satin shoes and even felt boots. Today, the decorative direction is popular, for example, ribbon embroidery paintings or festive decoration in this gift wrapping technique. Especially impressive are the mix of different widths and textures of tapes and the presence on the panels of others, for example, painted elements.

ribbon embroidery pattern

embroidery ribbons bike

Learning even a few simple techniques,you can easily create a rather exquisite floral motifs, and using imagination or podsmotrev idea of ​​the great masters, create their own great creations.

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